On April 4, 2011, Neptune quietly slipped into Pisces for the first time in a century and a half. I say quietly because Neptune’s ingress didn’t pack the punch of Pluto’s entry into Capricorn nor Uranus’s into Aries. No, gossamer Neptune transitioned into Pisces like a gentle breeze announcing a shift in the direction of the weather. You’d be forgiven for not noticing.

Don’t be fooled by Neptune’s hazy nature; this transit is a big deal not only because of the length of its 14-year trip through Pisces, but because no one alive has experienced Neptune in its home sign. The years 1847 through 1862, when Neptune was last in Pisces, correlated with photography becoming an everyday element of the then modern world, the rise of the temperance movement, wars in China over the opium trade, and the advent of spiritualism. These are all Neptunian concepts — an image snatched from the ether and fixed into form via a chemical process; the use or abstinence of alcohol and drugs; and a peering beyond the veil via mediums and seances.

So what can we expect during this transit? Well, one of the main concepts behind Neptune is a dissolving of boundaries. When Neptune was in Aquarius, we saw a dissolving of boundaries between individuals in the collective via the likes of Facebook and other social media. Now with Neptune in Pisces we can expect a dissolving of boundaries between individuals and spirit. I believe, especially as more and more people are experiencing awakenings, that psychic phenomena will become less fringe. Humanity will realize that it is not alone and will seek to communicate with others in non-traditional ways or communicate with spirits, guides, angels, animals, and plants. Neptune also rules compassion and we will be learning lessons over this period on what it truly means to open our hearts.

One can’t explore the high minded, rose colored glasses side of Neptune without acknowledging the deleterious reality of the “blue-green vapors” (to quote Marguerite Manning). Let’s be honest, Neptune rules drunks and illusions as much as it does pie-in-the-sky spiritual visions. Are we going to be singing Kumbaya into our cocktails for fourteen years? Maybe, just maybe. Think “double rainbow” as you pour yourself a drink.

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