Welcome to Leo Season, a time in the zodiac calendar when we look to the Sun. For that Leo is radiant, confident, and life giving. And, as a result, Leo inspires us to be passionate about life, to be creative, and take risks.

The thing about astrology is that we’re never just one sign. We’re an amalgam of all twelve signs and, depending on when we were born, the light of Leo shines somewhere on a corner of our life. This Leo Season, with its two eclipses, is a reminder to connect with this energy, this heat, this passion, this look-at-me energy. August says don’t be shy. It’s time to show the world who we really all when we strip away superficialities as well as fears. It’s time to shine brightly like the Sun.

The thing about eclipses, which occur every six months, is that they strike the hour, signalling that it’s time to make a change. Wherever Leo is in your chart, a door will open and a door will close. Events may even move swiftly. Take note that if something leaves your life during August, it’s likely gone for good.

It’s not just eclipses that are lighting up August. We have three planets changing direction, with adds to another layer of celestial gear shifting. First, Uranus will turn retrograde at 28 Aries on August 2, infusing the start of the month with a an unstable energy. Uranus is the great awakener, a zap of insight and genius that tells us that we can’t go back to the way things were. It’s also a planet ensured with our evolution here on this planet. In short, it’s priming us for the changes heralded by the eclipses.

Second, Mercury will turn retrograde on August 12 and, since Mercury is the planet of choice, we’ll have to do a lot of thinking this month about what we want and what our options are. Turning retrograde in Virgo, we need to be discerning, exacting, disciplined. And since events move at a different pace when Mercury is retrograde, perhaps this is a saving grace, pumping the brakes a little on this month’s rapid pace. If you can, wait to make any big decisions until after Mercury turns direct on September 5.

Finally, Saturn will turn direct at 21 Sagittarius on August 25, capping off its last review of all things Sagittarius — faith, truth, and meaning. We’ve had two and a half years of soul searching. We’ve had to seriously examine what we believe in and how we see the world. With Sagittarius also ruling over higher education, it’s as if we’ve been working on our degree since 2015. This last stretch, taking us all the way to Saturn’s arrival in Capricorn on December 19, will be the final proof of our faith, our authority, and what we know to be true.

Read for your Sun and rising sign.

DATES TO NOTE: 8/2 Uranus Retrograde 28 Aries; 8/4 Jupiter square Pluto; 8/7 Full Moon 15 Aquarius (Lunar Eclipse); 8/10 Mercury sextile Venus, Sun sextile Jupiter; 8/12 Mercury Retrograde 11 Virgo, Venus trine Neptune; 8/15 Venus opposite Pluto; 8/17 Venus square Jupiter; 8/20 Mars sextile Jupiter; 8/21 New Moon 28 Leo (Solar Eclipse), Sun trine Uranus; 8/22 Sun in Virgo, Mars trine Saturn; 8/24 Venus square Uranus, Venus trine Chiron; 8/25 Saturn Direct 21 Sagittarius, Venus in Leo; 8/26 Sun conjunct Mercury; 8/27 Jupiter sextile Saturn; 8/31 Mercury in Leo.


March 21–April 19

Aries Glyph

Get ready, Aires, because big things are a foot. While normally Leo season is a time for you to kick back, relax, enjoy the sun, August will bring two eclipses. These celestial events, which occur every 6 months, open doors as well as close them. Eclipses coincide with plot twists and new beginnings. (Think back to last February for a refresher in eclipse energy.) On top of this, Mars, your ruling planet, will play a starring role in this Leo eclipses. Translation? How you express who you are? Your identity or even your place in the world may experience a shake up. (Note that this area of your chart also speaks to children, which is great if you want to get pregnant. On the flip side, be careful if being a parent is not part of the plan.) Eclipses move life along at a fast pace, which Aries normally loves, but make sure you’re keeping your feet on the ground through all of this. In fact, you may feel very restless this month or energetically overloaded, especially in the days around Uranus turning retrograde in Aries on August 2. You’ve had to reinvent yourself many times over since 2011, the year that Uranus moved into your sign, and August will bring yet another need for reinvention. Couple that with the eclipses and this will be a potent month for new direction. Friendships will also feature as well. A lunar eclipse on August 7 will light up themes around community, connection, and social networks. With Saturn rounding out its stay in Sagittarius, the lunar eclipse will cut along lines of philosophy, what you believe in, and how you see the world. Do you see eye to eye with a friend? Your community? Do you have a vision for your life that needs more education to make happen? Speaking of other people, relationships may have some kinks to work out around the middle of the month as Venus passes along Pluto, Jupiter, and Uranus. The solar eclipse on August 21 will bring another chapter in the story of your life. Thankfully you’re getting support from Saturn this month — provided you do the right thing, which is honor your commitments, make mature decisions, and take the next step up in life. With that in mind, before you make any rash decisions (not you, Aries, right?) make sure you’re being real with yourself and, most importantly, make sure you’re connected to your body and the stillness needed to make clear, determined steps forward. Want to learn more about how the astrology of August will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: The self, transformation, change, instability, revolution, evolution, breakthrough, breakdown, identity, self expression, creativity, new beginnings, endings, talent, performance, children, community, friends, social network, groups, tribe, beliefs, worldview, philosophy, truth, foreign travel, long distance journeys, other cultures.


