The Sun’s pulling away from the South Node of the Moon. The past few days have touched on karmic themes, karmic lessons, and the soul’s past. Events are emotionally charged right now and there’s a subtext to our experiences as we get closer to the solar eclipse.

You can’t have an eclipse without a new or full moon lining up with the ecliptic and every six months that’s exactly what happens. Astrologically, eclipse season is a time when the Wheel of Fortune turns, when the clock strikes a new hour. Eclipse season propels us in a new direction. Events, experiences, and even people come in that push us forward on our soul’s journey through this lifetime.

Identity, community, and connection are at the heart of this eclipse season. As a result, you may be thinking about how you connect with like minded people, find your tribe, and how you honor and express your individuality amongst others. As we pass through the well of the Aquarius South Node, we need to recognize all the time’s we felt strange and alone, separated from the people who really recognize us.

Speaking of connection, the Moon is in Libra today, highlighting partnership and consensus. But with Venus in Aquarius and the Moon making aspects to Uranus, we’re feeling restless. We have to do relationships in a new way, an authentic way. This is a Moon that wants a lot of space and freedom socially. Additionally, the Libra Moon highlights beauty and design, helping us to connect to taste as well as aesthetic — especially anything that is cutting edge, futuristic.

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Photo by Paul Volkmer on Unsplash