We’ve all experienced synchronicity at one time or another. You know, a series of coincidences that defy logical explanation. Like you’re thinking about taking a trip to Paris and then you later receive an email from a website announcing travel deals to Paris. Yeah, that kind of synchronicity.

Personally, I’m having synchronicity of an astrological variety. For the last week, Chiron has been popping up everywhere. Clients charts. Podcasts. Articles. Perplexed by the synchronicity, I suddenly realized that my own Chiron was getting triggered by a Venus transit. The Universe was giving me a not so subtle message to explore the Chiron archetype and how it can show us where we need to devote some energy towards healing ourselves.

What is Chiron?

Discovered in 1977, Chiron is an asteroid (or comet depending on who you ask) that has come to archetypally represent where we have a deep, soul level wounding. In astrology, especially karmic astrology, Chiron is an invaluable marker not to be underestimated. When we are expressing Chiron’s shadow side, we feel that gnawing sense of unconscious emotional pain that never seems to go away and a quick check of the natal chart can shed light as to what areas in life that wounding correlates with. To paraphrase astrologer Martin Lass, Chiron is about recovering and healing the lost pieces of our lives — our disowned and unloved parts.

Chiron in Astrology

Chiron, portrayed as a key shaped glyph in the natal chart, literally unlocks the door to the place psychologically where we store quite a bit of baggage — baggage not only from early childhood, but past lives as well. Thus Chiron’s presence in our natal chart represents an area we need to transmute our suffering and “lost pieces” into a psychological whole for the betterment of the soul.

Astrologers Robert Hand and and Kim Rogers-Gallagher write, “Chiron represents the factor in any complex system that can point to a problem; and if you address the problem, the system will be efficient and stable, and if you don’t it will collapse.” *

Keywords associated with Chiron are:

• Core Woundings
• Healers
• Mentors
• Karma
• Natural Medicine

Chiron transits and transits to natal Chiron can bring up these themes and present opportunities for deep self healing or the entrance of a mentor into our life. Those with a prominent Chiron in their natal chart, when expressed positively, are often connected with the healing arts or known for their deep wisdom. And while not all astrologers will agree, some claim Chiron as a natural co-ruler of Virgo and the 6th house.

Chiron In the Natal Chart

Aries/1st House: Karmic woundings or baggage regarding the self, individuality, physical appearance, initiation, instinct, survival.

Taurus/2nd House: Karmic woundings or baggage regarding values, self worth, relationship with environment, personal resources, money, safety, security.

Gemini/3rd House: Karmic woundings or baggage regarding communication, ideas, learning, schooling, movement, relationship to siblings.

Cancer/4th House: Karmic woundings or baggage regarding family, ancestry, the mother, nurturing, home, root.

Leo/5th House: Karmic woundings or baggage regarding ego, creative expression, relationship to children, personal distinction.

Virgo/6th House: Karmic woundings or baggage regarding health, daily work, routine, organization, practicality, service.

Libra/7th House: Karmic woundings or baggage regarding relationships, equilibrium, harmony, beauty, diplomacy.

Scorpio/8th House: Karmic woundings or baggage regarding intimacy, trust, abuse, sex, death, shared resources, inheritance.

Sagittarius/9th House: Karmic woundings or baggage regarding knowledge, higher learning, international travel, relationship to the world beyond immediate surroundings, expansion, beliefs.

Capricorn/10th House: Karmic woundings or baggage regarding authority, structure, the father, the outside world, social standing, career.

Aquarius/11th House: Karmic woundings or baggage regarding role in the collective, friendships, hopes, goals, groups.

Pisces/12th House: Karmic woundings or baggage regarding connection to source, spirituality, inspiration, divine expression, addiction, escapism, medicine, healing, anything that literally or figuratively confines.

Why Chiron?

If Chiron indeed “represents the factor in any complex system that can point to a problem,” then it is up to us to unlock our darkest parts and understanding how our Chironic wounds bring instability to our life. The more we can address our own healing, both from psychological wounds received in this lifetime as well as previous, the more we can move away from Chiron’s shadow and evolve into the role of healer and wisdom giver.

* This quote, instantly an inspiration for working with Chiron on a deeper level, came via the Planet Waves newsletter. While it was attributed to Robert Hand and Kim Rogers-Gallagher, I can’t confirm it with absolute certainty. Apologies if I’ve misattributed or not given due credit.