April 20–May 20

Taurus Glyph

How do you feel about change, Taurus? Does the idea make you a little anxious? Queasy? After all, August is eclipse season and the great wheel of life turns. Something has to shift. But what? Let’s take a look. First, a lunar eclipse on August 7 will light up your career sign of Aquarius. Lunar eclipses have a habit of forcing the issue or manifesting an event. Are you preparing for a new job? Or thinking about making a change? Maybe you just need a new direction in life? The other eclipse, a solar eclipse on August 21, will hit on one of the more sensitive parts of your chart — home, family, roots, and your foundation. When an eclipse touches on this area, it’s not uncommon to make a change in your living situation such as a move or a similar new beginning. Or, a family issue may be highlighted. Regardless, both of these eclipses are activating the very axis that your life rotates on, so things will be a little wobbly if not busy in August. With Venus, your ruling planet in Cancer for most of the month, you may be feeling more sensitive than usual; don’t be surprised if all of August’s ups and downs hit an emotional chord. What this time is meant to do is bring in a breath of fresh air. Another major influence this month is Saturn and here’s the thing you need to keep in mind. Since 2015 you’ve been doing a lot of heavy lifting around themes of trust, intimacy, and facing your fears. You’ve also been having to look at finances, making changes in how you spend and manage bigger money themes like assets, wealth, and debt. It hasn’t been easy because Saturn has been pressing on deep emotional themes around financial security. The good news is that you’re coming to the home stretch of this long term influence. When Saturn turns direct on August 25, however, you’ll have a check in with this long term story. As in, how is it going? Have you been doing the work? Making progress? That said, August is a bit of a bumpy month, but not one that needs to create anxiety. As long as you’re being real with yourself, tending to your foundation, and making sure you get what you need in order to thrive. Want to learn more about how the astrology of August will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Communication, writing, speaking, learning, teaching, trips, travel, the neighborhood, movement, commute, home, family, foundation, roots, emotional core, emotional connection, inner circle, memories, parents, private life, career, status, reputation, title, direction, responsibilities, worldly ambitions, public life, intimacy, trust, the psyche, sexuality, secrets, finance, debt, wealth, assets.


May 21–June 20

Gemini Glyph

There’s so much crammed into August that even you, Gemini, may feel like you’re juggling a lot. True, you’re an expert multitasker, so just make sure you’re on your A Game, okay? Here’s how it all breaks down. Let’s start with Mercury. Your ruling planet is coming up to a retrograde on August 12 and you may be dealing with an issue in the home or with family. Nestled in the part of your chart that touches on life’s private side, this would normally put you behind the scenes for much of the month. And, with a busy schedule ahead, you’re probably needing to spend time at home, but there’s so much going on that you may be struggling to balance your need for quiet with demands elsewhere — namely travel. With the Sun and Mars heating up your chart’s sector of travel, you may be going back and forth on trips out or around town. Couple that with a lunar eclipse on August 7 and travel may take out on a far away journey, perhaps even to an exotic or foreign shore, the sort of travel that opens you up to other ways of thinking. If your can’t travel, then education and communication may be a major focus in August as well. You may have a major decision to make about schooling, such as going back to school or enrolling in a specialized program to further your career. If writing or speaking is a major focus of your life, then August may bring a turning point. Then there’s Saturn. The planet of growing older and taking on life’s responsibilities will turn direct on August 25. Saturn has been a big influence in your life the past two years, pushing you to take a serious look at relationships and how you interact with others. So, when Saturn turns direct, you will have a big check in on your progress. Are you honoring your commitments to other people? Have you worked hard to make lasting changes in how you relate and partner with a mate? You may feel a heaviness this month as a result, a sense of time and getting older. Sometimes life brings hard decisions and Saturn will be a reminder. And since Mercury will be retrograde for most of August, it’s all about looking at the past and weighing your options. Want to learn more about how the astrology of August will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Home, family, roots, living situation, foundation, emotional security, emotional core, communication, education, classes, workshops, higher education, university, specialized study, writing, speaking, thinking, learning, the mind, movement, trips, travel, journeys, long distance travel, foreign shores, siblings, other people, relationships, partnerships, interpersonal skills, commitments, getting older, needs of others, maturity.


