As I mentioned in yesterday’s update, we’re coming up to a prickly stretch of astrology as Mars in Aries makes aspects to Pluto and Uranus. Today’s Scorpio Moon is activating this energy and it may be manifesting as emotional outbursts and flashes of rage.

Here’s what you need to know. The planets Uranus and Pluto are symbolic agents of evolution and consciousness. They signal that it’s time — a process that can feel fated or beyond our control — to transform how we express the energy of an inner, personal planet. In this case, we’re transforming how we do Mars — how we take action, how we express our anger, how we defend ourselves, how we move forward.

Mars will make what’s called an opening square to Pluto on February 22. Pay attention to what’s coming up for you around Mars and how you do Mars. Are you feeling under attack? Are you lashing out? Are other people doing this to you? Are you taking your anger out on others? Pluto is triggering us so that we can better see what’s in our unconscious so we can heal and transform it. That’s Pluto’s job.  It roots out the buried emotions.

Later in February, around the time of the solar eclipse on February 26, Mars will make a conjunction to Uranus, an aspect that is designed to shake us, get us to awaken to a new reality, consciousness, or paradigm. That’s Uranus’s job. It helps us separate from the past or old structures. Note that this will make for an intense energetic wave.

That said, I’m giving you all the heads up so you can prioritize self care and use this energy positively. Mars plus Pluto and Uranus can be a powerful catalyst for personal growth and release … or it can be chaotic. Reflect on how you can be doing Mars different. Meditate on your relationship with anger. Do you suppress it? Use it as a weapon? Note that Mars is a very physical planet — especially in Aries — and people with Mars and Pluto need a lot of physical exercise (you see it in the charts of professional athletes). You may find that going to the gym or taking a long walk is the best medicine for your Mars.

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