Happy Capricorn New Moon! This is the time in the lunar calendar when we turn our attention to the sign of maturity, ambition, leadership, and responsibility. Capricorn is a vertical sign. It wants you to think seriously about what you want in life and make strides to achieve it. That said, the new moon will be exact on December 29, 2016 at 1:53 am, 7 degrees Capricorn. That’s 10:53 pm Los Angeles on December 28, 6:53 am London, and 4:53 pm Sydney on December 29.

Here we are, just days from the new year. And after a heavy 2016, it’s not hard to be thinking ahead and charting a new course for 2017. If anything we’ve learned that life is short and it’s never too late to make that change we’ve been putting off, to go on that trip, do something healthy, mend fences, pay off a debt, or tell someone we love them.

Capricorn makes us feel time, something that’s reflected in its ruling planet, Saturn. Taking 29 years to go around the Sun, Saturn’s movements are not unlike the slow tick of a clock. So when we reach the top of Capricorn’s mountain, surveying the journey we’ve made, we’re not just looking out over the year, but the arc of our life.

This is the lunar month to make your resolutions and commit yourself fully to them. With the new moon coinciding with Uranus’s direct turn, the coming four weeks will be seeded with powerful insight, breakthrough, and new consciousness. Uranus also makes for an unstable, restless lunar month, especially with the opposition between Uranus and Jupiter. On a personal level, use this energy to make bold resolutions for the new year, especially anything that casts aside the outworn or liberates.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Saturn makes an exact square to Chiron in the chart of the new moon. We’re feeling an emotional weight as we move into the new year and its safe to say that our “stuff” is coming up — our old knots and wounds. Do your work in the coming lunar month. Recognize what is yours and what you project onto others. Let go of old emotions. Make daring resolutions like you have nothing and everything to lose. Build for the future, but don’t be afraid to start over if something isn’t working.

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