Welcome to Aquarius Season! We’re approaching the end of the astrological year and when we reach Aquarius, we’re seeing life through the lens of community, connection, and humanity. It’s a big picture sign, a sign that helps us turn toward the future and dream of something better. It’s also consciousness as well as the thoughts and ideals that go into making up the fabric of our world.

But February also coincides with eclipse season, a time every six months when the wheel of fortune turns. Eclipses can create a crisis, highlight something that has to change, close a door and open another. As a result, life may move quickly in a new directly. And for all you anxious types, just note that eclipses coincide with the great events of our lives, the ones that mark our path. These include new relationships, marriages, commitments, births, moves, and career shifts.

The eclipses will pull between two signs, Leo and Aquarius. A lunar eclipse in Leo at the start of February puts the spotlight on identity, a need to be ourselves, and share our talents. Leo is the self, the individual. Aquarius, on the other hand, is the group. And the solar eclipse on February 15 will open a six month chapter where we’re examining where we get lost in the group, where we hold back from being our true selves, where we feel lost, lonely, and disconnected. With the North Node in Leo, the path forward is to honor ourselves and honor what makes us unique. The path forward is to reconnect with our divine spark that makes us part of the fabric of humanity. (Note that these eclipses continue a story from August 2017, the last round of eclipses in Leo/Aquarius.)

With eclipse energy dominating the narrative this month, it’s easy to forget everything else. In particular, Mars is in Sagittarius for February, motivating us to explore, travel, and seeks out new ways of seeing things. Mars and Sag also brings a desire to understand ourselves and the world more deeply, not only imbuing us with knowledge, but giving us a strong sense of right and wrong. Starting February 10, Venus will be in Pisces, giving us a little starry eyed romanticism for Valentine’s Day. Venus in Pisces shows us the power and magic of unconditional love. Maybe there’s hope for us after all.

Read for your Sun and rising sign.

DATES TO NOTE: 2/3 Mercury sextile Mars; 2/4 Venus square Jupiter; 2/6 Venus sextile Uranus; 2/10 Venus in Pisces, Sun square Jupiter; 2/13 Mercury square Jupiter; Sun sextile Uranus; 2/15 New Moon 27 Aquarius (Solar Eclipse), Mercury sextile Uranus, Venus sextile Saturn; 2/17 Mars square Neptune, Mercury in Pisces, Sun conjunct Mercury; 2/18 Sun in Pisces; 2/21 Venus conjunct Neptune, Mercury sextile Saturn; 2/25 Mercury conjunct Neptune, Sun sextile Saturn, Venus square Mars; 2/27 Venus sextile Pluto.


March 21–April 19

Aries Glyph

As you come into Aquarius Season, you may be looking outward, gazing into the horizon of your life. Aquarius connects you the future, stirring hopes and dreams for something better. So, where do you want to take your life? With Saturn cresting over the highest reaches of your chart, you’re already feeling the push to get very serious about these dreams as well as your role in the world. That said, February may come at you fast. With two eclipses marking the beginning and middle of the month, your vision for the future may change, your social network may shift, and your sense of who you are may be up for review. Then again, you’ve already been experiencing change in these areas. Think back to August 2017, the last time the eclipses activated these themes of identity and connection. Was anything significant going on? February’s eclipse directly link back to August, closing a door, opening a door, or bringing resolution to something that began then. With the Sun passing through the South Node of the Moon, there may be a poignancy or nostalgia to the month, a sense that in order to move forward, something has to go. Let’s not forget about Mars, your ruling planet. It’s spending the month in Sagittarius, a sign you dug a bit of a groove into from 2015–2017, a sign that taught you deep lessons in faith, morality, truth, and wisdom. With Mars in Sagittarius, you’re taking action with your education in February, you’re going on a long distance journey, you’re standing up for what you believe in, or you’re sharing what you know. By February 15, a solar eclipse will signal a shift in your social circle, the people you network with, or the community you’re a part of. There’s a tension this month between who you are versus what is expected of you by others, who you want to be versus the responsibilities you have to something lager. Eclipses tend to put things front and center; they force decisions or, rather, make the decision for you. And something may have to give between you and your connection with others. Sacrifice is a hard word to swallow, but with Saturn putting a lot of pressure on you this year, you’re answering to a higher set of standards. And, this month, don’t forget that the bar has been set higher for you. Want to learn more about how the astrology of February will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Friends, community, social network, social circle, the future, hopes, wishes, belonging, identity, self expression, talent, responsibilities, commitments, public life, title, status, reputation, direction, higher education, beliefs, faith, philosophy, morality, religion, law, foreign travel, long distance journeys, search, meaning.


