As I mentioned yesterday, we’re officially in eclipse season, a time every six months when the wheels of destiny spin in a new direction. While eclipses have a bit of a reputation, they coincide with major life events like marriages, births, moves, and new jobs.

That said, sometimes eclipses, well, eclipse things from our lives. And events can feel fated during this period, moving very swiftly and suddenly in different directions. But as doors close, others open.

We have a lunar eclipse at 22 degrees Leo on February 10. Bringing the Aquarius lunar month to a culmination, we’ll have a decision to make about how we express our individuality, our identity. Aquarius may be the group, but how we’ll we honor ourselves as part of the whole of humanity? How do we celebrate life? Create joy?

Venus is also at the last degree of Pisces today. The last degree of any sign can feel weighted, but 29 Pisces is the final degree of the zodiac. It’s a pause between death and rebirth. That said, Venus will arrive in Aries tomorrow, a bit of an awkward placement for the planet of peace, cooperation, and beauty. Venus will have to learn how to assert herself, take risks, and be courageous. Venus in Aries will also be a reminder that we’re coming up to Venus Retrograde from March 4 to April 15, 2017 — a time that typically pushes us to look back and past relationships and old interpersonal patterns.

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