Not only is September Virgo season, a time when we’re inspired to get organized, get healthy, and tend to the practical details of everyday life, but this September is chock filled with major celestial events. Let’s take a look.

First and foremost, we’re diving headlong into eclipses this month. Starting off with a solar eclipse on September 1, we’re getting a serious new beginning in all things Virgo — work, service, purity, commitment. With a tight square to Saturn, the solar eclipse means that each and everyone of us will have to get down to business over the next six months. It’s a sobering eclipse, one that touches on the same degree of the Mars/Saturn conjunction of August 24. In short, if there is a mess in our life, we have to clean it up. Even if it’s a philosophical mess — a mess created by our inability to see truth or reality. Maybe this is the month we get sober, literally and figuratively.

Mercury is retrograde for most of this month, too. As the ruler of Virgo, this means that most of our service and organization work in September will touch on the past. What do we need to go back to? What do we need to perfect? Get right?

Then, on September 9, Jupiter enters Libra after a year long visit of Virgo. Honestly, Jupiter wasn’t the happiest of campers in Virgo. And, if Jupiter is the sign of growth and opportunity, then we expanded through the mundane of Virgo. The only way forward was through diligence and exhaustive work. But in Libra, Jupiter gets a fresh start, a new season, and will show us opportunity through beauty, charm, harmony, and relationships.

When the lunar eclipse arrives on September 16, we’ll be feeling this new season even more. Even as the the Pisces Full Moon stirs up themes of letting go, release, loss, compassion, and forgiveness, Jupiters recent arrival in Libra will mean that any ending will point to a major beginning. We’ll be inspired to look toward new horizons, to work to find balance, and harmony in our lives. Time to let go of anything that does not serve these themes. Pluto direct on September 26 will drive this point home even further.

DATES TO NOTE: 9/1 New Moon 9 Virgo (solar eclipse), Sun square Saturn; 9/2 Mercury conjunct Jupiter, Sun opposite Neptune; 9/7 Sun trine Pluto; 9/9 Jupiter enters Libra; 9/10 Mercury opposite Chiron, Saturn square Neptune; 9/11 Venus square Pluto; 9/12 Mercury square Mars, Sun conjunct Mercury; 9/13 Sun square Mars; 9/15 Mars square Chiron, Sun opposite Chiron; 9/16 Full Moon 24 Pisces (lunar eclipse); 9/17 Mars trine Uranus; 9/18 Venus opposite Uranus; 9/19 Venus sextile Mars; 9/20 Mercury opposite Pluto; 9/22 Mercury Direct 14 Virgo, Sun enters Libra; 9/23 Mercury trine Pluto; Venus enters Scorpio; 9/26 Pluto Direct 14 Capricorn, Sun conjunct Jupiter; 9/27 Mars enters Capricorn, 9/30 New Moon 8 Libra.


Aries Glyph

Aries, there’s SO much going on in September. Let’s look at the big picture, okay? As last month came to a close, you had a major sit down with Saturn, the planet of maturity, responsibility, and getting your act together. You’re either stepping out of August with a sense of accomplishment or feeling like you have a lot to work on in order to achieve your goals. This is an opportunity, Aries. Saturn is laying out the path for you provided you come up with a plan and take your life to the next level. With Mars, your ruling planet rounding out August in the sign of Sagittarius, you may need specialized training and education to make your dreams a reality. You’re also working on your philosophy and defining what you believe in this month as well. That said, the solar eclipse on September 1 will open up a major chapter in work. You may be looking to make a change in the workplace or something about your daily life over the coming six months. The solar eclipse will also be a great time to make a big change in health, wellness, diet, and nutrition … as well as your philosophy on how you take care of your body. Then on September 9, Jupiter will arrive in Libra, your relationship sign, opening up a year long window of growth through partnership and connection. Sometimes Jupiter brings a major relationship, sometimes Jupiter inspires you to leave one, too. Either way, this influence will put a big emphasis on your connections with other people into 2017. With Saturn still over in Sagittarius, you may find yourself forging relationships or partnering with people with other cultures, religions, or countries. Additionally the influence of Jupiter and Saturn may mean that it’s important for you to learn how to see eye-to-eye with others, even if you don’t share the same beliefs. Then on September 16, a lunar eclipse will highlight the last part of your chart, signalling the end of the road, a time when you need to let go and tie up loose ends, especially with a relationship or connection. Looking ahead, when Mars arrives in Capricorn on September 27, you’ll be stepping up into the world and reaching towards your professional goals and ambitions into October. Want to learn more about how the astrology of September will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Beliefs, philosophy, higher education, specialized training, worldview, foreign travel, other cultures, religion, law, work, projects, colleagues, pets, health, wellness, diet, fitness, nutrition, organization, service, spirituality, dreams, intuition, letting go, recuperation, confinement, endings, relationships, partnerships, other people, cooperation, one-on-one connections.