April 20–May 20

Taurus Glyph

How you feeling, Taurus? Is the earth beneath your feet rumbling a bit? Do you sense big changes on the horizon? In many ways 2018 will be a pivotal year for you and, as you go into February, you may feel like the Wheel of Fortune is spinning around and around, holding your breath to see where it stops. First, let’s set the scene. February is Aquarius Season. The Sun is right up at the highest reaches of your chart, shining a light on career, the role you play in the world, and the responsibilities you carry. It’s a natural time in the year for you to be more outwardly focused, ambitious, and forward thinking. But, with the South Node of the Moon in Aquarius since 2017, you’ve likely seen a shift in your career or even the direction you take in life because the South Node is about letting go. Keep this in mind as February is eclipse season and between a lunar eclipse at the beginning of the month and another in the middle of February, the great axis of your life is tilting in a new direction. As mentioned, the month opens up with a lunar eclipse, one that will activate the bottom of your chart — your roots, your foundation, the place you call home. Maybe you’re moving or you already moved. Maybe you’re looking to make a change in your living situation. Maybe something is coming up with your family, your parents. That said, this is about bringing in the new things or even the new people who will help build your foundation. For all the focus on ambition and your outer world this month, don’t forget your inner world and the stuff that really feeds your life. On February 10, Venus, your ruling planet, will into Pisces, making you extra sensitive for the rest of the month. You’ll also feel as though some of the focus is now on community and friendships, so don’t be surprised if you’re making more connections or being more social. Then, on February 15, another eclipse will herald a new chapter in your career or a shift in direction as well as responsibilities. (Think back to last August, the last time we had a pair of eclipses. You may see a connection to that time with events in your public or professional life this month.) If you’re looking for a new job, you may even hear about a new one, but one that may take you in a different direction or one that requires either more education or a different perspective. Lastly, Mars is heating up themes around money, trust, intimacy, and vulnerability this month. As you watch the Wheel of Fate spin, examine your fears and anxieties. Face what you’ve been running away from. Own up to the deepest parts of yourself. Be vulnerable even in the midst of change. Want to learn more about how the astrology of February will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Career, status, reputation, ambition, maturity, public life, outer world, responsibilities, title, direction, internal compass, home, family, parents, living situation, moves, foundation, roots, emotional security, community, friendships, social network, social connection, groups, beliefs, faith, philosophy, truth, meaning, law, sensitivity, deep emotions, intimacy, trust, vulnerability, sexuality, facing fears, transformation, finance, wealth, debt, taxes, legacies, estates, shared assets.


