Where are we? How did we get here? As we close out 2016, a year that feels like a crossroads, we may be feeling disoriented. Up is down, left is right.

Thankfully if there’s a zodiac sign to help us find ourselves it’s Sagittarius. And when the Sun is in Sag, as it is for much of December, we’re not only trying to make sense of things, but we’re out on the road, searching for truth. Ruled by the planet Jupiter, Sagittarius connects us with exploration, optimism, generosity, and the faith that, no matter what, there has to be something better beyond the horizon. (See ya later, 2016.)

Lately Sag has had the weight of the world on its shoulder courtesy of Saturn, the planet of responsibilities, boundaries, and buzzkilling seriousness. As the Sun and Saturn line up in Sagittarius on December 10, this will be the month that we have our annual check in with all things adult. Saturn, with its clipboard, will have a list of questions for to answer. How have you been setting goals and working towards them? How are you educating yourself? What are you an authority or expert in? And, after having your faith rocked and your vision of the world questioned, what do you still believe in?

It’s not just Saturn coming down hard. Just before the start of December we began a challenging lunar month that, once again, activated the energies of the lingering Uranus/Pluto square. So we’re working through this pivotal, non negotiable energy for most of December — energy that has marked our lives the past few years. Pluto wants us to face our fears. Uranus wants us to have a breakthrough.

If the ground is shifting and everything is saying it’s time to make a major change, what are you going to choose? What are you going to create? The Gemini Full Moon on December 13 says that sometimes you have to start over from scratch.

Mercury will turn retrograde on December 19, just in time for one of the busiest travel times of the year. You know the drill. Give your self extra time, be flexible, make sure there is a Plan B. Additionally, whatever decisions you make at the full moon may take until January 8 to sort themselves out — the day that Mercury will turn direct.

Lastly, Mars will move from Aquarius to Pisces on December 19, a sign that Mars isn’t super at home it. The planet of action and motivation instead has to learn to swim, flow, and let go. As we come up to the end of a difficult year, Mars will invite us to look deep into our souls and open our hearts. Pisces is the sign of the Universal, the thread that connects us all. Mars in Pisces is no longer at the I, it’s about the We, the Us, humanity. As we find our truth this month, make sure it is in consciousness of everyone on the planet, everyone who is also looking for truth in a chaotic world.

DATES TO NOTE: 12/1 Mars trine Jupiter; 12/2 Mercury enters Capricorn; 12/3 Mars sextile Saturn; 12/6 Mars sextile Uranus; 12/7 Venus enters Aquarius; 12/9 Sun sextile Jupiter; 12/10 Mercury sextile Neptune, Sun conjunct Saturn; 12/12 Sun square Chiron, Sun trine Uranus; 12/13 Full Moon 22 Gemini; 12/19 Mars enters Pisces; Mercury Retrograde 15 Capricorn; 12/21 Sun enters Capricorn; 12/24 Saturn trine Uranus; 12/25 Venus sextile Saturn; Venus sextile Uranus, Venus trine Jupiter; 12/26 Jupiter opposite Uranus, Mercury sextile Neptune; 12/27 Sun sextile Mars; 12/28 Mercury sextile Mars, Saturn square Chiron, Sun conjunct Mercury; 12/29 New Moon 7 Capricorn, Uranus Direct, 20 Aries; 12/30 Sun sextile Neptune.


