The Moon continues its journey in Sagittarius, not only activating a tense and edgy face off between Jupiter and Uranus, but Saturn as well. Restless, we’re feeling pulled in different directions. But Saturn is demanding that we get clear about our next steps.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Saturn lately. Coming to the end of its nearly three year journey through Sagittarius, one of the things I’ve noticed in hindsight is that whatever we thought to be true — and I mean rock-solid, without-a-doubt true — isn’t so true anymore. It could be our faith in the world, our faith in something greater than ourselves, or even a facet of our identity that once seemed unassailable.

Sagittarius — along with its polarity of Gemini — helps us question and search. It’s a curiosity about the world, a willingness to explore and to experience new things, all in the quest for more knowledge. The highest expression of Sagittarius is an ability to understand that the world holds many truths and many points of view. The lowest, however, is a mind that’s closed to any views other than its own or beliefs that verge on fundamentalism. I think one of the lessons of Saturn in Sagittarius has been a look at how what we believe in and what we out our faith in effects others.

As the Moon joins up with Saturn today, these lessons will be all the more present. And this will be one of the last times that the Moon meets up with Saturn in Sagittarius for nearly 30 years. We’re in the home stretch. We’re tying up loose ends. We’re consolidating and preparing for Saturn in Capricorn, which will begin on December 19.

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Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash