Leaving behind the intellectual and cool detachment of Aquarius, the Moon moves into Pisces. We’re overly sensitive and intuitive as a result, perhaps even flooded with feelings. Just days out from the full moon, emotional energy is still running high — uncomfortably so.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. It helps us to explore an energy that transcends the physical world. Pisces is mystical, spiritual. As the last water sign, it’s the collective emotions of all of humanity. And when the Moon is in Pisces, are feelings are more than our own. They touch on the universal.

There was a fair bit of emotional heft in the lunar eclipse on August 7. Opposing Mars, it hit a nerve. Now that we’ve drifted into Pisces that nerve may still feel raw. It demands attention and healing. Pisces can either anesthetize through avoidance or face head on with love and compassion.

Since Pisces is a quiet sign, try to find time for reflection and meditation today. Use your intuition to connect to your universal wisdom, your guides in spirit, and your ancestors. We’re in eclipse season and much is changing. The veil is thin. Time to find the truth within.

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Photo by Orlova Maria on Unsplash