Taurus Glyph

Ever since Jupiter arrived in Virgo last August, you’ve been stretching your wings, showing the world who you are, and expressing your talents. This may have been even been a creative year, a time when you started new projects with your name on it or worked hard to really push forward into the world. (If you’re a women, maybe you’re pregnant or had a baby recently — another type of creativity.) So, in many ways, September will be the month that you take the next step forward in the evolution of who you are and say goodbye to this area of your life you’ve seen a lot of growth in. On one hand, the solar eclipse on September 1 will state that the coming six months will continue to highlight themes of creativity, self expression, identity, and talent. Eclipses bring change! On the other hand, Jupiter’s arrival in Libra on September 9 will open up new opportunities in health, wellness, service, and work. Wherever Jupiter is, things naturally expand. Use its influence to make positive changes in your diet or how you take care of your body. Bring beauty to your everyday life. Use color and design to organize. In fact, for most of September, Venus, your ruling planet, will be in Libra, inspiring you to bring harmony and balance to your routine. The lunar eclipse on September 16 will shine a light on friendships as well as your community. Do you have pain around connection? Belonging? Being a part of humanity? Finding your tribe? The full moon may strike a deep emotional chord, one that invites you to put your pain to practical work around service, organization, and even tending to the physical needs of others. A showdown with Uranus on September 18 may push you to make a radical change or break. Something has to be let go of this month — old emotions, unconscious fears, any pain or sorrow that no longer serves your path. Use September to release it while opening up to a whole new way of thinking, especially when Pluto turns direct on September 26. Want to learn more about how the astrology of September will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Self expression, identity, creativity, talent, children, projects, craft, work, service, daily routine, health, wellness, diet, nutrition, healing, worldview, beliefs, humanity, the collective, belonging, community, friends, collective pain, collective suffering, old wounds, the future, breakthrough, transformation.


Gemini Glyph

Gemini, Gemini, Gemini. So much is happening! Maybe you even feel like you’re staring down the barrel of some major changes. And how could you not. Between a powerhouse alignment of Mars and Saturn pushing buttons in your relationships along PLUS two eclipses this month, you’re at a crossroads. Which way will you go? Let’s not forget that Mercury, your ruling planet, will be retrograde for most of the month, so it may take you until after September 22 to see where you’re headed. That said, the month opens up with a solar eclipse, which will open up a major new chapter in home, family, as well as your connection to this world. Over the next six months, you may make a major change in the home, make a move, welcome a new addition to the household, or seek to plant yourself someplace new — literally, metaphorically. This move or change in the household may involve a partner, too. Then on September 9, Jupiter, your relationship planet, will change signs, trading Libra for Virgo. Translation? You may see a change in relationship this month, a new season in connection, a month that brings a need for harmony, equity, and balance in all your interpersonal relationships. If you’re single, this may be the month that you make a big move to connect with new lovers and potential mates. If you are in a committed relationship, this month’s the time to take things to the next level or turn the page in an ongoing story. Then on September 16, the lunar eclipse will light of your career. Something will have to change. How can you be true to what you believe in? How can you professional ambitions be in alignment with your heart. How can you make a difference in the world? Like I said, Gemini, September is a big month. Time to figure a lot of things out. Once Mercury turns direct on September 22, of course. Want to learn more about how the astrology of September will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Relationships, partnerships, other people, connection, home, family, roots, memories, emotions, emotional pain, security, safety, stability, career, professional ambitions, the world, reputation, success, status, the self, self expression, identity, creativity, talent, children.


