Today the Sun aligns with Chiron, a point in astrology that reveals deep psychic and emotional knots. Falling in the sign of Pisces, the sign of the collective emotional body, what are you feeling. What pain? Suffering? How is it yours yet part of humanity’s? Open the knot.

Suffering is a very dense energy. It contracts, collapses, forming a knot in the fabric that connects us all. And, when we tap into a lower expression of Chiron in Pisces, we tap into the suffering that unites us all as human beings. Yet our individual work is not to be caught in suffering, but to recognize it through the energy of compassion. When we forgive, when we heal, the knot opens up and we release the pain not only for ourselves but for all of humanity.

Chiron, a recent addition to astrology, is a very transpersonal influence. It’s hard to understand on the level of the personal because it opens us up something much greater. We all have Chiron somewhere in our chart, a knot or a ridge of scar tissue that gets pressed over and over again. Maybe our trigger is abandonment, rejection. Maybe we feel a deep pain when someone questions our value or worth. Maybe we struggle to be heard. Look to where Chiron is in your chart by sign and house to get an idea on what your triggers are and what you are helping to heal for humanity. (Cafe Astrology has a table for Chiron by date and sign.)

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