Aries Glyph

When you look toward the future, what do you see, Aries? With Mars, your ruling planet, rounding out its time in Aquarius, you’ve been thinking big picture about your life, about humanity, society, and the role you want to play in it. As a result, you’ve been motivated to get out there, make new connections, and spend time with like minded people. This has been an active time for you, but one also that touches on ideals, philosophy, and making a stand for what you believe in. Speaking of beliefs, the Sun’s journey through Sagittarius this month will highlight a major story that has been unfolding since September 2015. That’s the month that Saturn stepped into Sagittarius for a long term visit, a placement that has really forced you to get real about your education as well as your faith. Saturn is the planet of definition. It’s also the planet of maturity, milestones, and responsibility. A line up of the Sun and Saturn on December 10 will be a time to define what you believe in or make a commitment to a way of seeing the world. With Jupiter still tangled up with Pluto and Uranus, your decisions may shock, break from the past, or push you to make a major move in your life. This isn’t easy astrology. In fact, all month long, the astrology will be signalling that, yet again, something has to radically shift, something has to change. Uranus and Pluto, big players in the astrology this month, demand nothing less. Having said that, December will be a travel month for you, from long distance journeys to jaunts around in and around town. You may be meeting new people seeing how Sag Season will highlight Jupiter’s stay in Libra, your relationship sign. But, again, something has to shift, even in relationships. It can’t be business as usual. Lastly Mars will arrive in Pisces on December 19, pull you behind the scenes into January. Pisces is the sign that reminds you to rest, recuperate, meditate, and let go. Since Aries is used to pushing forward and taking the lead, Pisces can be a bit of an uncomfortable place for Mars. As you go into the new year, mediate on themes of compassion, surrender, and spiritual connection. You’ll be shedding baggage and preparing for the next journey to come. Want to learn more about how the astrology of December will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: The future, community, friendships, networking, social connection, groups, humanity, the collective, social justice, idealism, beliefs, philosophy, religion, ideology, worldview, education, publishing, media, foreign travel, local travel, transit, movement, communication, writing, speaking, learning, classes, workshops, siblings, the public, reputation, status, career, profession, the world, withdrawal, retreat, rest, recuperation, behind the scenes, tiredness, dreams, intuition, meditation, mysticism.


Taurus Glyph

Let’s talk big picture, little picture. On the little picture side of things, when Venus arrives in Aquarius on December 7, you’ll be traveling through the highest reaches of your chart. After all, Aquarius is your career sign, the sign that connects you to the world and pushes you up toward achievement, success, responsibility, and commitment. Even though it’s December, a time of year when work and worldly concerns are generally on the wane, it’s not a bad idea to put some effort toward your career goals and getting recognized, especially while you have Mars motivating you until December 19. On the big picture side, the Sun in Sagittarius will highlight a major chapter in your life that has been unfolding since September 2015. Namely, a profound look at your fears, your psyche, trust, safety, intimacy, sexuality, and anything that takes place behind closed doors. Taurus is a sign that doesn’t generally like to rock the boat. But Saturn, digging into your deepest emotional material, has been pushing you to do some psychic heavy lifting for over a year. When the Sun joins up with Saturn on December 10, it will be your annual check in with all the work you’ve done. What have you learned? What do you need to face? Where do you need to do more work? Let’s not forget that Sagittarius is one of your money signs and another angle to this Saturn chapter has been a serious look at how you manage and build your wealth. Do you have assets? Do you have a lot of debt to work through? Do you owe money for taxes? Saturn has been showing you what is sustainable and what is not sustainable. The Sun, like a spotlight in the dark, is forcing you to look at your bills and make changes where needed. All with a nod to Saturn. (Thanks, Saturn!) Plus, the full moon on December 13 will zero in on money further. With a heavy line up of planets, the full moon will push you to radically rethink how you value money, security, stability, and the material world. Finally, as previously mentioned, Mars will switch signs on December 19, pushing your attention toward your friends, your community, and your social networks. With Mars hanging out in altruistic Pisces into the new year, you may be especially motivated to give back to your community or those who are less fortunate. Want to learn more about how the astrology of December will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Career, status, reputation, recognition, success, the world, ambition, responsibility, money, income, salary, finance, wealth, debt, loans, benefits, other people’s money, fears, anxieties, the psyche, emotional material, trust, secrets, beliefs, your worldview, values, education, travel, journeys, quests, philosophy, religion, community, humanity, the collective, friends, groups, the future.


