The Leo Moon lifts us out of an emotional full moon, giving us more confidence and motivation. But it’s still Capricorn Season and we’re being asked to take Leo’s talents and creativity and put them to practical use. Time to make good on your New Year’s resolutions.

Today’s also a reminder that we’re coming into eclipse season, capping off the end of the month with an eclipse in Leo. With the Moon touching on the lunar nodes into tomorrow, we may get a preview of themes or events that will unfold a month from now.

Eclipses and thus the lunar nodes are one of the mechanisms from which our reality is woven. They herald change as well as events that mark our lives. A lunar eclipse in Leo on January 31 will mean that we are bringing in new experiences that help us to form and shape our identity as well as how we express who we are to others. Leo is a wonderful sign, in its positive expression, that teaches us the courage to be ourselves.

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Photo by Harry Quan on Unsplash