Yesterday I spoke of Saturn, a planet that represents maturity, responsibility, and achievement. Of all the planets, it brings a sobering influence, a sense that time is short. We’ve got to build the best life while we can. Today we’re feeling the pressure to do just that.

When you zoom out on your life, what do you see? Saturn — a planet that takes 29 years to make one orbit — is a big picture planet. It speaks to long arcs of time where we’re working hard to make something ourselves. While not exactly a “fun” influence in astrology, it does serve a necessary function, to make sure we honor our word, pay our bills, and become a productive member of the physical world.

So, today, as you feel Saturn’s influence, take a moment to look at your life with a mature eye.  What do you want to achieve? What’s the structure that’s going to help you get there? What’s your relationship with discipline? What do you want to be an authority of? We all have Saturn somewhere in our chart, a placement that speaks to where we’re working hard and learning some tough love lessons. The more we learn to work with Saturn and its master plan for our lives, the more we have a different relationship with the pressure Saturn will put on us at different points throughout the year.

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