Mercury, the planet of choice and communication, just got knocked by Pluto and will tangle with Jupiter and Uranus into the weekend. If Pluto holds a mirror to a planet, then we’ve had to take a unflinching look at not only how we think, but what we choose.

Pluto shows us what we don’t want to see — either in ourselves on through our projections onto others. Pluto is the shadow, the unconscious, the id that lurks within. When we recognize our unconsciousness we’re able to transmute it into something else, which is why Pluto is such a powerful evolutionary assist.

Mercury will face off with Jupiter today and conjunct Uranus on Sunday. If Pluto showed us something about ourselves and our choices, how do we transform what we belive in, what we put our faith in, and how we see the world? While Mercury conjunct Uranus may bring a powerful revelation, insight, or breakthrough, it also may speak to separation. Uranus helps us break from the old so that new experiences and new consciousness can come in.

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