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Astrology and Consciousness

Working with the sun sign reading public as I do on Facebook, I often see first hand the destructive power of good/bad thinking in astrology, this idea that some planets are good and some planets are bad. Recently, when I discussed a classical technique called planetary strength, people spun out […]

While the Grand Water Trine will be exact on July 17, 2013, we will feel its effects into August.

Grand Water Trine: “Summer of Divine Love”

In astrology, the element of water corresponds with the emotional state. The first water sign, Cancer, teaches about our immediate emotional needs, a mother’s love, and a sense of belonging that arises out of family. With the next water sign, Scorpio, it’s not just our emotional needs, but the needs […]

The author poolside, nourishing her natal Moon with words and travel.

A Lunar Feast: Transits of Jupiter to the Moon

Astrology is the measurement of time against the movement of the planets. While the birth chart remains a static point of reference, the slower moving outer planets — Jupiter and beyond — act as chapter markers in an unfolding journey. One has to only look at important conjunctions, squares, and […]

Venus T-Squares and a Dose of Tough Love

There’s a lot going on today astrologically and the Universe is giving us a serious dose in tough love. Think of this as the stern reminder of what you can take with you beyond 2012 and what you cannot. First, let’s focus on Mars conjunct Saturn at 24 Libra. While Mars/Saturn contacts […]

Upon the Altar of Venus

Upon the Altar of Venus

As if 2012 wasn’t jammed packed enough with eclipses and other astrological goodies, it’s worth noting that we will have a very rare Transit of Venus happening on June 5 — so rare that it only happens every 115 years with two events clustered 8 years apart. What does this […]

On 2012

On 2012

Over the last few years, “2012” has become this thing, this concept loaded with cultural speculation and a touch of doomsday hysteria. I’m not sure when exactly it entered mass consciousness, but somewhere, somehow — perhaps the new age community is to blame — the collective latched onto this idea […]

The author's chart. Not a prison.

Your Natal Chart is Not a Prison

Like most people who live in large cities, I have a fairly long commute each day to and from work. The round-trip hour and a half of subway time is devoted to higher learning via spiritually themed podcasts. My commute is sacred. It’s my God time. I listen to my […]