Gemini Glyph

Hold on tight, Gemini. December will be a big month, one that will touch on relationships, intimacy, the psyche, and your shadow. Plus, Mercury will be retrograde. Your favorite. Let’s start with relationships. Between the new moon that fell just before the start of the month and Saturn’s long term visit to Sagittarius, your relationship sign, this will be a major check in how how you’re doing partnership and interpersonal connections. The main thrust behind Saturn in Sag, for you at least, is taking the next step up in relationship — marriage, commitment, or even a serious assessment of what you want if you’re single. Saturn has a habit of showing you where things are out of balance, so if “other people” has been a sticking point in the past, Saturn will show you where you have work to do. A couple of things to keep in mind. One, this month will be a big check up on all the learning you’ve been doing about how to engage and find consensus with people — especially when the Sun and Saturn align on December 10. Do you need to take more responsibility? Do you need to let a relationship go? Do you need to recommit? Two, Jupiter, your relationship planet, is tangling with the heavy hitting influences of Pluto and Uranus this month. Whatever you decide about relationships, whatever conscious realizations you have, will have to be in the spirit of transformation and evolution. In short, something will have to shift in how you interact with people, which may mean facing your fears, your shadow, your issues around trust and intimacy. The Gemini Full Moon on December 13 will put you in the spotlight, but with Mercury getting close to Pluto, there may be some uncomfortable truths or anxieties to face — uncomfortable truths that may play out into Mercury Retrograde on December 19. On the same day, Mars will change signs and put the heat on your career sign, Pisces. Although December isn’t normally the best month to launch initiatives, you will be moving into a time later this month and into January when you’ll be extra motivated to reach out into the world, take on new responsibilities, and make professional gains. Just wait until after Mercury goes direct on January 8. Want to learn more about how the astrology of December will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Relationships, partnerships, one-on-one connections, other people, milestones, taking the next steps, finding balance, endings, responsibilities, commitments, getting older, identity, talents, self expression, romance, children, you, independence, leadership, moving forward, new beginnings, emotions, psyche, trust, intimacy, sexuality, facing fears, resources or money you share with a partner.


Cancer Glyph

What a year, right Cancer? As a water sign — the first water sign, too — you’re all about emotional security and connection. That’s why you’re the sign of home and family, nostalgia and feeling. But this year has continue to shake the things in your life you value and connect to the most. You may feel a little frazzled as you come to the end of 2016. That’s why this month it will be good to get some TLC. Sagittarius Season is the time in your personal calendar when the Sun shines on health, wellness, diet, and nutrition. In fact, with Saturn in Sagittarius — a long term influence — you will likely feel a big push this month to get your act in gear, especially in the run up to a conjunction of the Sun and Saturn on December 10. Saturn wants you to make a decision about how you take care of your body because time doesn’t stop marching on. So, if this is an area you’ve put on the back burner or have been thinking of making a change, December will be your month. It’s safe to say that you’re in some sort of extended New Year’s Resolution jam. Work hard. Get organized. Get disciplined. Eat healthy. Drink less. Quit smoking. Just make sure you look at the emotional underpinning or roots of any unhealthy behavior as well as any old beliefs around your body. If you need a time frame to do some emotional clearing this month, look toward the full moon on December 13. It will highlight a need to go within, to meditate, and intuit as well as recuperate and let go — especially old relationships and anything hanging on from the past. Speaking of relationships, the Sun’s arrival in Capricorn on December 21 will shine a light on your one-on-one connections into the new year. But this is an area of your life that will, once again, see more changes courtesy of Pluto and Uranus. If anything, evolution is an unstoppable force. Something has to transform in how you interact with people. The new moon on December 29, the same day as Uranus Direct, will set you off on a new direction, right in time for the new year. Want to learn more about how the astrology of December will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Foundation, home, family, connection, health, wellness, your body, diet, nutrition, daily life, schedules, organization, commitment, work, projects, values, letting go, endings, recuperation, rehabilitation, hospitals, physical healing, spiritual healing, reflection, retreat, existential questions, intuition, meditation, the past, unconscious memories, dreams, altered states, relationships, marriages, other people, partnerships.