May 21–June 20

Gemini Glyph

How smart are you, Gemini? As an air sign — air is the element of movement, connection — you pick up new ideas quickly. But Aquarius Season is a time when you have to prove your intellectual chops. With that in mind, education is a key area of focus this month and you may be taking classes or pouring over books in order to seek out new experiences and points of view. That said, if you think you have all the answers, guess again. February is eclipse season and there’s a push/pull happening between what you think is right or correct versus having to go back to the basics. The lunar eclipse, falling just before the start of the month, will put information and ideas in the spotlight. Gemini, you’re a sign that can’t stop learning, so be prepared to cram your brain with knowledge or go on a search for hidden or elusive information. Additionally, you may be making travel plans this month, from foreign shores to short trips out of town. The solar eclipse on February 15 in particular will highlight an important or even life changing trip or opportunity to study. Similarly, your faith may be challenged or you may need to step up for what you believe in. By February 17, Mercury, your ruling planet, will move onto Pisces, which happens to be the highest reaches of your chart. The rest of the month will emphasize responsibility, ambition, and working hard to get ahead. Since Pisces is your career sign, make sure you’re doing something you love professionally or using your ambitions to help others. Lastly, Mars is in your relationship sign of Sagittarius all month long, turning up the heat on all your interactions with people. If Mars is action and motivation, you’ll likely find yourself inspired to make connections this month. But take note of Mars’s tendency to “force the issue.” Meaning, if something has been long simmering in a key relationship, romantic or otherwise, it may come to a boil this month, requiring you to make necessary negotiations. Don’t forget, Saturn recently arrived Capricorn, one of your money signs. Make sure you’re making good on your new year’s resolutions to get more organized and sort out your finances because Saturn will be taking a serious look at your money for the next two years. Want to learn more about how the astrology of February will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: The mind, learning, education, classes, workshop, university, school, truth, wisdom, beliefs, facts, faith, ethics, moral compass, worldview, philosophy, religion, travel, trips, foreign shoes, other cultures, fundamentalism, right and wrong, law, career, profession, worldly life, title, status, responsibilities, work, maturity, leadership, relationships, partnerships, other people.


June 21–July 22

Cancer Glyph

It’s your favorite time of year, Cancer. Eclipse season! Well, mayyyybe not. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer is a sign that is deeply connected to the ebb and flow of the lunar cycle. You’re also are keenly perceptive and you’ve likely been feeling the energetic rumbles of eclipse season in advance, this sense that things are about to change. For you, these lunar eclipses — the first on January 31 followed by another on February 15 — highlight the tension between feeling safe versus feeling vulnerable, the stable earth beneath your feet versus needing to leap into the unknown. With relationships being one of your key areas of development throughout 2018, much of this tension may be taking place with a partner, especially if there is a situation that presses buttons, forcing you to open up or face your fears. Don’t be nervous, Cancer. You’re just being pushed to delve into your deeper emotions this month, the ones you hold close, the ones you protect. This may be an excellent time to tend to your emotional health, working with a therapist or confiding in a trusted confidant. Speaking of health, Mars is heating up your chart’s sector of health and wellness all month long. In addition to tending to your emotional health, make sure you check in with your physical health as well. But you’ll likely find yourself very busy in February, working on projects, getting organized, and grinding through your to-do list. That said, the lunar eclipse on January 31, just before the start of the month, will put a big spotlight on money and material stability. With work, career, and ambitions getting a cosmic push, you may be extra motivated to make a change in how you earn a living, seek out new lines of income, or create earthly stability in your life. But before you can do that, you also have to take a look at your overall finances — debts, taxes, accounts. Do you have the wealth you need? Are there debts or loans that need your attention? The emotional intensity will start to subside later this month. Until then, make sure you give yourself a lot of TLC, especially as you navigate eclipse season. Want to learn more about how the astrology of February will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Money, income, salary, finances, material needs, material stability, what you own, what you share, your partner’s money, assets, wealth, benefits, taxes, debt, estates, insurance, facing fears, deeper emotions, psychology, intimacy, vulnerability, transformation, rebirth, safety, trust, health, diet, fitness, nutrition, organization, schedule, discipline, work, job, professional life, daily grind.


