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Photo by Marco Xu. CC0 – PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Astro Daily: January 4, 2018

The Leo Moon touches on the nodes of fate, reminding us that we’re less than a month away from the eclipses. Pay attention to what you are feeling, hearing, and experiencing. This is a preview. It also threads back to the eclipses from August 2017.

Data for chart above is 1/4/2015, 11:53 pm EST, New York, NY. Chart by Astro.com.

Full Moon in Cancer: Into the Heart

Happy Cancer Full Moon! This is the time of year when we turn our attention to all things Cancer — home, family, roots, nostalgia, memories, ancestors, emotional connections, sustenance, and care. Since full moons are decision points, we may be confronted by something that will demand our attention over the next […]

Shadow Talk is part of a regular feature of the Empowering Astrology podcast.

Podcast: Change in Lunar Nodes & Saturn in Scorpio

In my latest podcast feature, Shadow Talk, I’m joined again by astrologer and fellow Scorpio, Sherene Schostak. For the last eighteen months our collective destiny has been the Scorpio North Node. This has made for tough lessons, especially with Saturn also in Scorpio. Now that the Nodes are in Libra/Aries, […]