Leo Glyph

Leo, this is the big test! Wait, what? It’s December. Shouldn’t you be going to parties? True, Sagittarius Season is normally a lovely time for you to kick back and relax, revel in what makes you happy, or be flirtatious, but this month isn’t business as usual. Ever since Saturn moved into this part of your personal calendar, back in September 2015, you’ve been on the hook to take your talents seriously. Yes, not every Leo was meant for the stage, but Leo is ruled by the Sun, the archetype of the Creator. You’re here to shine your light and inspire others in big ways and in small ways. So, what are you creating this month? How are you letting yourself be seen? Saturn will be putting the pressure on you, especially in the run up to the Sun/Saturn lineup on December 10, a day that may feel like a major check in on life. Something has to change, even if it means confronting your fears or being real about how you sometimes self sabotage yourself. Maybe you need to take a class to get things flowing or start writing things out. A tense full moon on December 13 will put the spotlight on friendships, social networks, and your community. You may have a decision to make about an alliance or how you connect with others. When the Sun shifts signs on December 21, you’ll the end the month by turning your attention toward health, wellness, and getting the details organized in your day-to-day life — perfect stuff to nail down a New Year’s Resolution or two. In fact, just before the start of the new year, a new moon plus a powerful Uranus station will push you to make a profound change in your everyday life. Time for a breakthrough in how you see the world as well as what you believe in. That said, how will you pass the test this month? Want to learn more about how the astrology of December will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Talent, creativity, self expression, identity, the ego, the self, play, children, leisure, commitment, milestones, seriousness, endings, beginnings, getting older, responsibilities, health, wellness, diet, fitness, nutrition, organization, daily life, schedule, projects, work, communication, speaking, writing, reading, learning, class, education, travel, movement, relationships, partnerships.


Virgo Glyph

Home is where the heart is, Virgo. And with the Sun shining a light on your roots this month, it’ll be time to get back to basics and focus on creating stability in your home and in your family. In fact, with Saturn as a long term houseguest in this intimate part of your chart, you’ll be doing a lot of hard work in December. Saturn, with its reputation for responsibility and marking time, will press you to take a big step, from a serious move or a family concern to defining what you need in order to feel grounded in life. Keep an eye on an alignment of the Sun and Saturn on December 10. It will highlight a moment in a story that has been unfolding since September 2015. Another facet to this time has been major look at value and material stability. With many different forces and narratives crossing, December will surely be a major turning point. The full moon on December 13 will highlight career, your place in the world, and the direction you are headed in life. Full moons are punctuation marks; they have a habit of forcing a decision. Where do you want to take your life? What is the next step? What do you want to be known for? With the energy of the full moon beaming over to Capricorn, you may hear news about a creative endeavor as well as gaining recognition for a talent. With December’s focus on family, the full moon may bring news about children as well. But if you hear news, keep in mind that Mercury will turn retrograde on December 19. It may take until January 8 to get the full story, the day that Mercury will turn direct. Lastly, another planet to keep an eye on is Mars. It will change signs on December 19 and heat up your relationships. Mars isn’t known for its tact so your interactions with other people or with a mate may be blustery. If there’s been a simmering interpersonal concern, Mars may make for an interesting last week or so of the year. As a result, you may have to confront something with a partner or close connection. Want to learn more about how the astrology of December will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Home, family, children, responsibilities, getting older, milestones, time, commitment, foundation, roots, connection, emotional security, material security, purchases, money, income, relationships, partnerships, career, status, reputation, the world, achievement, endings, beginnings, transformation, change.