July 23–August 22

Leo Glyph

Heads up, Leo. You’re in the spotlight this month! Although the Leo Lunar Eclipse was on January 31, you’re still feeling its potent energies as you step into February. Here’s what you need to know. When there’s an eclipse in your sign it means that the following weeks — even the following six months — will put you at a crossroads, pivot your life, or usher in events that mark your life in an important way. This should be unfamiliar energy for you; last year you had eclipses in February and August and, if you look back, it’s likely that your life is different in some way. When eclipses fall in Leo, they are also happening in the sign of Aquarius, your opposing sign in the wheel of the zodiac. Aquarius is also your relationship sign, so relationships are likely an area that has and will see changes. That said, February is Aquarius Season, a time in your personal calendar when the sun shines on partnership and connection, a time when you’re normally exploring how you interact with other people, including primary or romantic relationships. With the February 15 solar eclipse, it’s possible that you’re meeting important people this month. If you’re single, this may include a new relationship as well. After all, Mars is stirring up romance and play all February long, making you feel extra flirtatious. If you’re already in a relationship, there may be something that shifts the dynamic between you and a mate, something that calls on the both of you to make sacrifices or tend to the needs of others. (By the way, a pregnancy or birth totally falls within these conditions.) There’s also push/pull in February between what you want and what a partner wants. So keep this in mind, Leo. It’s a big time for you. Additionally, health and wellness will be a focus this month courtesy of Saturn. In fact, you’re in a three year period when you’ll have to attend more closely to the needs of your physical body. How will you use February to make appointments with the doctor or health care practitioner? How will you take a look at your diet and fitness? Similarly, how will you schedule your day more efficiently and master the details of daily life? And if the eclipses are shaking things up, you’ll need Saturn to help you get your life organized. Get to work. Want to learn more about how the astrology of February will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: You, new beginnings, action, moving forward, other people, relationships, partnerships, balance, sacrifice, duty, service, responsibilities, details, organization, schedule, health, wellness, diet, fitness, nutrition, big events, change, transformation, crossroads, romance, play, creativity, self expression, identity, children, pregnancy.


August 23–September 22

Virgo Glyph

Virgo, you’re secretly one of my favorite signs. (Shh, don’t tell anyone. It’s our secret.) That said, we should probably talk a little about your tendency to hold onto things. Like, white knuckle, neurotic hold onto things. Yes, you’re often the boss of the details. And thank God for that. But there comes a time in every Virgo’s life when she or he has to let go. How did that make you feel? A little anxious? Take a deep breath. Take another. Although it clocked in on January 31, the lunar eclipse sets the stage for February, highlighting all the things you need to let go of and get zen with. Don’t be surprised if you’re feeling a little existential, a little “what does it all mean” in early February. Since you’re a sign that has great capacity to fix things and make them better, use Aquarius Season to zoom out on your life. What needs tidying up? Organizing? Purifying? Do you have habits, negative patterns, or addictions that have long outlived their usefulness? Time to chuck them into the bin, even if they are emotional or spiritual in nature. This month will also put a large amount of emphasis on your overall health and wellness. You may be making doctor appointments, looking into new practitioners, or the latest trends in healing. Diet and fitness may also be an area you’re looking to make permanent, lasting change. Nevertheless, something has to shift and despite how perfectly organized you think your life is, chances are the Universe has another perspective. So don’t be afraid to go within and reflect on what the Higher Plan is. Look to your dreams for clues and guidance as well. The solar eclipse on February 15 will give your life a reset, setting you up for changes in work, projects, health, or your schedule. On February 17, Mercury, your ruling planet, will move into Pisces for a two and a half week stay. Seeing how Pisces is your relationship sign, the narrative will start to involve other people in the second half of February. Part of letting go means learning to negotiate with the key people in your life, especially your mate or partner. Lastly, Mars is down in Sagittarius all month long, heating up issues in the home or with family. It’s not uncommon for your living environment to be noisy or busy under Mars’s influence. You may be planning a move as well. I know, you could use some peace and quiet, Virgo, especially as you reflect on life’s existential themes this month, but you may have to go elsewhere for it. Try to book in some spa time this month while you can. Want to learn more about how the astrology of February will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Health, wellness, diet, fitness, nutrition, hospitals, recuperation, retreat, withdraw, letting go, endings, existential crisis, the soul, spirituality, meditation, dreams, relationships, other people, partnership, negotiation, home, living situation, family, foundation, roots, emotional security.


