Mars, slowly making its way through Scorpio, joins up with Jupiter and adds fuel to Scorpio’s need to get to the deep dark heart of the matter. This is an emotional revelation, a transformation. Only weeks away from the eclipses, Mars and Jupiter strike the chords of fate.

Ever since Jupiter arrived in Scorpio on October 10, we’ve been in a year long chapter where we feel the freedom to let go of our shame, our trauma. Scorpio is sexuality. It’s also taboo, secrets, the the things we don’t talk about in polite company.

Whatever is coming up right now, of course, has a deeper subtext. The nodes are involved and we’re building toward eclipse season. Scorpio asks, am I safe enough to be vulnerable? Do I have the power and resources I need to survive? Can I face my shadow? Am I brave enough to let go and transform?

In other news, the Moon’s in Virgo, giving the start of the weekend a practical spin. Saturday and Sunday will be a good time to do projects around the home, focus on list making, and tending to our overall health and wellness — including our emotional health.

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Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash