One of the undercurrents to this week’s tough face off between the Sun and Saturn has been the influence of Neptune. Turning retrograde today at 14 Pisces, it’s infused the past few days with a deep sensitivity and heavy emotion. We feel everything and everyone with Neptune.

When tragedy strikes, however remote, and we’re able to recognize ourselves in the pain and suffering those affected, that’s Neptune. It’s a planet that, in its highest expression, opens our heart to the universality of life. It reminds us that we’re all connected in ways we can’t imagine. That, despite everything, forgiveness and redemption is possible. But, in its lowest expression, Neptune is confusing, overwhelming, intoxicating, hysterical, and viral.

That said, Neptune takes us beyond the physical and into the etheric, which is great for meditation, intuition, and making art, but we have to make sure we still have our feet on the ground.

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