September 23–October 22

Libra Glyph

Libra, your life recently made a big shift. When Saturn moved into Capricorn back in December, it also metaphorically (perhaps literally?) moved in with you. Capricorn, after all, is your chart’s sign of home and family. It’s the sign that forms the foundation of your chart — which is to say that home and family are likely very important in order for you to feel rooted, stable, and grounded. It’s hard to discuss the astrology of February without that context. Even as the eclipses shake up other areas of your life, it’s touching back on the foundation that your life is built on. The lunar eclipse on January 31 may miss February by one day, but its energy will definitely be in play the first week or so of the month. Like a spotlight, the lunar eclipse will shine a light on community, friendships, and the groups you are connected with. And seeing how lunar eclipses often force an issue, you will likely have a decision to make about the people you connect with as well as your vision of the future. At the heart of this eclipse as well as the solar eclipse on February 15 is a tension between identities — your identity versus the collective identity … you versus your place in your community. And something has to give; that’s the nature of eclipses. With the South Node of the Moon in Aquarius, you may find that the eclipses call on you to make some personal sacrifices. That said, with Saturn such a prominent player in your chart over the next few years, you’re in a time when you’re having to grow up and take on more responsibilities. That may even include becoming a parent or having to take care of your parents. In other news, Venus, your ruling planet, will move into Pisces on February 10, making the rest of the month about work, projects, organization, and tending to your health. Let’s not forget Mars. It’s heating things up in your chart’s sector of travel, education, and information. February will likely be a busy time for you as you run around town with appointments, spend time in your neighborhood, and deal with an uptick in communication. You may be extra motivated to take a class or read up on new subjects this month. Want to learn more about how the astrology of February will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Identity, identification, the self, self expression, creativity, talents, children, the group, friends, community, social networks, connection, the future, big picture, sacrifice, responsibilities, the home, family, foundation, roots, emotional stability, emotional connection, inner circle, work, health, wellness, fitness, diet, nutrition, travel, information, classes, workshops, communication, the voice, the mind, learning, speaking, writing.


October 23–November 21

Scorpio Glyph

If there’s any sign that knows deep in their soul that life is impermanent, it’s you, Scorpio. And here we are, flying into eclipse season. You may also know that eclipses are astrology’s agents of change. When they occur, as they do every six months, it’s time to turn the proverbial page. Here’s what’s so important about these eclipses in particular. They are lining up with your career sign of Leo and your home sign of Aquarius, signs that form a major axis in your chart, like a pole that your life anchors and rotates around. So it’s safe to say that these eclipses are making your world shake and reposition. The Leo lunar eclipse on January 31 (yes, not quite February, but oh so close) will put your career in the spotlight. You may be making a change in your professional direction, making a change in jobs, or even getting recognition for your work. Lunar eclipses also demand decisions, so you may be feeling tension between your personal and public life, tension between what you need versus your responsibilities. With Mars squaring against Neptune, too, something may require some sacrifice, some letting go. But, as you know, one door closes and another opens, Scorpio. Que sera sera. Another eclipse on February 15 will give you a reset in one of the most sensitive places in your chart — home and family. Falling in the sign of Aquarius, the solar eclipse will signal a powerful new beginning along the foundation of your life. You may be making a move, looking to make a change in the home, or planting down new roots. Family or the energy of family may factor into this new phase of life. (Think back to August 2017. These eclipses touch on eclipses from six months ago and thus continue a story.) You’re building something, Scorpio, something totally new. Having said all that, let’s not forget about Mars. Your ruling planet is motivating you to make more money, acquire resources, and all around get your material life in order. If fact, you may be working extra hard to make that money or using February to sort out your personal finances. Seeing how things are shifting for you this month, it’s good to have your bank account tended to in order to anticipate the next bend in the road. Then again, you’re a Scorpio. You’re always anticipating. Want to learn more about how the astrology of February will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Career, public life, reputation, spotlight, recognition, title, direction, ambitions, responsibilities, changes in career, change in status, home, family, roots, stability, security, foundation, material life, emotional needs, living situation, move, changes in the home, money, income, salary, material needs, assets, what you own, what you value, what you earn.


