Dreamy Pisces Moon day. Everything’s a little hazy, a little soft focused. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, the sign that brings us to the end of your worldly journey and dissolves us back toward Source.

The Moon spends about two or so days in each sign and it does so, the emotional weather fluctuates with it. Some days we have more energy or we’re focused on career. Others pull us back to reflect such as today’s Pisces Moon. Through Pisces, we need mysticism, compassion, retreat, reflection, and to help others.

We may feel extra sensitive today, too. Already Pisces is a deeply feeling sign, but the Moon will link up with Chiron and the South Node today as well. We may feel a well of emotions, hurts, abandonments, and a gnawing sense that something is off. Pay attention to what you’re feeling today. Something very old is coming up — an old story, an old karma, an old pain, an old existential angst. Tend to it and release it.

For more on Chiron and Chiron in Pisces, check out a channel I received last year.