Here we are, a new year, a new chance to start over. It’s no coincidence that Capricorn Season, a sign known for discipline, coincides with our yearly check in with our growth and maturity. And with Saturn in Capricorn, we’re being held to a higher standard this year.

As we move into 2018, I’m often asked when are things going to get easier. It’s important to note that we’re in a passage of humanity where a lot has to shift and shift very quickly. Meaning, we have to make changes. It’s an imperative. We have to take consciousness of ourselves, our choices, and how we treat one another. 2018 will be no different.

Capricorn is a sign that, in its positive expression, reaches for personal excellence. It readily takes on responsibility and has the wisdom needed to be a good leader because its learned so much on the journey of life. Let this be our reference point for Capricorn Season. And as you contemplate your new year resolutions, look to where you can step up your responsibilities and reach for personal excellence.

That said, January will open up with a full moon in Cancer, highlighting a need for emotional connection, stability, and having the people in our lives who nurture us on a deeper level. Cancer is our roots, memories, and the softer side of life. It is the compliment to Capricorn’s harder exterior and a reminder that with great ambition comes a need to balance life with the experiences and people that really make it worth living.

Additionally, Uranus will change direction on January 2, turning direct at 24 Aries. It’s important to note two things. One, there may be an seismic rumble as we go into January. Uranus likes to shake up the status quo and it’s been doing so in the sign of Aries since 2011. Two, Uranus will move into Taurus on May 15 and this stretch between now and May will be one of our last opportunities to awaken on an individual level, to connect with the power of inspiration and collective revolution.

Moving ahead, the Capricorn New Moon on January 16 will not only reinforce this new Saturn in Capricorn era that we’ve entered, but will square off with Uranus and shake our consciousness even more. Expect the unexpected this month.

Mars will also change signs on January 26, moving into Sagittarius for six weeks. Mars in Sag will inspire and motivate us to travel, seek out new ways of seeing the world, and try to make sense of its chaos. Mars in Sag also has a lot of opinions, indelicate at times, so keep in mind that late January and February may bring more than a few heated debates.

Lastly, January will take us into eclipse season and so events this month may feel loaded or fated. Although the lunar eclipse won’t arrive until January 31, we’ll be poised for change. The eclipse will highlight talent, creativity, and individuality. As you go into the new year, think about what your gifts and and what you want to share with the world.

Read for your Sun and rising sign.

DATES TO NOTE: 1/1 Full Moon 11 Cancer; 1/2 Uranus Direct 24 Aries, Sun sextile Neptune; 1/3 Venus sextile Neptune; 1/6 Mars conjunct Jupiter, Mercury square Chiron; 1/8 Mars sextile Pluto, Sun sextile Jupiter; 1/9 Sun conjunct Pluto, Venus conjunct Pluto; 1/10 Sun sextile Mars; 1/11 Mercury in Capricorn; 1/13 Mercury conjunct Saturn, Venus sextile Chiron; 1/14 Sun square Uranus; 1/15 Jupiter sextile Pluto, Sun sextile Chiron; 1/16 New Moon 26 Capricorn; 1/17 Venus in Aquarius; 1/18 Mars trine Chiron; 1/19 Sun in Aquarius, Mercury sextile Neptune; 1/24 Mercury conjunct Pluto; 1/25 Mercury sextile Jupiter 1/26 Mars in Sagittarius; 1/28 Mercury sextile Chiron; 1/31 Full Moon 11 Leo (Lunar Eclipse), Mercury in Aquarius.