November 22–December 21

Sagittarius Glyph

Feeling a little bit more like yourself? With Mars in Sagittarius all February long, you’re finally getting some forward movement. Mars, the planet of action, makes for a sassy shot of courage and motivation. Despite the fact that one of your major themes this year is retreat and reflection, the astrology this month will push you out of your meditation cave. And a happy Sag is a Sag that has the freedom to travel about. Thankfully Aquarius Season is one of your biannual times to focus on travel and moment. Mind you, Aquarius is a sign that points you in the direction of travel around town and short jaunts here and there, but the lunar eclipse on January 31 puts foreign travel and big trips in the spotlight for February. Full moons force a decision and lunar eclipses make for a potentially critical or important one at that. As a result, you may be planning a major journey abroad. Even if you can’t travel, this is a time for you to seek out knowledge and wisdom. It’s also a time when education plays a serious role in your life. You may be going back to school or pushing your mind or even your faith to its limits. Do you know enough? Do you believe enough? Additionally this lunar eclipse will ask you to decide between right and wrong and, as a Sagittarius, you tend to have a strong idea of what’s right and wrong. But, in some ways, February is asking you to examine your beliefs because you may not have all the information. You may also have to read up on things, take classes, or get a new perspective. The solar eclipse on February 15 will set you on a path of intense study over the coming six months, one where you will have to examine the value of information or accumulate new skills and language. And, let’s be honest, as a Sag you love to learn. By February 18, when the Sun and Mercury slip into Pisces, you’ll be back in hibernation mode, part of you wanting to spend more time nesting at home, especially with a loved one or members of your inner circle. Although be prepared to juggle in February as you straddle back and forth between quiet alone time and running around town with a million things to do. Want to learn more about how the astrology of February will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: You, new beginnings, action, motivation, moving forward, transition, letting go, shedding layers, rest, recuperation, regeneration, psychic activity, communication, writing, speaking, thinking, learning, education, classes, higher education, movement, travel, trips, journeys, other countries, other cultures, other points of view, beliefs, faith, opinions, philosophy, religion, law, morality, right and wrong, worldview.


December 22–January 19

Capricorn Glyph

So, here you are. You’ve had six weeks to get used to Saturn in Capricorn, a long term visitor to your sign. How are you getting along with your new housemate? What’s changed? Even though you’re quite familiar with Saturn — it’s your ruling planet after all — having Saturn in Capricorn until the end of 2020 means that it’s time to hussle. Saturn is like the parent … the life coach … the cop. It’s setting boundaries, telling you no, and pushing you to your potential over the next couple of years. As you come into February, though, you may be still getting used to Saturn’s higher bar. That said, it’s Aquarius Season, a time in your personal calendar when you’re naturally explore themes around value and worth — from how you make your money, what you spend it on to what you own and the resources you have available. February is also eclipse season and while the lunar eclipse fell on January 31, it set in motion a critical look at value throughout February. This includes self worth and what you emotionally value. You may feel a bit sensitive or triggered as a result. The eclipse may also force you to face your fears or look at the parts of your psyche that make you uncomfortable. Through discomfort comes growth and this is a year of transformation, Capricorn, as well as a year of growing older and getting very clear about what you want and what you don’t want in your life. On the money side of things, the eclipse could bring a decision around financial planning, such as loans, benefits, retirement, and assets. But it’s the solar eclipse on February 15 that really sets this theme around value and money in motion. Over the coming six months you may be making a change in how you earn a living and how you set out to achieve material stability. Lastly, as much as there’s a lot of movement this month with the eclipse energy, Mars will be pulling you behind the scenes this month, inspiring you to meditate, reflect, and all around soul search. You’ve got some existential questions to answer. Your dreams may even be more active than usual. Pay attention to your intuition, Capricorn. After all, you’re a lot more intuitive than people give you credit for. Want to learn more about how the astrology of February will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: New beginnings, a new era, a new season, you, moving forward, pulling back, reflecting, soul searching, existential questions, spirituality, retreat, material life, material stability, value, income, salary, resources, basic needs, what you own, what you share, assets, finance, money, wealth, debt, taxes, estate, retirement planning, insurance, wills, inheritance, the psyche, facing fears, vulnerability, intimacy, sexuality, trust.


