The Moon is in Scorpio today! With Mars in Aries, we may feel like we want to take action, start fresh. After all, Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, one that speaks to new beginnings. But we may be hitting on a deeply sensitive point as a result.

Here’s the thing. Scorpio likes to keep things close to the vest. It’s a sign — especially when the Moon is in Scorpio — that tends to waver between being overly guarded and wanting a deep level of emotional connection and trust. Additionally, Scorpio is a sign that teaches us about life’s messier experiences — pain, death, anything tucked into the dark corners of our psyche. The Moon in Scorpio says that this is the time in the month when we have to nourish ourselves with the people and situations that make us feel truly aware of ourselves.

Mars, the ruler of Scorpio, is over in Aries at the moment. So whatever themes of trust and intimacy that bubble up today will point over to Aries as well, a sign that can be a little rash, confrontational, or lacking diplomatic finesse. This is great energy to work out your fears with a therapist or trusted confidant. But it may be a little messy out in real life with strangers. Just be conscientious about what comes up for you today and use Scorpio’s powers of transmutation to change it into something new.

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