Cancer Glyph

Get ready for a busy month, Cancer! True, this time of years is when all of us need to get back to work, organize, and tend to the details of life, but this month kicks it up a notch for you with a long list of things to do, people to get in contact with, and appointments to run. The solar eclipse on September 1 will open up a new chapter in communication, travel, and learning. Over the coming six months you may be signing up for classes, hitting the books, or writing your own. It will also be a time when you’re exploring the town you live in as well as taking short trips back and forth. But with Mercury Retrograde, there may be distinct themes of tying up loose ends, traveling back to places you’ve already been, or relearning something in the coming months. That said, there’s no place like home, Cancer, and when Jupiter switches signs on September 9, you’ll be entering a year period of growth in the home and family. By this time next year you may have moved, expanded the home, redecorated, welcomed a new family member, or planted roots. The part of your chart that Jupiter will be residing into 2017 is one of the most sensitive, intimate parts of your chart, a space reserved for those you trust as well as your inner circle. After the upheavals of the last few years, you need this time to get back to what sustains and nourishes you. Like water for a plant, Jupiter will help you feed your connection to this life. In the meantime, the lunar eclipse on September 16 will light up foreign travel, higher education, and faith. What do you believe in? What is your truth? What are you willing to let go of as not your truth anymore? Then, on September 27, Mars will enter Capricorn, heating up your relationships for the next six weeks. More on that in next month’s forecast. Want to learn more about how the astrology of September will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Information, communication, voice, thinking, learning, trips, commute, travel, transportation, siblings, foreign travel, higher education, law, belief, faith, truth, meaning, worldview, existential pain, home, family, roots, stability, security.


Leo Glyph

Virgo season is the time when you need to get down to serious business, Leo. After all the fun and glamour of your birthday, Virgo will get you back to basics. Therefore this month you’ll be looking at what you value, the things you own, and how to create more material stability in your life. The solar eclipse on September 1 will activate these themes in a couple of ways. One, you may decide to make a major change in how you make your money or earn a living. Two, the eclipse may open up a six month chapter when you’re really focused on creating more material wealth in your life. Maybe you’re asking for a raise or looking to increase your income in other ways. That said, on September 9, Jupiter will arrive in your chart’s sector of communication and learning. For the next twelve months, thinking, speaking, and writing will be an area where you’ll see growth and opportunity. If you’re a writer, you may start a manuscript. If you’re a speaker, the rest of this year and into next will be a busy time. Jupiter will also bring in more travel, especially trips that take you around town and to places not too far from home. Looking ahead to September 16, the lunar eclipse will bring matters to a head in finance as well as forcing you to release fears around security, intimacy, and vulnerability. In particular, the eclipse may bring up old emotional wounds — wounds that touch on hidden shame, loss, death, trauma, and a need for psychological healing. And with Jupiter freshly in a new sign, this may be the month that you start talking about your fears, discussing your shame, especially with a trusted confidant who can help you navigate the rocky emotional pain. Or, it may be cathartic enough to write out your feelings, exposing your vulnerability through the word. By the end of the month, Mars will say goodbye to Sagittarius — and the extra long burst of creativity it brought you — and heat up Capricorn. Translation? You’ll be starting October by getting seriously to work! Want to learn more about how the astrology of September will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Stability, security, material resources, money, value, income, finance, wealth, assets, benefits, inheritances, legacies, debt, fears, shame, emotional vulnerability, sexuality, intimacy, privacy, trust, transformation, letting go, communication, speaking, writing, learning, travel, transportation, trips, commute.


