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Astro Daily: April 12, 2017

We had a powerful Libra Full Moon yesterday, one that put all of our relationships under a glaring spotlight. Did we like what we saw? If relationships are mirrors, where do we need to make a profound shift within ourselves?

Full Moon in Libra: Worth

Full Moon in Libra: Worth

Happy Libra Full Moon! This is the time of the year when we shine a spotlight on relationships. And not just romantic ones, but anyone we connect, socialize, and find common ground with. Libra is partnership and consensus … just as much as it’s beauty and harmony.

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Astro Daily: April 10, 2017

Between Mercury Retrograde, a powerful Libra full moon, and Venus Direct, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover this week. Major themes will include relationships, value, and communication. Be on your A Game because life will pull in different directions.

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Astro Daily: April 7, 2017

Coming on the heels of yesterday’s Saturn station, the Sun and Jupiter oppose each other today. Whatever our ambitions are, whatever we’re trying to build, we’re either seeing the fruits of our labor or the limits of how far we can take things.

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Astro Daily: April 6, 2017

As a mentioned a couple of days ago, the marquee event this week is Saturn Retrograde. Maybe you’re feeling it, this weight, this sobering look at your life and the road ahead. Saturn is the planet of time. We’ve got some serious things to figure out.

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Astro Daily: April 5, 2017

Mars in Taurus picks up support from Pluto today, a powerhouse combination that favors rank and the accumulation of wealth. Figure out what you need to take your life to the next level. Mars and Pluto will open a door.

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Astro Daily: April 4, 2017

One of the features of April’s astrology is that four planets will change directions. Venus will turn direct while Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto turn retrograde. In short, different areas of our lives will switch gears in a four week span of time.

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Astro Daily: April 3, 2017

Venus, coming to the last leg of its retrograde journey, dipped into Pisces, a sign that it’s much more comfortable in than Aries. In Pisces, Venus marries charm and with Pisces’s sensitivity and magnetism. But Venus is retrograde. Everything has to be revalued.

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April 2017 Horoscopes

Welcome to Aries Season! As the first sign of the zodiac, we’re celebrating another astrological year. It’s a time of new beginnings as Aries inspires us to take action in our lives. But Venus is retrograde. In order to move forward we have to revisit the past.

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Astro Daily: March 31, 2017

After a short sprint through Aries, Mercury, the planet of communication and travel, arrives in Taurus today, a sign where it learns to slow down. Taurus is earthy, experiential. It likes to touch, taste, and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. In Taurus Mercury gathers.

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Astro Daily: March 30, 2017

Jupiter and Pluto square off today, one of three contacts that began in November and will end in August. If Jupiter is the planet of faith, belief, education, and other cultures, then Pluto holds a mirror. In it we see the shadow of our faith, our belief.