This month’s winner for my online natal chart reading is for Sara, a Twitter follower in Australia who’s also celebrating her 29th birthday. Her natal data is June 12, 1981, 10:57 am, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. [Click here for larger chart] Congratulations and happy birthday, Sara!

When I look at people’s charts, I have the habit of skipping ahead and looking at the outer planets in transit. It automatically gives me a reference point to where they are in the drama of life. But knowing that someone is about to hit their 29th birthday, I don’t need to look further than the planet Saturn because he or she is on the threshold of a major life event.

For those who don’t know, the 29th birthday roughly corresponds with the Saturn Return, which gets its name from the time it takes the planet Saturn to make one orbit around the sun and return to the natal degree. In plain English, Saturn comes back in the same ol’ spot it was in the heavens when you were born — same zodiac sign and degree — and it’s a right of passage 30 years in the making. Astrologers view this time as the start of adulthood and major milestones happen around the 29th/30th birthday.

Sara’s Saturn is in the 2nd House in Libra (3 degrees) and she experienced her first pass of the Return on December 2, 2009 and again on February 27, 2010. Her third and final pass marking the conclusion of her Return will take place on August 22, 2010. These dates have and will correspond with themes of ending, maturation, and new beginnings. When Saturn is in Libra and in the 2nd house (not to mention her Venus-Saturn square for extra emphasis), Sara gets an extra dose of the Saturn/Venus lesson, which speaks of:

• Learning to feel safe with love
• Having to work hard at relationships
• Sacrificing ourselves to maintain harmony
• Being comfortable with friendships (Venus is in her 11th house)
• Wanting nothing more than the real deal in love
• Restrictions in relation to others
• Living our true values
• Learning to trust

Saturn asks, “What do you really value? The answer should be yourself.” It can be a stark question to even consider, but the 2nd house is all about the stuff that makes us comfortable and Saturn is like the sand in the oyster — a lot of consternation and irritation, but in the end we have a beautiful pearl. And who doesn’t love a pearl? Certainly not Venus.

With the Saturn Return pushing Sara towards a reassessment of what and whom she values and what she needs to survive, Uranus in Aries is going to be sparking her nodal axis with a trine to her north node. This means that in 2010, people and events will be entering her life that push her, often radically so, in the direction of her soul’s destiny. With her north node in early Leo in the 12th house, Sara is learning to let go, connect with something beyond the physical, such as spirituality, and express a natural creativity that she may be suppressing. A good mantra for Sara at this time will be, “It is safe for me to express my true self. It is safe for me to be creative.” Sara may have had past lives where she wasn’t allowed to fully express who she was or express her true beliefs as evidenced by Saturn conjunct Jupiter, the ruler of her 5th house and that Leo north node in the 12th. Not to mention Chiron in the 9th house squaring her Ascendant/Descendant, which speaks of learning to be a channel for healing energy.

The feeling I get repeatedly from Sara’s chart is a notion of threshold — threshold for maturity and threshold of a new life that is in the process of transforming and coming forward. The ruler of her 4th house is Jupiter and it’s at 0 degrees Libra, smack dab in the cross hairs of the Cardinal Climax. If Sara hasn’t moved already, it’s safe to say that she’s either planning a move or will make big changes in her home environment. Even her progressed chart shows that her progressed angles are in the final mutable degrees and will enter the cardinal signs in two years, illustrating that her 30s will be a time of dynamic new beginnings. She may be gearing up for a career shift too as the ruler of her 10th house is in the early degrees of Cancer. And with her progressed Midheaven about to enter Cancer, Sara will feel compelled to make nurturing an integral part of her career.

Finally it’s worth noting that Sara’s birthday corresponds with a new Moon in Gemini. This will be a powerful year to plant the seeds in her life. The energy of the new moon is all about intention and manifestation, ensuring that in the coming years her ideas and wishes will blossom.