March 21–April 19

Aries Glyph

So here we are, Aries. New year, new season, and you’re in a very different place than where you started 2017. With Saturn newly arrived in Capricorn, right at the top most reaches of your chart, you may arrive in January with the sense that something has changed. Or rather something must change. Saturn’s the sort of planet that demands we clean up our act, get serious about life, and do all the adult things we’re supposed to do in life. So, this Capricorn Season, make your new year’s resolutions count. This isn’t about making lofty unattainable goals, but real, grounded decisions for yourself and the future, the sort that will take hard work and, hopefully, pay off in the long term. It’s important to keep in mind that, over the next three years, Saturn will be holding you to a higher standard, so be sure to hold yourself accountable lest Saturn do it for you. Capricorn is also your career sign and this month may bring a professional milestone or a need to get crystal clear about what you want to be when you grow up (no matter what age). It’s also important to shine a light on the planet Uranus. In case you don’t know, Uranus has been in Aries since 2011, initiating a personal revolution, a total transformation or liberation of self. If you start the year feeling restless, overwhelmed, or a need to start over, know that it’s likely Uranus kicking things up. Another thing to note is that Mars, your ruling planet, is over in Scorpio for most of January, so in addition to feeling restless, you may be digging into some deep emotional territory as well. Scorpio isn’t known for keeping things light. Instead your new year’s to-do list may include dealing with themes of trust, intimacy, power, secrets, and cleaning out the darker corners of your psyche. Circling back to Capricorn, the new moon on January 16 will give you a professional reset, a time to make some big changes in your direction or set in motion new career goals. Then on January 26 Mars will move into Sagittarius, turning your attention to long distance travel and education as well as more pressing philosophical or ethical questions. After all you’ve been through, how far will you go to find your truth, to prove that there’s meaning in this world. Last but not least, we’re moving into eclipse season, which means that things are starting to shake up. A lunar eclipse will close out the month, shining a big spotlight on how you express yourself, your personality, identity, and creativity. Children and pregnancy may be a possible theme with this lunar eclipse as well. Want to learn more about how the astrology of January will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Career, direction, responsibility, status, reputation, recognition, professional life, outer world, making a name for yourself, home, family, foundation, living situation, roots, emotional stability, emotional connection, inner world, you, the self, reinvention, liberation, breakdown, breakthrough, breaks, instability, intimacy, trust, power, secrets, sexuality, money, shared resources, finance, assets, credit, debt, taxes, estates, legacies.


April 20–May 20

Taurus Glyph

Do you know the difference between right and wrong? Is there a philosophy that guides your life like a compass? Over the next three years you’re going to be working hard to build a stronger sense of personal ethics, to carve out a space for faith and truth in your life. Education and travel will also be a major priority as well, especially travel to distant lands and foreign shores. But all journeys begin with a single step as the saying goes and January will be that first step. With Venus, your ruling planet, joining up with Saturn in Capricorn, you’re thinking big picture this month. You’re surveying your life and trying to make sense of things. You may even feel an urge to explore or plan a big trip. The full moon on January 1 may keep things local, highlighting activities and events in your neighborhood. This is a busy full moon, too, and you may start the new year running around, doing errands. But the full moon may bring up a serious conversation with a partner. Do you and a mate see eye to eye? Especially on philosophical or ethical lines? Speaking of mates, Mars has been heating up Scorpio since December, making relationships very active right now — and by relationships I mean all forms, not just romantic. Your interactions with other people may be a bit pointed since Mars isn’t known for its diplomacy. But, if anything, Mars makes for a great motivator and with Jupiter also in Scorpio, you’re extra motivated to make connections, form new alliances, find a new partner, or even create new opportunities in your existing partnerships. Mars and Jupiter joining together on January 6 may open new doors for you, FYI. In the meantime, plan a vacation, dream about other cultures, other lands, and big ideas. The new moon on January 16 may make these dreams a reality. Or at least push you to make concrete steps towards your future. It may require making a leap into the unknown or taking life in a different direction. I know, you’re a Taurus; quick moves and sudden changes in plans aren’t really your forte. But January will usher in eclipse season and will put this bigger question of your future and your career into critical perspective. Eclipses demand change. They reveal, provoke, and push. (Sorry, Taurus.) With that in mind, are you ready to take a professional leap? Want to learn more about how the astrology of January will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Travel, trips, long distance journeys, other lands, distant shores, education, philosophy, worldview, beliefs, truth, religion, deeper understanding, wisdom, knowledge, law, morality, ethics, right and wrong, communication, information, learning, movement, the neighborhood, errands, commute, news, relationships, other people, partners, one-on-one interaction, direction, career, the world, change.


