Today marks the annual line up between the Sun and Uranus, a time when the energy of creation fuses with the energy of genius and insights. It’s a lightbulb moment, one seeded with revelations and awakenings. We may be feeling an urge to break free.

The energy of Uranus, admittedly, can be a disrupter. It’s function in astrology is to shake the status quo and rattle our sense of reality. With the energy of Uranus pointing over to Mars in Taurus, which is then pointing back to Venus Retrograde, what’s getting rattled has a lot to do with value and the material world. Use this energy to see a new path toward stability and financial security. But, first, you’ll have to look the things, the people, or the situations that caused you to question your value and how much you’re worth.

Which brings us back to Venus Retrograde. The planet of relationship and money will end its retrograde on April 15, closing out 40 days reevaluation. As Venus does so, she’ll activate Chiron in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius. Maybe you’re feeling this already, a heavy energy, your old emotional baggage spilling out. Remember, Chiron connects the personal to the collective. Whatever personal pain we’re feeling is what we’re healing for humanity. Work on your knots this weekend — knots around self worth, relationships, suffering. Use Uranus to breakthrough or draw a boundary.

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