Virgo Glyph

Happy birthday, Virgo! This coming year will come with a big serving of change. Yes, I said it. How could it not? With a solar eclipse landing on September 1 and other big planets knocking around the four corners of your life, you’re at a major crossroads. There are times in life when we all stare into the horizon and contemplate our big leap. This is yours. So, let’s break things down. As I mentioned, the month opens with a solar eclipse in Virgo. If you are born on or around September 1 (plus or minus four days), the year ahead will be a turning point. Eclipses are imperatives. They strike the hour of our lives, heralding a shift as well as the onward march of time. There’s an element of surrender in this eclipse, a dam break in a long simmering existential crisis. Who are you? Who are the people in your life? What is everything built on? What needs to change? How are you getting in the way? What does your heart want? Yes, you want everything to be perfect, organized. But sometimes life has other ideas, sometimes it demands more from you. Time to go with the flow, Virgo. The lunar eclipse on September 16, highlighting this theme even more, will bring relationships to the forefront this month. Is it time to let go of a connection, a partnership, a marriage? Or is it time for a new chapter, one with more balance, compassion? In the space between the eclipses, Jupiter will arrive in your chart’s house of money, income, and value. The coming twelve months may bring opportunities and growth in money and the resources you have at your disposal. So, yes, a bit of a big month ahead for you, Virgo. Don’t forget to seize the day, but be open to a whole new path ahead. Want to learn more about how the astrology of September will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: The self, new beginnings, letting go, surrender, crossroads, foundation, roots, family, home, emotional security, emotional needs, sustenance, inner circle, relationships, partnership, connection, service, compassion, spirituality, spiritual pain, separation, fate, karma, stability, security, value, money, salary, income, resources, material world.


Libra Glyph

You’re straddling two worlds this month. On one hand, with Venus, your ruling planet, in Libra for most of September, you’re feeling more yourself. Venus is all charm, style, and attraction, so the spotlight will definitely be on you. Further, Jupiter will arrive in Libra on September 9 for a year long stay, another lucky boost. (Jupiter has a reputation for bestowing generosity and confidence.) If you need to get out there and push your agenda, Jupiter will definitely help into 2017. As an aside, Jupiter also makes appetites bigger, so careful with the sweet tooth and other vices as well. But as much as you’re moving forward this month, Virgo season is a time to let go, release the past, and reflect on the year so far. The solar eclipse on September 1 will push you even deeper into yourself. Falling in the last part of your chart, you’ll be entering a six month period of inner work as well as taking practical steps to ground your spiritual life into the everyday world. The eclipse is a call to service, a realization that there are many forces outside of your control. How will you surrender? Strengthen your intuition? Your voice? Make changes in your habits or daily rituals? The days leading up to the lunar eclipse on September 16 will show you where you need to make changes as well as break from the past. Yes, time for another round of profound evolutionary changes, another wave in an ongoing story that’s been unfolding over the last six to seven years. Something has to change, Libra. And, as much as you have a tendency to try to make peace and hold on to connections, the lunar eclipse will reveal that it’s time to focus on your needs and set out on your own. Want to learn more about how the astrology of September will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: The self, expansion, confidence, generosity, personality, largess, attraction, beauty, charm, the voice, the mind, learning, speaking, thinking, communication, new beginnings, endings, loss, surrender, the unconscious, spirituality, reflection, retreat, truth, meaning, habits, rehab, confinement, withdraw, diet, nutrition, health, wellness, purity, mind, body, soul.


Scorpio Glyph

After August’s major check in with Saturn, you’re starting September a little older, wiser. Something has shifted in you and now you’re either committed to the path ahead or making a much needed adjustment. Mars, your ruling planet, has been in Sagittarius for quite some time and, as a result, you’ve been digging deep into themes around value, security, stability, money, and the material world. But the other area of focus this month is your social networks. Sometimes Scorpio is quite happy to be the loner, but the astrology of the last year or so has highlighted the importance of connection. In fact, the solar eclipse on September 1 will open a six month chapter where you may see changes or new beginnings in friendships, your community, and your vision for yourself in the world. This part of your chart also highlights themes around humanity. For the next six months, it’s all about service to the collective as well as giving back. Similarly, you may find yourself doing work or organizing in your community. Once Jupiter changes signs in September 9, you’ll be entering a year long period that will pull you inward. If Jupiter is the planet of growth and opportunity, then then next year will open you open to deeper questions of faith, reflection, dreams, and spirituality. As a Scorpio, you’re a deeply intuitive sign. Jupiter will expand your connection to the divine even more into 2017. Then, on September 16, the lunar eclipse will highlight talent, creativity, and identity. With Chiron tied up with the eclipse, you may have to face old pain around expressing who you are. Where have you been holding back? What part of yourself do you need to let go of, one that was never really part of you in the first place? By September 27, Mars will enter Capricorn, and the pace of life will pick up. Think travel, communication, appointments around town, and information — all themes that you’ll be experiencing into October. Want to learn more about how the astrology of September will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Value, stability, safety, security, money, income, salary, material world, stuff, social networks, community, friends, collective, humanity, social causes, service work, organization, the future, connection, inner work, spirituality, retreat, dreams, meditation, mysticsm, faith, meaning, divinity, intuition, creativity, talents, performance, self expression, identity, children, romance.