May 21–June 20

Gemini Glyph

The good news is that Mercury is out of retrograde. While your ruling planet changing direction is a fairly common occurrence (it happens every few months), this recent Mercury Retrograde really put some critical questions on the table, namely questions around relationship. In fact, the last three years were a time for you to do serious work on what partnership means for you — work that may have included getting into a serious relationship, making a commitment like marriage, or even leaving a relationship. As you start the new year, you may still be sorting things out in the relationship department, at least until the middle of January. But let’s not forget that you’re in a new era, one that began last month when Saturn changed signs and arrived in Capricorn. And seeing how it’s Capricorn Season, you’re digging into lessons around finance, security, trust, and intimacy. The full moon on January 1 will start the year by putting a spotlight on money. Do you need to make some changes in spending or what you value? Are you getting what you need in terms of material stability? Speaking of the new year, don’t miss your chance to make use of Mars’s motivation this month. This is a natural time for you to focus on nutrition, health, wellness, and getting organized — all the things that lend themselves to new year’s resolutions. Mars’s meetup with Jupiter on January 6 will be a special day to make a positive change for your health and daily life. And health isn’t just physical health, it’s emotional and spiritual health as well. Capricorn Season is an equally important time to focus on the psyche and the shadowy emotions that linger in the deeper recesses of the mind. It’s facing your fears as well and taking a look at vulnerability, especially vulnerability with a partner. The new moon on January 16 will really lock in this new chapter of your life, one where you’ll be doing heavy emotional lifting over the next couple of years. If your setting intentions for 2018, maybe set a few for working on your stuff with a trusted confidant or therapist, looking at your money as well as your debts, and taking a serious look at how you open up to others. And if relationships need some attention, Mars moving into your relationship sign of Sagittarius on January 26 will heat things up with a mate or partner, touching in familiar issues that defined 2015–2017. Lastly, a lunar eclipse on January 30 will close out the month, striking a chord of change. If you know your astrology, you’ll know that eclipses happen every six months and mark a turn in direction. This eclipse will touch on changes in how you move, think, speak, and learn. Travel and education will also be big themes as you move into February. More on that then. Want to learn more about how the astrology of January will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Relationships, other people, partners, one-on-one interaction, commitments, responsibilities, intimacy, vulnerability, sexuality, facing fears, the psyche, behind closed doors, confidence, secrets, finance, wealth, debt, shared resources, assets, a partner’s money, taxes, estates, benefits, education, travel, school, learning, communication, writing, speaking, thinking, the mind, news, movement.


June 21–July 22

Cancer Glyph

It’s a new era, Cancer. Do you feel it? The sense that life has turned a corner? Usually you’re one to pick up on changes in the cosmic weather and last month ushered in a big shift when Saturn arrived Capricorn, your relationship sign. Sound familiar? If not, here’s what you need to know. Over the next couple of years you’ll be working hard to build connection, which means taking a critical look at all your relationships, both romantic and non-romantic. Since Saturn sets a high bar, you’re looking to connect with people who can go the distance with you, who are rock solid there for you. As a result, this may be a natural time in your life for you to settle down and make a commitment to a partner or, on the flip side, end a relationship that doesn’t live up to Saturn’s exacting standards. Nevertheless, Saturn is pushing you to make some big steps up in maturity. Keep this in mind because January is Capricorn Season, and this is your real taste of what this new chapter means for you. Relationships are a dance, a back and forth of competing needs. The Cancer Full Moon on January 1 will put you and your needs in the spotlight. In fact, maybe you’re looking for more romance in the new year; the full moon will certainly turn things on and a lineup of Mars and Jupiter on January 6 may give you some romantic opportunities. So maybe it’s time to settle down in 2018 and as you start the new year, you may be aware of what needs to change in yourself in order to allow to partnership in. Even if romance is far from what you’re looking for, don’t forget that relationships come in all forms and we all need to find that balance with others and this Capricorn Season will show you what the lessons are, especially with the new moon on January 16. Let’s not forget Uranus’s change of direction on January 2, turning direct in Aries and shaking things up in your professional life. When you think back, haven’t you made big changes in your career or direction over the last six, seven years? That was Uranus stoking the fires of personal revolution and reinvention. As you start the new year, you may be looking to make another change or switch up the status quo yet again. (Fun!) Mars’s arrival in Sagittarius on January 26 will help you get to work, setting a plan and getting down to the details. Speaking of changing the status quo, January will take us into eclipse season with a lunar eclipse on January 31. The great cosmic clock is ready to chime a new hour. Time to make a change in what you value, how you make your money, and what you spend it on. More on that in February’s horoscopes. Want to learn more about how the astrology of January will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Relationships, other people, partners, one-on-one interaction, commitments, responsibilities, settling down, getting older, maturity, romance, self expression, identity, creativity, children, pregnancy, career, professional life, reinvention, shake ups, new direction, health, wellness, organization, work, schedule, money, income, purchases, value, spending, material stability.