Libra Glyph

How do you speak up, Libra? How are you heard? Do you feel confident in what you know? Or do you feel as though you’re pushing through blocks and insecurities? With Saturn playing a heavy role in the astrology, December will be a big check in with a story that has been unfolding since September 2015, a story that touches on communication and education. There’s been a serious push to define yourself and really open your voice, to dig into your talents and what shapes your identity. Your confidence may feel as though it’s been in short supply lately, but Saturn says that it has to be earned — earned through hard work, diligence, and commitment to seeing the process through. Saturn is like the mountain and this month will feel like a hard climb, especially in the run up to the Sun/Saturn conjunction on December 10. At the same time everything will feel as though it’s in flux. The dogged influence of Pluto and Uranus in the astrology in December will make for a bumpy ride, especially in the first week of the month. You’ll feel as though you’re at a crossroads yet again. The full moon on December 13 will put the spotlight on higher education as well as what you believe in and how you see the world. You may be making a decision about a long distance journey, too. Keep in mind that Mercury will turn retrograde on December 19, so make sure any travel plans made — or any plans made, period — are thoroughly considered, fine print read, options weighed. On the same day, Mars will change signs, putting the heat on work, health, and getting your stuff together. Not a bad way to end the month if you’re the sort that loves a good kick to start the New Year off right. Although Mars will be in Pisces into January, so make sure you reserve some time for meditation, reflection, and selfless service to others. Want to learn more about how the astrology of December will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Voice, communication, writing, speaking, learning, classes, education, siblings, travel, the neighborhood, short trips, transportation, self confidence, getting older, maturity, next steps, commitment, authority, work, projects, health, wellness, diet, nutrition, schedule, organization, daily life.


Scorpio Glyph

As a Scorpio, you’re a sign that’s tapped into themes around security — emotional security, financial security — as well as trust and sharing. Even though it’s not your birthday month anymore, December will touch on themes that are already quite familiar to you. First, with Mars in Aquarius down at the root of your chart, you may feel as though you’re being pulled behind the scenes. The base of your chart, where Aquarius is located, is your sign of home, family, the nest — the place where you feel grounded and secure. As a result, put time and effort into making your home what you need it to be this month, from purchases for the home to rearranging and organizing. Scorpios like to feel safe! Second, December will put a spotlight on money. In fact, you’ve been doing some heavy lifting in this arena since Saturn arrived in Sagittarius, your money sign, in September 2015. Take note — you’re half way through a time in your life where you’ve being pressed to reassess what you value and what you spend your money on. Need a raise? Show how you’ve earned it. Need more funds? Come up with a business plan. Need to get spending streamlined? Come up with a budget. Saturn is all about next level stuff. So, how are you maturing? What are your financial or material goals? The Sun’s alignment with Saturn on December 9 will be a major check in on this process. And, with Jupiter dancing around Pluto and Uranus, something will massively shift as well. (The Sun is your career planet; this may concern your career or direction in life as well.) Use this time to break through your fears around material security! The full moon on December 13 will put your fears front and center — your fears around being controlled, intimacy, wealth. Seeing how the full moon is in Gemini, you have a choice to make, and with Mercury conjunct Pluto, the choice is inevitable. Something has to end. Then on December 19, Mars will change signs and arrive in Pisces. You’ll spend the rest of December and into the new year motivated to create something new and express your talents. Identity, play, performance, and children will be highlighted, too. Want to learn more about how the astrology of December will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Money, income, salary, material security, value, spending, wealth, benefits, finance, debt, taxes, maturity, getting older, more responsibility, career direction, career commitment, emotional security, home, family, roots, foundation, the nest, behind the scenes, inner circle, trust, intimacy, writing, speaking, reading, teaching, learning, classes, travel, movement, creativity, self expression, identity, talent, children, leisure.


