Mercury moves into Aries and Venus is not far behind. Our celestial flood is starting to dry out. Although there’s still an emphasis on feeling and compassion, a shot of Aries energy will inspire us to move forward and motivate us to make changes.

Mercury in Aries is bold and brash. It rushes forward and doesn’t wait for anyone. It’s quick thinking as well as impatient. When Venus arrives in Aries later today, it will enter a sign that it’s traditionally not at home in. A normally cooperative Venus instead has to take on the qualities of Mars and Aries. It’s less likely to compromise; we’re less likely to compromise this March. But Aries is also courageous and we’ll feel a push to take the lead.

That said, the Moon is still in Scorpio today. We’re looking at uncomfortable emotions, uncomfortable subjects. Scorpio is a sign that teaches us about intimacy and trust, but also facing our fears. Use Aries’s courage to face your shadow.

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Photo by Daan Huttinga on Unsplash