July 23–August 22

Leo Glyph

It’s Capricorn Season, a time to clean up, get organized, and focus on healthier you. It’s also the new year, a time when you’re already looking to make a fresh start. However the difference this year is that you now have Saturn calling the shots in the health, wellness, and work department. Yes, the planet of responsibility and commitment is now in Capricorn and Saturn really wants you to focus on making positive changes to your daily life. That’s the thing about Saturn. Like a watchful parent, it won’t let you wiggle yourself out of this important work. So, take a good look at your daily life, your schedule, how you take care of your body, how you eat, how you take care of the details. Is there room for improvement? This is a Saturn that wants you to have a plan. What are your daily goals? Your monthly goals? Where do you want to be at the end of 2018? It may seem a bit dry and, yes, Leo tends to likes things on the playful side, but this is going to be your jam for the next couple of years — learning to master the small things that make up daily life. Having said that, health isn’t just physical, it’s spiritual, it’s emotional, too. The full moon on January 1 will light up the quieter side of life, the place you go to reflect and find answers within. This is a full moon to connect to your dreams even the spiritual realms. But the deeper message is that you’ll have to let go of something as you step into 2018. Also, note that the Sun, your ruling planet, will make a few bumpy passes to Pluto and Uranus, and the first couple of weeks of January may feel a little intense. Since we’ve been talking about letting go of things in the new year, know that Pluto and Uranus will push that sentiment further. How will you evolve, regenerate, and transform in January? The new moon on January 16 will turn you back towards health and wellness, setting in place many of the themes and lessons you’ll be working on into 2020. In other news, Mars has been heating things up in Scorpio since December, and your home environment has been anything but quiet and settled. There are a lot of big movements happening in your living situation as well as family and your inner circle. January will continue this theme and, as a result, you may be busy with moving, remodeling, redecorating, or rearranging. Mars’s meetup with Jupiter on January 6 may bring a big opportunity on the homefront. But Mars will change signs on January 26, instead heating up play, creativity, romance, and fun — something that’s right up your alley. Don’t forget, we’re heading into eclipse season. The lunar eclipse on January 31 will fall in Leo, putting the spotlight on you as you go into February. Are you ready to make a change? A debut? Are you ready to turn the page in a relationship? More on that in February’s horoscopes. Want to learn more about how the astrology of January will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Health, wellness, diet, fitness, nutrition, hygiene, taking care of the body, schedule, daily rituals, organization, work, tasks, service, colleagues, pets, spiritual health, spirituality, letting go, spiritual connection, spiritual service, sacrifice, the sacred, meditation, home, family, living situation, moves, changes in the home, creativity, self expression, identity, fun, play, romance, children, putting your name on something.


