After seven years of working through our existential and spiritual pain in the sign of Pisces, Chiron enters Aries. We move from the sign of endings to the sign of beginnings, from the Universal to the I. It’s a new cycle of healing.

How do you explain Chiron in astrology? Its influence is subtle, emotional, psychic. As an object in our solar system, it lies just outside the line of manifestation, which is to say beyond Saturn. To feel Chiron, we have to connect to our pain — that pain that runs through all of us as well as the stories and experiences that invoke the memory of suffering. And we find Chiron in our spiritual scar tissue, a record of the times where someone or something hurt us.

The purpose of Chiron in astrology is to help us heal. But while our healing at times feels quite personal — meaning our wounds are a story that we carve out our identity with — Chiron wants us to transcend the personal and into the collective experience. It’s not our pain, it’s the pain of humanity. It’s not our struggles with self worth, it’s compassion for all people who suffer with a lack of self worth. Chiron is like a knot that we have to undo for ourselves so that all humanity can be free from this knot.

With Chiron in Aries, the knot runs around our ability to take action, to stand up for ourselves, to bravely move forward. Chiron in Aries invokes the previous times when we were scarred by aggression, violence, or even war. It touches on suppressed anger and frustration as well as defeatism. It’s power struggles in relationships. It’s our physical wounds, our handicaps, the times we’ve felt stuck. Chiron in Aries is the karma of inaction.

For this, we’re looking at the complicated side of Aries, working on our knots so that humanity can heal and feel empowered to move forward, to take action, and have a more positive relationship with the Aries archetype. Chiron unlocks a higher experience, but first we have to transcend ourselves. And with Chiron in Aries, we’re rising above Aries’s deep need to personalize.

If you were born with Chiron in Aries (roughly 1968–1977), you’ve lived this struggle your whole life. But while it’s felt deeply personal at times, you’re helping humanity heal its karmic relationship with anger and aggression. You’ve been learning to stand up for yourself and take action so that all of humanity can receive this gift. Over the next 8–9 years, you’ll be checking in on your progress of healing this part of your life while Chiron returns to the place it was in the sky when you were born.

It’s important to take note of what takes places as Chiron arrives in Aries. It initiates a story that you will be working through until 2027. While this amount of time may seem vast, it speaks to a larger knot that we’re unraveling in the tapestry of our life. Further, if we look to where Mars is in the sky on this day — this is something called an ingress chart in astrology — we see it’s coming up on Pluto. Whatever work we do over the coming years will be powerful and profoundly transformative.

On a historical note, for context, Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated just two days after Chiron arrived in Aries on April 1968. That event, that wound of violence and the suffering it engendered, marked a new chapter of the 1960s. It also revealed a knot in the fabric of humanity that we are still working to undo — the knot of racism, oppression, and brutality.

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