I received this transmission from spirit back in April 2015. It’s part of a series on each of the planets and meant to be read in order — Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and onward. But I’ve been urged by the masters to share the Venus transmission out of sequence.

For context, note that the Sun and Moon are part of a sacred marriage of light and consciousness that projects through Mercury, the planet of choice. From that fundamental choice comes Venus, the planet that creates the threads of reality. Each planet forms a polarity that then translates the light of heaven — Sun and Moon — into physical matter — Saturn.

We wish to unveil Venus, planet of beauty. She is the perfection of creation, the five petals of the rose in harmony with all things, divine and material. She waits for the choice of man so it may be sown into the threads of creation. It is in the light she resides, patient, luminous.

Venus is the painter of the monad of creation, taking the framework of light and harmonizing it. She creates the clothing of existence, ever changing to suit the needs of man. Emblems of her work are harmony, balance, generosity, and trust. She patiently waits for others. When we are out of divine order, call upon Venus to smooth the threads of reality.

We see Venus in the Fibonacci sequence, plants that create the spiral of harmony as they grow toward the light of the Sun. We are like the plants, in harmony and symmetry with the Creator. Venus is the number system that codes the choices of man. Venus is the math of the Creator.

Each planet plays an important role in drawing physical reality and we must highlight Venus’s service as it is a planet that has been degraded in astrology. Look around you and you will see Venus’s work in action — the colors, plants and trees, and symmetry in animals. Without beauty and harmony — without Venus — creation would fall into chaos.

You ask about love, a quality that is so often assigned to Venus. We will say that Venus certainly softens the hearts of man, finding peace where there was none. Venus also softens the fabric that connects us all, making union and connection possible. When there is a knot or a tear, there cannot be love. Venus is the conciliator, threading light through the fabric, smoothing it out. Creation comes back into balance and harmony. This is Venus.