June 21–July 22

Cancer Glyph

Let’s zoom out a little bit because August has so much going on that we need to make sure we keep an eye on the bigger picture. Ever since Uranus moved into your career sign of Aries in 2011, you’ve been experiencing a revolution — a revolution in your direction in life, a revolution in how you make your place in the world. It’s possible that you’ve changed careers, reinvented yourself, or struck out on your own. As Uranus nears the end of Aries, you’re also near the end of this profound chapter of your life that has brought a lot of professional ups and downs. When Uranus turns retrograde on August 2, it will be a check in this six year story. This will make for restless, electric energy. Are you’re feeling an impulse to make another change? Is your career lurching sideways into new territory? With Mars, your career planet, playing a starring role in August’s eclipses, something will surely change. Let’s not forget that Leo Season for you, Cancer, is a time to focus on money and securing your material needs. And how you make an income surely connects with bigger themes in your career. So, with that in mind, August will deeply touch on aspects of real world life. How you make your money may change. What you value may change. Even what you reach for in terms of success and achievement may change. One of the themes of the lunar eclipse on August 7 is facing your fears and certainly making a change, Cancer, has a tendency to touch a nerve. After all, you’re a sign that has an emotional connection to things staying the same. How will you learn to let go in August? Thankfully Venus will be in Cancer for much of the month, lending you a sense of grace under pressure. But your emotional core may get a little rattled come the middle of August when Venus passes through Pluto and Uranus, pushing you to look at your motivations as well as old emotional patterns. Then, on August 21, you’re starting a powerful new cycle in how you make your money and what you value. After all you’ve been through the last few years, the eclipse will be a serious review of all you’ve put stock in. Lastly, Saturn will turn direct on August 25, pointing you toward the practical needs of your daily life. Make sure you’re organized this month, Cancer. With so much going on, it’s good to have an action plan for all the moving parts of your life. Want to learn more about how the astrology of August will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Career, direction, public life, reputation, status, reinvention, transformation, change, breakthrough, money, income, salary, material needs, worth, value, spending, security, stability, trust, debt, finance, wealth, the psyche, facing fears, going within, attraction, charm, grace, work, commitments, health, wellness, diet, fitness, nutrition, projects, daily life, schedule, organization.


July 23–August 22

Leo Glyph

Happy birthday, Leo! And, boy, what a celestial line up you have this birthday month. Not only is Mars heating things up, making Leo a little spicier than usual, but you’re in the gate for a set of eclipses that will touch on two very important areas — your relationships and how you express the truth of who you are. First, the lunar eclipse on August 7 will activate your relationship sign of Aquarius. In fact, you’re entering an extended time when relationships will be highlighted. You may begin a major relationship or alliance, end a relationship, or see a change in a partnership that denotes taking things to the next level. The lunar eclipse will be the first chapter of this story. Second, the solar eclipse in Leo on August 21 will create a powerful new beginning that will unfold over the coming six months. In a way the solar eclipse may be a debut of sorts, a step up into the world. But, on the other hand, solar eclipses can bring a sudden twist in the road. This should be new information, Leo. You’re already feeling it. You were likely feeling it in July as well, this slow, electric build up of energy signally that something is coming. And now the spotlight is on you. Here’s the thing. Every Leo has it within to show off, create, and perform. Doesn’t matter if you’re a “shy lion”; your ruling planet is the Sun and shine you must. At the heart of these eclipses is a question that is very personal — who are you? For a sign that’s been known to be talented, do you value your talents? Do you share them? You’re wrapping up a two and a half year phase in your life where Saturn has pushed you to answer this question, to define your identity as well as what makes you you. Lastly, with Mars in a co-starring role with the Sun this month, the eclipses may bring events in the home as well. There may a move, a change in your living situation, or something involving family and parents. Having said all that, I wanted to paraphrase a quote from Game of Thrones, which seems especially pertinent this month: You’re a Leo. Be a Leo. Want to learn more about how the astrology of August will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: You, the self, personality, identity, creativity, self expression, renewal, new beginnings, breakthrough, breakdown, transformation, reinvention, a new chapter, moving forward, fast paced events, fate, twists and turns, milestones, relationships, partnerships, other people, interpersonal skills, emotional stability, emotional core, sensitivity, worldview, beliefs, philosophy, foreign travel, other cultures, long distance journeys, awakenings.