Sagittarius Glyph

Sagittarius, this is your big moment. (And it’s your birthday. Happy birthday!) Here’s what you need to know. Remember how Saturn has been in your sign since 2015? Maybe you don’t. Maybe this is your first time hearing it. Here’s your recap. Saturn, the planet of maturity, responsibility, and all around figuring your capital S stuff out, has been in Sagittarius for a year or so. As a result, you’re under major pressure to grow up and take the next big step in life. You’ve likely been working extra hard or taking on commitments, the sort that coincide with major life milestones (marriages, births, new careers, big moves). Saturn will be in Sagittarius until the end of 2017, so another year to go. As the Sun moves into alignment with Saturn on December 10, you’re going to feel the pressure even more, like having a meeting with the big boss and reviewing your performance. How has this process of maturity worked out? What changes can you make? How can you push yourself harder? And it’s not just Saturn laying it on this month. No, you’ll have Jupiter, your ruling planet, tangling with Pluto and Uranus as well. Whatever changes you need to make, whatever maturity process you’re undergoing, it’s bigger than you — it’s evolutionary. Don’t be surprised if your shadow comes up this month, all your old fears and projections that keep you small. You have to confront them before you take a leap. And with Uranus pushing your buttons, you’re all set up for a breakthrough — if you want it, if you’re willing to work for it, Sag. Sometimes Sag wants it easy, yet everything this month is telling you that you have to push your limits if you want something badly enough. Additionally, the full moon on December 13 will light up your relationships. Again, something will have to shift in how you interact with people, especially along the lines of value and trust. Lastly, Mars will change signs on December 19, home and family — just in time for the holidays if you celebrate. Just make sure you’re working to create a solid foundation in life, going within and nurturing your basic emotional needs. If you are holding onto old memories and pain, use the new year to release them. Want to learn more about how the astrology of December will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: You, getting older, getting wiser, pressure, maturity, responsibility, commitment, authority, hustle, next step up, milestone, test, struggle, achievement, faith, knowledge, philosophy, beliefs, transformation, breakdown, breakthrough, inspiration, separation, revolution, evolution, relationships, partnerships, one-on-one connection, home, family, roots, foundation, emotional security, basic emotional needs.


Capricorn Glyph

What is faith? Truth? Meaning? Perhaps you’ve been in a full blown existential crisis this year or feel as though you’ve been deep in reflection, casting aside everything that’s not the real you. It’s been humbling, Capricorn. And this for a high achieving sign, one that’s firmly rooted in the material world. But with Saturn, your ruling planet, tucked away in Sagittarius, you’ve been pushed inward. I mention this because Sagittarius Season will put a spotlight on this life chapter that’s been unfolding since September 2015. If you’ve been game, this has been a mystical, magical, intuitive time for you. Or maybe you feel as though your world has turned upside down. Nevertheless, December will be a month to really check in on this process, to commit or let go, to define what you believe in or tear it all apart — especially when the Sun and Saturn join up on December 10. With all this emotional and spiritual heavy lifting, make sure you take care of yourself. Yes, meditate and reflect, but also take care of your physical body. The full moon on December 13 will highlight health, wellness, diet, and nutrition. Is there a habit that needs to go? Is there something about your daily life that needs to shift? The full moon will help you make a decision. Additionally, you may feel like you’re at a crossroads in December as the planets put pressure on career, direction, home, family, and how you fit in it all. Again, make sure you take care of yourself. The first few weeks of December will be a time for you to rest. Another area of focus will be your voice. When Mars changes signs on December 19, you’ll spend the rest of the month evolving how you’re heard, how you communicate, how you think, intuit, and move. When the Sun arrives in Capricorn on December 21, it will activate a trine between Saturn and Uranus. Are you ready for a rebirth? A revolution? A powerful new view on life? Be open to an emotional breakthrough. Want to learn more about how the astrology of December will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Existential questions, retreat, withdraw, insolation, recuperation, questioning, faith, spirituality, mysticism, commitment, responsibility, getting older, facing fears, spiritual health, physical health, wellness, the body, diet, nutrition, fitness, getting organized, order, schedule, daily life, home, family, connection, roots, foundation, emotional security, needs, personal life, professional life, outer world, status, reputation, direction.