August 23–September 22

Virgo Glyph

With most of the planets gathered at the bottom of your chart, you start the year tucked away from the world, spending time at home or close to home. Mercury, your ruling planet, just out of retrograde, stirred up a lot of emotions during the final weeks of 2017. As a result, family and connection were major themes for December, something that will continue into January. That said, as you tie up loose ends on the homefront, know that come January 11, when Mercury moves into Capricorn, you’ll have another rendezvous with the planet Saturn. (You had one on December 6, FYI.) As a Virgo, you’re usually super on top of things. But a check in with Saturn is like a meeting with the Big Boss and one that has exacting standards. Here’s the thing. During your check in, Saturn will explain that over the next three years you’ll be building a stronger sense of who you are. That may sound a little intangible. After all, how do you build identity? Is it measured in creativity or talent? Is it something you produce or put your name on? Is it having a child and becoming a parent? If you’re the sort for meditation and personal reflection, these questions are something to mull over. In short, what is it that makes you you? You’re about to find out over the next few years. In other news, a full moon on January 1 will kick off the month, shining a light on community and social connection. You may have a decision to make about a friendship and the people you associate with. And then there’s the influence of Mars through the month. Even though you’ll be spending the month close to home, there’s a business to January. Mars will continue to heat things up with travel and communication, the sort of travel that takes you around town and the sort of communication that can make your phone fill up with texts and messages. Come January 26, Mars will change signs, moving into Sagittarius, your sign of home, family, and roots. Mars in this sensitive part of your chart can be a bit unsettled. There may be a noisiness in the home later this month as a result, a clamor of people or events in your living situation that makes it hard to relax. With Mars stirring things up, a full moon eclipse on January 31 will close out the month, highlighting a need to shed old layers, to go within, and search for spiritual connection. As a Virgo, you want to be the boss of everything. But what happens when you let go? The eclipse will be a pointed invitation. Want to learn more about how the astrology of January will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Home, family, roots, foundation, emotional stability, nourishment, inner circle, connection, living situation, memories, instinct, personality, identity, self expression, the self, creativity, talent, children, communication, trips, movement, information, news, learning, writing, speaking, classes, workshops, transportation, letting go, retreat, spirituality, sacrifice.


September 23–October 22

Libra Glyph

Life’s gotten a little serious, hasn’t it. Capricorn Season is already a time in your personal calendar for you to pull inward, to spend time at home or with family, but Saturn’s arrival in Capricorn just last month means that this season is a bit different. And, true to your Libra sensibilities, you’re weighing some major questions: What is home? Who are your family? Where do you want to plant your roots? What do you want to build your life upon? Having Saturn as a housemate for the next three years means that you’ll be working to answer these questions in detail. With Venus in Capricorn for a good portion of January, too, you may be realizing that January has come with new responsibilities. Speaking of which, the full moon on January 1 will light up your career sign of Capricorn. You may have a decision to make about your professional life or decide to take your life in a new direction. (New year, new you, right?) Support from Mars and Jupiter via the new moon may bring new opportunities to make money or grow your income. The next day, on January 2, Uranus will change direction in Aries, your relationships sign, bringing something unexpected or unpredictable in a relationship. Note that relationships have been an area of your life that have been undergoing a revolution over the last six years. Uranus says, something has to change in how you partner with and relate to others. That said, you’re definitely in a new phase of life and the new moon on January 16 will cement this era between changes in your home and changes in relationship. Let’s not forget Mars. Spending much of January in Scorpio, you’ve been a bit obsessed (preoccupied?) with money … or at least motivated to lock down that part of your life. As much as your material life is a bit front and center in terms of priorities, Mars will change signs on January 26, moving the action to communication, education, and travel. The rest of the month will be busy. It’s eclipse season, after all, and a lunar eclipse on January 31 will light up your chart’s sector of friends and community. Something is changing in how you connect with others as well as the people you call friends. More on that in February’s horoscopes. Want to learn more about how the astrology of January will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Home, family, roots, foundation, emotional stability, nourishment, inner circle, internal world, connection, living situation, memories, instinct, career, professional life, reputation, status, recognition, external world, direction, responsibility, getting older, commitments, transformation, revolution, relationships, partnerships, other people, money, income, salary, stability, material life, assets, wealth, friends, community, groups, social network, the future, big picture.


