If Mars is action and motivation, then its journey through Scorpio is an exceptionally powerful placement. After all, Scorpio is ruled by Mars, a sign that covers themes of intimacy, power, control, secrets, vulnerability, wealth and legacies as well as death and rebirth. Mars in Scorpio is the yin to Mars in Aries‘s yang and the inspiration and bravery to look inward. Want to know what area of your life will be activated over the next six weeks? Check it out.

Mars will be in Scorpio from December 9, 2017 to January 26, 2018.

Aries or Aries Rising — Finances, intimacy, sharing, the psyche. Time to dive deep, Aries. Not only will the next six weeks be an unflinching look at your feelings, but Mars will also highlight themes of intimacy, power dynamics, privacy, and the things you share only with the people closest to you, from a romantic partner to your confidants or even your therapist. Money, wealth, investments, banking, debt, loans, and legacies will also be a major focus.

Taurus or Taurus Rising — Relationships, partnership, collaboration, other people. Mars will activate your chart’s sector of relationship. This will be a natural time to have a serious look at your alliances. Taurus is a sign deeply aligned with trust and stability. Mars may rock the boat, but ultimately will be reaching out to make connection. If someone isn’t there for you, Mars may want to cut them out.

Gemini or Gemini Rising — Health, wellness, work, colleagues, day-to-day life. Nothing like starting off the new year with the planet of action arriving in your chart’s health and fitness sector. Mars will inspire you to hit the gym or make changes in your diet or self care. Alternatively if this is an area you’ve been neglecting, things may bubble up to the surface. What will you need to purge? Even if it’s emotional? Additionally, Mars in this area of your chart has been known to be crazy busy with work and projects.

Cancer or Cancer Rising — Self expression, creativity, children, leisure. Time to have fun! Mars in this part of your chart has been known to want to have a good time. Alternatively, Mars will help you express your talents and creativity, especially anything that will get you recognized professionally or in the world. Children or things that are like children will also be activated as well.

Leo or Leo Rising — Home, family, foundation, emotional connections. When Mars arrives at the bottom of your chart, it’s a bit of a noisy placement. Think renovation, a move, or gutting the house — whether literal or metaphoric. There may also be an impulse to find stability, security, and trust.

Virgo or Virgo Rising — Travel, movement, communication, learning. This is a busy placement for Mars. You may find yourself running back and forth between appointments, fielding phone calls, texts, and emails. Communication will be more pointed and revealing. There may be a disagreement with a sibling.

Libra or Libra Rising — Income, stability, material life. It’s all about money, from how to increase your salary to buying the things you need to feel more comfortable. Mars will activate your desire for solid ground and the trappings of success. If you’re in a relationship, there may be discussions on investments, shared financial resources, and purchases.

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising — The self, personality, vitality, new beginnings. Mars will give you energy, vitality, and drive! There’s a sense of coming home to yourself as well as Mars is your ruling planet; you’ve started a new two year cycle. You’re ready to start fresh.

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising — Retreat, rest, recuperation, surrender, endings. Mars will pull you back from the world, igniting your dreams as well as your need to seek answers deep within. This is a lower energy placement for Mars. You’re finding value in the quiet, hidden, the invisible, and unseen. You’re wrapping up a journey and reviewing the karma.

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising — Friends, groups, community, society, humanity, the future. Mars will heat up themes of community, friendships, trust, and rebirth. It’s important for you to have strong allies, so, if this is an area lacking, how do you reach out and make those connections? You’re also looking toward and making plans for the future.

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising — Career, direction, status, the world. With Mars coming to the top of your chart, you’ll be riding high. Think achievement, success, and making gains in your career. If you’ve needed a professional change, Mars may inspire you to look for new work or change the status quo.

Pisces or Pisces Rising —Travel, higher education, teaching, philosophy. Mars will ignite your desire for truth and meaning. You may find yourself steeped in books or materials on philosophy and religion. Education will also be a priority, especially higher education and specialty study. This will also be a time for foreign travel and long distance journeys.