Moon arrives in Capricorn and we’re on the cusp of a Capricorn Full Moon. If full moons turn the spotlight on an area of our life, creating crisis or a need for decision, then we’re feeling the weight of time and responsibility with Capricorn.

We’re also at the end of a mini cycle of eclipses that began on February 10 and highlighted the signs of Leo and Pisces. Next month we turn a corner with the next set of eclipses.

Lest you think eclipses are a rare event, they arrive every six months like clockwork and strike the metaphoric hour. For some of us the past few months have brought major shifts. For others, August and the months after will initiate a change in direction or a milestone.

If you are a Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, or Taurus, you’re at a crossroads. The wheel is turning.

Lastly, I’m posting my full moon report a little early since I’ll be offline this weekend. Enjoy.

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Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash