We’re less than a week away from a new season, which means we’re rounding out our time in Pisces, a sign that teaches us about compassion, empathy, and letting go. Yesterday we felt our emotional wounds courtesy of Chiron. Now we’re at a crossroads courtesy of Saturn.

As the planet of mastery — and the planet of limitation and resistance that pushes us to reach mastery — Saturn has been in the sign of Sagittarius since September 2015. Since then we’ve done serious work in what we believe in, what we put our faith in, how we educate ourselves, see other cultures, and how we travel. First, we’ve had to look at the shadow of Sagittarius, fundamentalism, bigotry, and a closed view of the world — both within and out.

With the Sun coming up to a square to Saturn on March 17, we may be struggling to put our faith into action. Or, we’re feeling a push to define what we believe in. Events or ideas that we initiated on December 21 are coming up for a review. Maybe we’re just feeling a good ol’ fashioned existential crisis. Whenever Saturn is involved, we have to put in the hard work, maturity, and responsibility. With the Sun in Pisces, though, it may involve a personal sacrifice.

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