Sagittarius Glyph

Big things afoot this month, Sag! And it’s hard to decide what is bigger news — the two eclipses or Jupiter, your ruling planet, changing signs. So, let’s start with Jupiter! After twelve months in Virgo, your sign of career, ambition, and responsibility, Jupiter will arrive in Libra on September 9. It’s quite possible that the last year has been exhausting, especially with Saturn in Sagittarius putting the pressure on you as well. Maybe you reached farther into the world than ever before, took a step up in your profession, or made a name for yourself. But with Jupiter in Libra until October 2017, you’ll be exploring friendships, community, connection, and social causes — a big difference from the previous year. Libra is also the sign of beauty, harmony, and social graces. As a result, you may feel a need this month to bring balance to your everyday life, be more polite, or seek out design and aesthetic. That said, the other big news are the eclipses. Arriving on September 1, the solar eclipse will activate your career or public standing, an area that has already seen change over the last year. Between Saturn and Neptune, there’s an element of being caught up in forces much bigger than you. The tide of your life is shifting, Sagittarius, and as much as you’d like to steer the ship, the ship will be steering you. Maybe where you’re headed is much better than you could ever imagine. Or, maybe it’s where you need to be after all. Then on September 16 a lunar eclipse will turn your attention toward home and family, activating a very old pain. Do you feel loved and supported by this world? Nourished? What wounds do you still carry? What old memories? The lunar eclipse will help you let them go so that you can embark on a new future or new season in your life. Want to learn more about how the astrology of September will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Change, crossroads, decision, pivot, new season, community, friendships, connection, humanity, the collective, the future, social causes, justice, freedom, relationships, partnership, ideas, intellect, beauty, harmony, balance, aesthetic, design, career, reputation, the public, the world, direction, ambition, title, achievement, home, family, roots, emotional connection, security, foundation, stability, emotional pain, emotional wounds.


Capricorn Glyph

With the past year steeped in themes of faith, truth, and the search for meaning, this month will mark a new chapter. On September 9, Jupiter will switch signs and you may feel as though the direction of your life is turning as well. If anything, you’ve been immersed in education, books, philosophy, and religion — all in a quest to understand yourself better. You may even be preparing for a graduation, both literal and metaphoric. So, when Jupiter trades Virgo for Libra, you’ll be stepping into a phase that will call on you to take all that you’ve learned and apply it to your career, your place in the world. Yes, you’ve been through hell over the last seven years. Surely you have a few things to teach others by now. Additionally Jupiter will help you step out professionally and publicly after a being in retreat mode since last year. That said, the other marquee events for this month include two eclipses. And if eclipses speak to change and big life events, then the solar eclipse on September 1 will speak to a change in how you see the world. As mentioned previously, this has been a time in your life deeply embedded in truth and meaning. Not only have you had to see yourself differently, but you’ve had to seek out new explanations of the world, the cosmos. The solar eclipse could bring a change in education, philosophy, or belief — even legal status. Then on September 16, the lunar eclipse will point to the knots and wounds you carry around how you think, learn, and communicate. Do you struggle to be heard? Is there a block in how you speak? How do you use your voice? The lunar eclipse will help you to release the old and enter a new chapter. Couple that with Pluto turning direct on September 26, September will bring another push to completely transform. Lastly, Mars will arrive in Capricorn on September 27 after an extended period that may have left you low energy or behind the scenes. Expect to be more energized in October. Want to learn more about how the astrology of September will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Truth, meaning, faith, philosophy, relgion, world view, foreign cultures, other worlds, long distance travel, journeys, higher education, specialized study, law, spirituality, private, dreams, inner world, release, retreat, shedding, endings, new season, career, reputation, ambition, the public, travel, movement, learning, communication, thinking, voice.


