Today’s Pisces Moon is a reminder that Chiron is on the verge of leaving Pisces, a sign its occupied for the last seven years. During this time we’ve struggled with our pain, our wounds, our suffering. Do we still have faith that it will all work out?

Chiron is a subtle influence. It’s doesn’t have the obviousness of Mars, the tangibility of Saturn. As an astronomical object, it was only discovered in 1977 orbiting between Saturn and Uranus. And it’s important to note that when a planet or planetoid is found — for example, we’ve had many discoveries in the last 15-20 years — it represents a something new coming into humanity’s collective consciousness.

As an astrological object, Chiron has opened the humanity to this idea of the knot — the knot of suffering that pulls at the fabric of the collective. If life is a tapestry, there are places where the fabric is knotted, ripped, or sullied. It’s suffering and pain that causes the tapestry to be altered. But it’s Chiron that helps us see this, showing us the suffering and knots in our own tapestry so that we can help undo these knots in the tapestry of humanity. The personal is collective and it is in the collective that we find true healing.

Right now, Chiron is at the very last degree of Pisces. Not only is it at the end of the sign, but it’s at the end of the entire zodiac. Twenty-nine degrees Pisces represents the end of our journey through life. We’re in the liminal space between lives. We’re reviewing and feeling all our experiences throughout our time in physical and preparing for the journey home, back to source, to start a new cycle.

Like all signs, Pisces has a high expression and a low expression. It’s in low Pisces that we get caught in the illusions of our sufferings, the pettiness of our pain. We’re overwhelmed with our emotion as well as the emotions of others. We check out, numb, and anesthetize. We’re adrift in the sea of humanity. But in its highest its compassionate and loving on a level that invokes the saints and masters. It recognizes all humanity in its many forms and has the wisdom to accept people for who they are. It embodies the energy of forgiveness on a level rarely seen and transcended the self. It inspires us all to be better humans.

Now that Chiron is at the end of Pisces, I think we’re all struggling with this duality of Pisces on some level. When we’re born, we separate from the whole. And when we begin our very first life, we experience the first karma of separation, a deep pain that lingers throughout our many lives. As much courage as it takes to come back to this physical plane, it takes even more courage to return to Source.

Chiron in Pisces, as you can imagine, has tallied our many grievances against God/Source/Spirit/the Universe during our many lives. We can either take this existential pain with us into the next cycle where it will become manifested rage with Chiron in Aries, our we can call on the waters of Pisces to wash it all away. The French have this beautiful word for mercy called la miséricorde — literally the cord or rope that lifts us up out of our misery. Reach for the rope and let it lift you into the higher expression of Pisces.

Chiron will arrive in Aries on April 17. The coming days will potentially decide the next cycle for us. Again, our personal pain is a collective pain. Healing — that beautiful Piscean level of healing — comes when we’re ready to step out of our personal pain and recognize that we are part of a larger fabric of experience. When we undo our personal knots, we undo knots for all of humanity in that great tapestry.

Chiron is the key that unlocks the next level.

(Note — Chiron first arrived in Pisces on April 20, 2010, retrograded out on July 20, 2010, and returned on February 8, 2011. While Chiron will arrive in Aries on April 17, 2018, it will dip back into Pisces from September 26, 2018 to February 18, 2019.)

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