October 23–November 21

Scorpio Glyph

You’re holding a lot of cards this month. Mars and Jupiter are in Scorpio! How are you going to play this hand? Seeing how it’s the new year, it’s a good time to strategize from the coming months. Plus, January 6 is a power day for you, Scorpio, the day that Mars and Jupiter join up. Use it wisely. But note that, in the grand scheme of things, 2018 is a turning point for you. Life has already tipped in a new direction courtesy of last year’s eclipses — that’s last February and August in case you need a refresher — and life will continue to lurch ahead. Nevertheless, it’s good to have a game plan, even if it means coming up with Plans A through K. That said, the year opens up with Saturn newly arrived in Capricorn, your sign of communication and learning. This means that the pressure is on for you to start taking your education as well as your voice seriously. As a Scorpio, you often hold back what you have to say, although what you have to say is quite powerful. Over the next few years, Saturn will help you make something of your voice. It will also help you to hone your education and, as a result, you may be taking more classes and workshops while hitting the books extra hard. Keep this in mind as January is Capricorn Season and the things that come up for you this time will be part of a thread that winds its way through the next few years. Let’s not forget that Capricorn is also one of your travel signs and between that and the Cancer Full Moon on January 1, you may be planning a trip, especially one to distant lands or foreign shores. Then on January 2, the planet Uranus will change directions, shaking up your health and wellness sign of Aries. Is it time for a new resolution for diet and nutrition? How you take care of your body? How you even organize your day? Looking ahead to the new new moon on January 16, you’ll be entering a new lunar month that will set in place a lot of the lessons you’ll be working on around voice and education. It’s time for everyone to take what you have to say seriously even if it means you have to start taking yourself seriously. Then on January 26 your ruling planet, Mars, will change signs, saying goodbye to Scorpio. Moving into Sagittarius, late January as well as the month of February will be about increasing your bottom line. You’ll be extra motivated to make money and to create more financial stability for your life. But, as a mentioned earlier, we’re coming into eclipse season, the time when the cosmic clock strikes a new hour. The lunar eclipse on January 31 will light up your career sign of Leo, putting you in the spotlight as well as opening up new professional opportunities for the coming year. More on that in February’s horoscopes. Want to learn more about how the astrology of January will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: You, new beginnings, motivation, moving forward, growth, trips, foreign travel, long distance journeys, other cultures, worldview, education, learning, classes, workshops, writing, speaking, reading, communication, news, information, career, direction, reputation, spotlight, recognition, outer world, responsibility, title, money, income, salary, material world, material stability.


November 22–December 21

Sagittarius Glyph

Do things feel like they’re dragging, Sagittarius? What with Mars and Jupiter pulling you behind the scenes and last month’s Mercury Retrograde flow, you haven’t been your normal enthusiastic self. Astrology teaches us that there is a time for everything under heaven and to everything there is a season. When Jupiter, your ruling planet, moved into Scorpio back in October, you entered a year long chapter of reflection. This is a spiritual phase, a time when you’re supposed to review on the earthly journey you’ve traveled, a time to go within to the subtle, esoteric realms, a time to reconnect with Source. That’s not to say that there won’t be moments in 2018 when you’re out and about, but it’s likely you’re ringing in the new year feeling a bit muted. That said, you’re a Sagittarius and you’ll find opportunity wherever you can. And the opportunities in January will be through meditation and retreats as well as kicking addictions. So, in the spirit of the new year and new year’s resolutions, what old, destructive habits need to go in 2018? Not sure? The full moon on January 1 will shine a light into your shadow, the cracks and corners of your psyche that are often best forgotten yet you must face. In order to know what you need to leave behind, you have to witness yourself, the saboteur within. The full moon will also highlight deep emotional themes, vulnerability, intimacy, and even sexuality. Whatever you discover, use an alignment of Mars and Jupiter on January 6 to let them go. That said, January is Capricorn Season, a time in your yearly calendar when the spotlight is on money and material stability. With Saturn also in Capricorn, this is an area you’ll be building up over the few years. But, first, you’ll need to assess what needs to change, what’s weak and unsupportive, and what isn’t worth your time. Saturn says, sometimes it’s not about you want, but what’s the most practical decision for the long term. The new moon on January 16 will lock this sentiment into place. By January 26, Mars moves out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius, kicking things up a notch and making you feel a little bit more like yourself — lovable yet mouthy and opinionated. Just in time for eclipse season, which kicks off on January 31 with a lunar eclipse to your sign of travel and education. Hold onto your hat, Sag. New adventures await in the new year. It isn’t going to be all navel gazing and quiet reflection. Want to learn more about how the astrology of January will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Retreat, rest, recuperation, rehab, spirituality, esoteric, occult, mysticism, hospitals, money, income, value, material life, material stability, security, stuff, purchases, finance, wealth, debt, resources, legacies, inheritances, benefits, taxes, shared assets, family legacies, the self, renewal, new beginnings, motivation, travel, long distance journeys, other countries, foreign lands, education, ethics, worldview, morality, philosophy.


