Happy love day. With Venus in Pisces, may our hearts be open to the shimmering, redemptive force of love in all its forms. Pisces teaches us that miracles can happen. But Saturn is in realer-than-real Capricorn; we can’t sidestep reality. Find the balance.

Speaking of Saturn, there’s a lot going on with the planet of rules and responsibility in the advent of tomorrow’s solar eclipse. Life may feel intense as a result. However there’s an interesting story going on between Venus and Mars, two relationship planets. There’s squaring off, which heats up passion and romance. But tangled up in this love story is Neptune, the planet of divine love.

Mars in Sagittarius likes to believe it has all the answers. It can be cocky and opinionated at times. But Venus and Neptune in Pisces invites us to open up to the bigger picture of love — a love that goes beyond the pain and suffering of the past, a love that returns us to something greater. Mars can’t fight Neptune, a force much greater than itself. Perhaps to find true love, even if it’s true love of ourselves, we have to let go of something deep within that has been choking us off from something higher. Neptune is like the ocean; it’s will eventually smooth over any resistance.

Oh and mea culpa. Yesterday I said in yesterday’s update that the solar eclipse was today. In fact it’s tomorrow, Thursday. Keeping with the Aquarian nature of the solar eclipse, I got ahead and found myself in the future. The eclipse will be exact on February 15 at 4:07 pm EST, 27 degrees Aquarius. More on that tomorrow. In the meantime, you can check out my sign-by-sign sneak peak at what this eclipse will mean for you.

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