Aquarius GlyphLately you’ve been working deep on themes of connection, Aquarius. As in, who’s your tribe? Your community? Your comrades? True, Aquarius is a sign that’s automatically plugged into the level of the collective, but sometimes you can feel isolated, alone. Last month’s line up with Mars and Saturn started you on a two year journey of making new friends and inroads in your community. So, as September opens, you’re keenly aware of the relationships you need to forge as well as those you need to let go. The solar eclipse on September 1 will turn the narrative towards some of the more sensitive and intimate subjects of your life. If solar eclipses strike a new hour, then over the coming months you’ll be looking deeply within, facing your fears, opening up emotionally, and working on your shadow. Finance may also be a big theme as well, from mortgages and loans to debt, taxes, estates, and legacies. You’ve had help in this area over the last year courtesy of Jupiter. Maybe you’ve received a windfall, an inheritance, or benefit. On September 9, Jupiter will change signs and bring its penchant for growth and good fortune to Libra, your sign of foreign travel, higher education, philosophy, religion, and law. You may see a change in how you make your money or you may see an increase in funds from abroad. Don’t be surprised if you’re booking more flights to far away lands well into next year! In other news, the lunar eclipse on September 16 will bring financial matters to a head once again. What do you value? What do you spend your money on? Do you need to make a change? The lunar eclipse will show you that it’s time to confront old knots or wounds around material security and stability, especially limiting views and beliefs. Want to learn more about how the astrology of September will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Friendships, community, groups, connection, social networks, humanity, the collective, beliefs, worldview, philosophy, religion, higher education, law, foreign travel, long distance journeys, finance, wealth, debt, taxes, loans, mortgages, other people’s money, intimacy, fears, sexuality, vulnerability, value, material worth, money, security, stability.


Pisces Glyph

September is a BIG DEAL. Why? Not only is your ruling planet, Jupiter, changing signs, signalling a new chapter, but two eclipses will move the wheels of your life this month. Take a moment to catch your breath. First, let’s talk Jupiter. As your ruler, wherever it goes, whatever planet it makes contact with, speaks directly back you to and how you express yourself. Jupiter has been in Virgo since last year, a sign that — let’s be honest — is not your favorite place to be. Only because Virgo’s a sign that is as far as you can travel from yourself. But Jupiter in Virgo forced you to ground, get real about the practical details of life, and get organized. It also brought relationship to the forefront of your life. Maybe you started a major relationship over the last twelve months or maybe you ended one. On September 9, Jupiter will finally say goodbye to Virgo and hello to Libra. For the next year, until October 2017, you’ll be exploring life through the sign of beauty, harmony, balance, cooperation, style, and charm. This part of your chart will also help you dive into your psyche to examine or confront your fears and dig through themes of intimacy and vulnerability. Additionally, this part of your part speaks to the sort of things you only share with those closest to you. How will you take the relationships you forged in the last year to the next level emotionally? But we can’t forget the eclipses this month and the solar eclipse on September 1 will again put the focus on relationships. Over the next six months — the duration of the eclipse cycle — you may start a major relationship, get married, forge a union, move in with a partner, buy a home with a mate, or leave a relationship that has run its course. Eclipses bring new beginnings as well as endings and in September your whole sense of who you are in connection to other people will make major shift. The lunar eclipse in Pisces on September 16 will put the spotlight on you. Something may be ending or you may have to confront any emotional pain or knot in your soul that has been preventing you from making a deeper connection with a mate or a partner. Don’t be surprised if you feel emotional around the middle of September. Time to let it all go. Want to learn more about how the astrology of September will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: You, the self, other people, relationships, mates, partners, life changes, crossroads, milestones, next steps, responsibilities, emotional commitment, connection, roots, grounding, emotional intimacy, sharing, secrets, vulnerability, the psyche, fears, power, control, money, resources, finance, wealth, inheritances, legacies, benefits, style, charm, grace, negotiation, beauty, sexuality, seduction.