Aquarius GlyphBusy, busy, Aquarius. With Mars heating your sign into the first half of December, you’ll be on the go. Even though it’s the end of the year, normally a quiet time, you may feel as though you’re trying to push things forward professionally and take the lead in your career. But there are bigger things afoot, namely this chapter you’ve been working through since 2015. Here’s the deal. Saturn, your ruling planet, has been hanging out in your chart’s sector of friends and social connections. As a result, the story of your life right now is centered on your relationships with others — groups, networks, and like minded people. You’re being pushed to form stronger bonds with people while weeding out those who are not true allies. It may feel isolating at times, but Saturn is making you work. With the Sun in Sagittarius for most of this month, it’s time to check in on this. Keep an eye on the Sun’s line up with Saturn on December 10. Is a relationship working or not working? You’ll get your answer. This is also a month in your personal calendar when you look toward the future and think about the big picture. What do you want your 2017 to look like? Time to start sketching out your goals and aspirations. The full moon on December 13 will turn your attention to the things about yourself that set you apart — your talents, your personality, your creativity. Time to let go of something that is holding you back. Then on December 19, Mars will move into Pisces, your money sign. While the rest of the month may highlight spending and the things you need to feel materially secure, there’s a bigger conversation happening into the new year. What do you value? What do you deep down in your heart of hearts really value? How do you need to shift your life, shift how you see the world in order to create what you want? Something to meditate on as you round out the month. Want to learn more about how the astrology of December will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Action, renewal, energy, motivation, career, direction, ambition, achievement, friends, groups, community, humanity, the collective, society, social justice, social networks, bonds, the future, big picture, goals, aspirations, unconscious fears, beliefs, education, worldview, material security, value, money, purchases, investment.


Pisces Glyph

Big astrology alert! With Uranus and Pluto putting pressure on you this month, all four corners of your life will be up for review. So, let’s break things down. First, this is the time of the year when the Sun travels through the highest reaches of your chart. Sagittarius is your career sign and you’re naturally tuned into success, achievement, responsibility, and your standing in the world come December. This is the same area that Saturn has been activating since 2015, which means that last year and this year have coincided with major turning points or milestones in your life. Maybe you started a new career path, took on a new title in your current one, or worked harder than ever before. Saturn is the planet of commitment and this month, especially as the Sun and Saturn align on December 10, you’ll be asked to take the next step up in your public life. Or, you’ll need to make a change because Saturn will be pointing out what’s unbalanced and unsustainable in your life. But it’s not just life’s responsibilities bearing down on you. No, it goes deeper than that. With Pluto and Uranus putting pressure on Jupiter, your ruling planet, you may feel like you’re caught in the middle of forces much larger — evolutionary forces, the sort of stuff that makes you think about existence, meaning, and “why am I here” questions. Whatever you decide this month it’s can’t be about maintaining the status quo. And, in order to move forward, you’ll have to face your fears and anxieties. (You can do this, Pisces!) Additionally, relationships and home will be two other areas that will need a thorough review this month. The full moon on December 13 will push you to make a decision about your living situation or a matter with the family, something that likely feels like the end of an era or an irrevocable line drawn. There may be the sense that you’re leaving things behind in 2016 and starting a new chapter in 2017 — older, wiser, transformed. And when Mars arrives in Pisces on December 19, you’ll have the gusto to take yourself into January to start fresh. Want to learn more about how the astrology of December will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Transformation, crossroads, turning a corner, catalyst, endings, beginnings, you, other people, relationships, partnerships, career, direction, responsibilities, getting older, milestones, professional life, reputation, external world, internal world, home, family, foundation, living situation, inner circle, emotional needs, security, roots.