Happy Cancer Full Moon! This is the time in the lunar calendar when the spotlight is on family, home, and emotional connection. Here the Moon is at home in the sign it rules and, as a result, we’re feeling sensitive, nostalgic, and craving the people and sensations we need to nourish our lives. That said, the full moon is exact on January 1, 2018 at 9:24 pm EST, 11 degrees Cancer/Capricorn. That’s 6:24 pm in Los Angeles, 2:24 am in London on January 2, and 1:24 pm in Sydney.

When you look at the wheel of the natural chart, the sign of Cancer falls at the bottom and, thus, forms the root or the foundation of the chart. As we start the new year, a time when we naturally look at our lives from a wider perspective, setting new plans and ambitions for the coming months, it’s Cancer that reminds us that our goals are empty if we have no one to share them with. Cancer is the heart and substance of the zodiac. The Moon, its ambassador, points the way home.

Family is often a loaded word, stirring up painful memories as well as a longing for something that missing. So this time of year we may be acutely aware of what’s missing. Is it the comfort of being loved? A gentle touch? The security that comes from knowing that there are people who care for you? Cancer invites us to examine our roots and tend to the soil around it.

This is an overly sensitive full moon. Picking up support from Neptune in Pisces as well as Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio, the Moon forms what’s called Grand Water Trine. Trines have a little bit of magic to them. They bring vision, opportunity, and potential, but true to Capricorn Season as well as Saturn in Capricorn, we have to ground these trines in reality. If something is opening up for you — a stirring, a longing, a need — how will you take practical steps to see these needs fulfilled?

For all the magic in this full moon, there’s a couple of hard aspects to contend with. One, Mars and Jupiter are squaring the lunar nodes. While not in aspect to the Moon, the lunar nodes are obviously quite tied to the Moon. They mark the point on the ecliptic where the Moon’s orbit intersects and, in astrology, form an electric, fated axis point in the chart. There’s a possibility that this full moon may bring in something that seems fated, something that we need to grow and evolve. (Plus, we’re only a month away from eclipse season and eclipse themes can manifest a month or so before.)

Two, Uranus is getting ready to turn direct at 24 Aries, infusing things with a little bit of an unstable, unpredictable energy. Uranus is the great awakener, a planet that shakes our consciousness and can quickly bring in topsy-turvy events. Something is opening up with this full moon, but it may be unexpected.

Nevertheless, use these full moon energies to make a resolution to care and nurture yourself more, to create a stable foundation, and to open your heart more. If events do come out of this full moon, it may take a few days or even a week for them to manifest.

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