January 20–February 18

Aquarius Glyph

Happy birthday! Are you ready for an action packed month? With two eclipses bookending Aquarius Season, it’s safe to say that the upcoming year will be a turning point. Eclipses, after all, are the agents of change. They put new events into motion. The eclipse on January 31 lit up Leo, your relationship sign. As a result, you have a decision to make about a connection or partnership. This could include taking an existing relationship to the next level or leaving one behind. It’s not uncommon, when the eclipses line up with your sign as well as the sign opposite to see your life marked by major milestones — mariages, commitments, births, moves, and career changes. Also, think back six months ago to August 2017, the last time there were eclipses in Aquarius and Leo. How has your life changed since then? This latest round of eclipses will tie into events from August, bringing a new chapter in an unfolding story or wrapping up something unresolved. The solar eclipse in Aquarius on February 15 will give you a powerful reset, a new beginning for the coming six months. It may mean leaving something behind, especially if your birthday is on or close to February 15. That said, use this eclipse to set a new framework for the coming year. Let it clear space so that new things can come in. In fact you’re already in a 2-3 year chapter of shedding layers. Even as things lurch forward this month, you may be in an existential mood, reflecting on the life you’ve life thus far. You may even be spending more time meditating or seeking out quiet time. By February 18, the narrative will start to shift towards Pisces, a sign that helps you connect with value and material stability. It’s also a sign that talks about your money. With Jupiter, your money planet, up in the highest reaches of your chart, you many find that February and March are times when you’re pushing forward with your ambitions and working to create more material stability in your life. Lastly, Mars is in your chart’s sector of friends and community all month long. You may be more social than usual or inspired to network with the people who will help your career or professional ambitions. Nevertheless, enjoy your birthday. It’s going to be a powerful year. Want to learn more about how the astrology of February will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Relationships, partnerships, marriages, other people, social connection, social network, one-on-one, groups, community, friends, you, new beginnings, renewals, endings, letting go, negotiating, reflection, existential questions, mediation, spirituality, dreams, money, income, salary, value, material stability, professional growth, career opportunities.


February 19–March 20

Pisces Glyph

Pisces, you’re the last sign of the zodiac. You are a synthesis of all the signs that came before you, all the experiences, all the memories. You straddle this world and the next. That’s why you feel so much and why you have a deep understanding of life. That said, it’s likely that 2017 was a difficult year, one where you had to face different trials — trials meant to shake you and deepen your understanding of yourself and the world. Now that it’s 2018, you’re in a period of exploration, a search for meaning after all that you’ve been through. Aquarius Season marks the end of your personal calendar, a time of reflection on the year you’ve lived. And as you arrive in February you may feel pulled between two worlds, pulled between the part of you that needs to get still and and quiet and the part that is pushing you out into the world. In fact, with Mars at the top of your chart this month, in your career sign of Sagittarius, it’s hustle time. Your professional life needs a lot of attention this month, which may in include moving forward with your career ambitions, taking on new responsibilities, working to secure more income, or even getting a new job. You may also be traveling for work or having to focus on classes or training that helps your career. The lunar eclipse on January 31 put work and day-to-day responsibilities in the spotlight, adding fuel to a month that is pushing you to get your earthly life — work, schedule, health, daily grind — taken care of. And it’s good to focus on earthly life for once, especially since you’re a sign that’s so watery and sensitive, a sign that can so effortlessly pull back from the world. And that’s really the message behind February’s astrology for you in particular. You can’t neglect the details. You have to show up. You have do the work. You have to tend to your ambitions. You have to take care of your body. You have to eat right. You have to create more material stability. The solar eclipse on February 15 will put this into perspective, pushing you to do some soul searching and to look at patterns around avoidance or any tendencies around isolation. The solar eclipse will also push you to shed deep layers of your soul and face the part of you that can be your own worst enemy. Want to learn more about how the astrology of February will affect you? Book your consultation now.

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Photo by Luke Stackpoole on Unsplash