Happy Full Moon in Gemini! And happy Lunar Eclipse!

First, the full moon is a time when the lunar energy is at its peak and its most visible. The Moon is the feminine half to the Sun’s masculine. And the full moon brings heightened emotions, resolutions, illuminations, and blossomings.

But what of lunar eclipses?

All eclipses, which come in pairs, are either super charged new or full moons. They shake things up, bring things to the surface. They are portals in time that are infamous for the change they bring, like one chapter swiftly ending and another beginning. When an eclipse makes an exact or near exact hit to a natal planet or angle, you can be assured that change is afoot. The nature of the change will be determined by what the natal planet rules. (Note that I use tight orbs for eclipses and natal planets and I’d pay close attention to personal planets — Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars — and angle rulers that are eclipsed.)

So what can we learn from this eclipse?

As full moons brings things to a head, there’s a lot of information flying about with this eclipse. The Moon is in Gemini, the sign of words, communication, and movement. The Sun is in Sagittarius, the sign that takes those words and forms beliefs, ideas, and philosophy. The Gemini/Sagittarius axis is about taking all that fancy book learning from school and applying it into something more cohesive and elevated. It’s information synthesized into wisdom. So off the bat this eclipse deals with information versus belief, curiosity versus dogma.

There’s A LOT going on with this eclipse chart. Everyone’s been invited to the party as evident by the staggering amount of planets making near or exact aspects. Mars conjunct Pluto? Venus conjunct Saturn? Lots of power flowing, especially with the Pluto/Mars mutual reception to Saturn. Mercury’s invitation to the party must have gotten lost in the mail during its retrograde because its stationary AND unaspected. When a planet is unaspected, it’s a wild card or, worse, an off note begging to be integrated. I’m thinking he’s more of a wild card and as he’s the dispositor of the Moon and Jupiter in Gemini, we would do well to pay attention to him. I think with Mercury stationing in Scorpio, there’s a strong chance of heretofore hidden material leaping from beyond the veil and into consciousness.

But apart from Mercury, most planets are at either 6 or 8 degrees. Uranus and Chiron are strong too at 4 and 5 degrees respectively. With so many planets in aspect to each other and tightly so, it feels like something is clicking into place with this eclipse. In fact, every time I sat down to write about this eclipse, the words that popped into my head were, “So here we are.” I keep getting this sense that we’ve been building something for a very long time and it’s like all the pieces of the machine are finally in place and we’re stepping back to get a good look at what we’ve built before switching the thing on. There’s a sense of anticipation too, but I’m not feeling anxiety. Just a calm sense of awareness that we’ve reached some sort of milestone with this eclipse.

Perhaps it’s those two yods in the eclipse chart. They are the two long isosceles triangles, one pointing to the Moon in Gemini and the other pointing to Saturn and Venus. The yod is also known by another name — the Finger of God aspect. For me, the yod has a deep sense of imperative attached to it. You Must Do This. But what? With the Moon at the apex, we must get our emotional house in order and confront the stuff we’ve been denying for too long as Gemini is a sign that tends to gloss over deeper meanings. With Saturn and Venus at the apex of the other yod, we must figure out what we really value when it comes to intimacy and shared resources.

Then there’s that mutable t-square with Chiron at the apex of the Sun/Moon opposition. This eclipse is going deep, asking the tough questions, and forcing us to confront a lot. Chiron in Pisces squaring this axis of curiosity versus dogma? This feels like God knocking on the door and gently saying, everything you believe is wrong. Time to let it all go, all the shame, all the hate, all the judgement, all the messed up thoughts that religion instilled in you. God isn’t some white guy with a long beard. He’s you. He’s me. He’s everything.

Let it all go and give it to the eclipse. Time to switch this machine on. There’s no going back.