Yesterday’s new moon brought us deeper into Pisces Season, a time in the astrological year when it’s not about us anymore. It’s about our place in the fabric of humanity and our capacity for compassion for others. As a result, our sensitivity is running high.

Pisces is also intuition, the sign’s trademark sensitivity reaching into the spiritual realms. Over the coming days and even weeks our psychic abilities — we all have them — will be more active than usual. So use this opportunity to get quiet, meditation, and check in with your higher guidance. Ask Spirit: What am I here to do? How am I here to serve? What’s my mission? What am I holding on to needs to be released? Where am I in illusion?

Note that Pisces, especially with Neptune’s strong lunar current this month, has a reputation for using substance to check out. Make sure you’re not drinking your Neptune. If you are tapping into your intuition or even the spiritual realms more this month, make sure you’re doing it with two feet on the floor, strongly connected to the earth.

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