Venus arrives at the end of Aquarius, threading its way through eclipse degrees. Even though we’re a week away from the solar eclipse, the past couple of days gave a preview. Venus asks, do you value who you are? Do you value your place in the world?

Tomorrow, Venus moves into Pisces, a sign that it does its best work in. Venus in Pisces is magical, charismatic. We find value in unconditional if not redemptive love. Our interactions with others are more compassionate and heart based. But Venus in Pisces can also speak to something that seems beautiful and alluring on the surface, but is merely a mirage. Don’t fall in love with a fantasy.

In other news, the Moon is still in Sagittarius, starting our weekend off with a dash of adventure and exoticism. Try foods from a different culture, seek out distant lands through books and television. We’re in a philosophical mood. Sunday strikes a serious tone with the Moon and Saturn in Capricorn. Make Sunday your day to take care of practical if not ambitious activities.

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Photo by Karly Santiago on Unsplash