The Moon may be in Leo, a sign that loves a celebration, but the vibes are heavy. Both Mars and Mercury are making waves in Cancer this week, which means our emotions may be a bit pronounced. Make sure you up your self care game as a result.

Cancer forms the foundation of the zodiac wheel. Naturally at the bottom of the chart, Cancer and its polarity of Capricorn at the top create the container for life to root and thrive. Like the Ace of Cups in the tarot, is your container overflowing? Or is it empty? What are you missing? The good thing about Mars in Cancer, if a little indelicate and undiplomatic, is that we’re really inspired to get what we want right now.

We’re all going to likely be a bit heart sensitive in the coming days. With that in mind, tend to your home. Survey your surroundings. Discard the things that are taking up space or keeping you from thriving. The full moon on July 9 will shine a light on what’s not working.

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