Note — I received this transmission back in April 2015 as part of a channeled series on each of the signs. Each transmission is meant to be read in order, but at present I am releasing them individually. What these transmissions are meant to achieve is to give people new consciousness around each of the signs and planets as well as reveal astrology through an esoteric lens.

In Scorpio we meet The Passage, a time when we confront the karma of our choices, which were weighed in Libra. Like the heart balancing on the scales in ancient Egyptian mythology, we discover which side our actions have served — matter or spirit. But our fate is not sealed in Scorpio for it is the sign of karmic transmutation, profound healing, and release from bonds of fear.

If you were born with your Sun in Scorpio, you have within you the totality of heaven and earth. You are the eighth sign of the zodiac and the number eight incarnated, able to deeply understand the forces of light and dark not only at work in the world but at work within. The Sun in Scorpio coincides with a time of decay in the natural world. The harvest is long passed, the leaves have turned, and there is a chill in the air. The natural world is in flux and world slides towards increasing darkness. In its highest consciousness Scorpio has mastered the choices of Gemini, has walked the path of light and dark, and and chooses harmony over destruction. Scorpio is the master of alchemy. As you say in your world, with great power comes great responsibility.

Scorpio must know humility lest they be overrun with the temptations of power. And with that we must recognize when Scorpio is in its lowest form of consciousness — control, manipulation, destruction, fear. A Scorpio out of balance is one who uses his or her power for personal gain without consciousness of how their actions affect others. The heart must balance against the feather; there must be a lightness in the dark. Otherwise Scorpio will sink into the abyss.

To heal the Scorpio archetype, light and dark must be in perfect harmony, taking cues from the previous sign of Libra. Power must be a force of empowerment and not control over others. Lastly, Scorpio has within it it great powers of regeneration and transmutation. If there is any sign that can take the weight of their karma and transform it into the light it is Scorpio.