December 22–January 19

Capricorn Glyph

Happy birthday, Capricorn! It’s your season! While you’re celebrating another trip around the Sun, things may feel a bit different than in birthdays past. Namely you have a visitor. Saturn, your ruling planet, has returned home after 29 long years. (Let that sink in a moment.) What this means is that over the next three years you have an ally — an ally to build things, start fresh, and take command. But Saturn in Capricorn is, to be fair, a bit extra in terms of all things Capricorn — work, responsibilities, commitments. That said, you may feel as though this birthday as well as this coming year is asking more of you, asking you to step up and take your place, asking that you work harder. Having said that, the full moon on January 1 will shine a light on relationships. You may have a decision to make about a partnership or see something for what it is. But it may be also a good time to meet a romantic partner if that is something that you are looking for. Just note that the full moon has a bit of a wild card quality to it. Falling just before the planet Uranus changes direction, you could see something unexpected in the home or with family or a general rumbling in your foundations. Uranus has stirred up a lot of changes on the homefront since 2011, changes that have been provocative and sudden at times. But, hopefully, Uranus has helped open you up emotionally to levels you never would have on your own. Speaking of opening up, a line up of the Sun, Venus, and Pluto on January 9 may hit deep and demand transformation. A week later, on January 16, a new moon in Capricorn will again touch on these deep themes of transformation and awakening, hinting that the coming month will demand that you change something about yourself yet again. (You’re a Capricorn. You move slowly. But even mountains change over time. And you’re in a time in your life where a lot has to change and change faster than you would prefer.) Then on January 26, Mars will change signs, moving the action inward. The end of January as well as February will be a time to rest, reflect, and retreat. It’s not about moving forward so much as it is about letting go and shedding old layers. Your dreams may be more active and you may be craving quiet alone time more. Lastly, the end of January will take us into eclipse season. If eclipses herald a change in the narrative, this one will bring you deeper into yourself, stirring up themes around intimacy, trust, and sexuality. Finance and money may be eclipse themes as well, something that will continue to play out into February. Want to learn more about how the astrology of January will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: You, the self, new beginnings, motivation, new responsibilities, new commitments, getting older, seriousness, figuring things out, relationships, partners, other people, negotiation, interaction, emotions, emotional needs, emotional stability, emotional instability, deep feelings, family, home, connection, roots, foundation, awakenings, opening up, letting go, retreat, rest, recuperation, dreams, spirituality, inner truth, intimacy, trust, vulnerability, sexuality, transformation, facing the shadow, rebirth.


January 20–February 18

Aquarius Glyph

As you come up to another birthday, you’re likely in a reflective mood. You’re also beginning the year in a very different place than you started 2017. With Saturn, your ruling planet, now in Capricorn, you’ve just entered a chapter of life designed to pull you inward, to push you to intuit, to meditate, and seek spiritual connection. If we’re being fair, you tend to skew toward the intellectual. Meaning, you’re right at home when you’re thinking about bigger issues, abstract ideas, and complicated themes. You tend to live in your head, Aquarius, so what happens when life pushes you into the emotional, the realm of feeling, the infinite and subjective? A lot is changing, Aquarius, but in order for it to do so, you need to let go. That said, the new year will begin with a full moon. Lighting up your chart’s sign of health and wellness, it’s a good reminder that a new year brings a new opportunity to make healthy choices. The full moon will give you a push to make a change in your diet, how you take care of your body, or even your work. Falling in the sign of Cancer, the full moon will also highlight how your emotional health is intertwined with your physical health. Pay attention to any feelings that come up around the full moon; it may be your body trying to talk to you. Speaking of which, a Uranus station the following day will open you up to new ideas, new ways of thinking. You may even hear unexpected or sudden news. Even though you may feel a bit pulled behind the scenes, you still have Mars in your career sign of Scorpio, keeping you really busy with work and responsibilities in the new year. It’s crunch time for you, a time when you’re ambitiously pushing outward into the world just as you’re pushing inward. Pulled in two directions, it may take until after January 26, when Mars changes signs, for you to feel like you have a chance to catch your breath. Nevertheless, the new moon on January 16 will put in place many of the spiritual and existential themes you’ll be personally working through over the next few years, the duration that Saturn is in Capricorn. Having said all that, you’re coming into eclipse season, another round of twists and turns that will touch on events from August’s eclipses. You’re at a crossroads, Aquarius, and 2018 will be a big year for you. The lunar eclipse on January 31 will light up your relationships sign of Leo, bringing a change in a partnership, a change in how you interact with people, and maybe even a chance to meet someone if you’re looking for a relationship. More on that in February’s horoscopes. Want to learn more about how the astrology of January will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Retreat, rest, letting go, going within, recuperation, spirituality, spiritual connection, existential themes, existential crisis, dreams, the unconscious, behind the scenes, spiritual health, physical health, somatic health, wellness, diet, fitness, nutrition, work, service, career, ambitions, responsibilities, outer world, professional life, reputation, status, title, recognition, relationship, other people, partners, interaction.


February 19–March 20

Pisces Glyph
Pisces, you have the honor of being the last sign of the zodiac. You have within you all the experiences, all the emotions that make up life in this universe. You see things, feel things in a way that others do not. And, as 2018 opens, you may be sensing that something is shifting, like a faint signal in space slowly making its way towards you letting you know that it’s time for change. After all, January will take us into eclipse season, a time every six months when the great cosmic clock strikes a new hour and you, like everyone else, will experience a new hour. That said, you’re likely in a reflective mood in January. 2017 was likely quite hard at times, a year where you had to face yourself, your shadow, and your fears. With Jupiter, your ruling planet, recently in Scorpio, your life this year will be primarily oriented toward travel and education. In fact you may be traveling as you read this or looking to plan a trip abroad or to a far away locale. But you’re a curious sign, too, and with Jupiter leading the way, you’re looking for answers, reading up on philosophy, and trying to figure out the meaning of life, especially after all you went through in 2017. January will also put a focus on friendships and community. With Saturn in Capricorn, the next three years will be an important time for you to build community, to get very clear about the sort of friendships you want, and to network with others. Big picture aside, the new year will open up with a full moon that will shine a light on creativity, self expression, and identity. If a big theme in your life right now is community, then who you are as an individual? Do you celebrate what makes you you? Do you share your talents and gifts? It’s a full moon to have fun, to play, and even have a little romance. (Maybe even a fling while you travel.) But Mercury arrival in Capricorn on January 13 will create more serious vibe, pushing you to define some important things in your life such as relationship and the sort of person or people you want to align yourself with. In fact, you are in a relationship, you may have a big decision to make about the partnership. And if connection is a big theme in 2018, then the new moon on January 16 will set in place many of the lessons you’ll be working through — finding your tribe, doing humanitarian work, finding like minded groups, creating solid friendships. Then on January 26 Mars will change signs, moving into your career sign of Sagittarius. The end of the month as well as February may be quite busy professionally as you push out into the world and take on new responsibilities. But, as I mentioned, we’re coming up on eclipses and a lunar eclipse on January 31 will strike on health, wellness, and how you take care of the needs of your daily life. You’ve already been seeing changes in this area as of last year and with the eclipses in August, but this lunar eclipse may bring a need to make a change in your schedule, your work, and even how you take care of your body. More on that in February’s horoscopes. Want to learn more about how the astrology of January will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Travel, education, university, long distance journeys, foreign lands, other countries, truth, meaning, worldview, internal compass, morality, ethics, law, faith, philosophy, community, friendships, social network, humanitarian causes, the collective, politics, belonging, connection, big picture, the future, romance, relationships, value, income, how you make your money, new consciousness about your material needs, career, status, reputation, responsibilities, work, health, wellness, daily life, schedule, organization, diet, fitness, nutrition.

Photo by Ivana Cajina on Unsplash