August 23–September 22

Virgo Glyph

This is the time of the year when you naturally start to wind down. With the Sun in Leo, the sign just before your own, you’re coming to the end of the journey, one that will begin again with your birthday season. As a result, this is a time to pull inward, rest, recuperate. You may be low on energy as a result or you feel a pull to dream, meditate, and contemplate. For all the high voltage astrology this month, much of it is taking place behind the scenes. The solar eclipse on August 21 will drive this point home. Although something is ending, Virgo, you may find that a very spiritual chapter is opening for you, one that will take you on a journey inward looking for answers. That said, the full moon eclipse on August 7 will turn a spotlight on health, wellness, diet, and the details of everyday life. This is an area that will need some adjustment going into 2018, from making changes to your diet to reorganizing your daily schedule or work. With Saturn down at the bottom of your chart, there’s been this dialogue this year between physical health and emotional health, how you structure your day-to-day life and how it impacts how you feed and care for yourself on an emotional level. The eclipse could bring a change in this dialogue. Speaking of adjustments, Jupiter, your relationship planet as well as the planet that connects to family and home, will make a heavy aspect to Pluto. Although it will peak on August 4, you will feel an intense emotional energy throughout the month, an energy that will demand a deep transformation in how you interact with people and how you do relationships. This is the last pass of Jupiter to Pluto, an aspect that dominated the first few months of 2017. Then on August 12 Mercury, your ruling planet, will turn retrograde in Virgo. Even though you’re being pulled behind the scenes in August, Mercury in your sign may make you feel very present with the world, but in a way that pulls you to retrace your steps instead of moving forward. Lastly, Saturn will turn direct on August 25. It’s been a heavy journey the last couple of years as Saturn has forced you to do major work in the area of home and family. At this core of this chapter of your life has been a need to build a new foundation for your life and prioritize your emotional needs. Saturn will ask you this month, how is that going? Expect a major check in with this lesson. Want to learn more about how the astrology of August will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Retreat, rest, recuperation, endings, letting go, hospitals, seclusion, the unconscious, sleep, dreams, spiritual health, spirituality, deeper existential questions, physical health, wellness, taking care of the body, purity, organization, ritual, practice, diet, fitness, nutrition, work, service, daily details, emotional health, home, family, foundation, roots, emotional core, emotional security, emotional stability, responsibilities in the home, review, rewind, moves, changes in the home.


September 23–October 22

Libra Glyph

Astrology tells us what time it is. It also marks the seasons of our life. Usually the clock is pointing to a specific hour, a specific season. But what happens when you have a month when the clock is pointing to everything at once? Life tends to be very loud. (Welcome to August!) As the month begins, your ruling planet, Venus, arrives at the highest reaches in your chart. You’re on top of the metaphorical mountain after a long climb. It’s all about responsibilities, commitments, your place in the world, your career. It also gives you a vantage over your life, a perspective that you only get by going vertical. Where do you go from here? With the astrology this month shifting the great gears of life, Venus says it’s time for a plan. And, as a result, you may find yourself looking to the future in August. Between the Sun and Mars heating up your friendships and a jolt of Uranus Retrograde to your relationships on August 2, this month will center on how you interact with other people. As a Libra, you’re known for your social drive, your need to partner with others. How will you find consensus and balance with the key people in your life? August will also be a hot month energetically. Will cooler heads prevail? The full moon eclipse on August 7 will light up something very personal to you — you identity, your creativity, and how you express it. You may have a decision to make as a result; eclipses close one door and open another. Then in the middle of August your ruling planet Venus will make a series of tense aspects to Pluto and Uranus; something will have to shift and transform — just in time for the solar eclipse on August 21. Falling in Leo, your sign of community, social connection, and friendships, this area of your life may suddenly be very present. Events may move very quickly amongst your circle of friends and your relationship to them. Finally, on August 25, Saturn will turn direct in your sign of communication, thinking, learning, and travel. You’re coming to the home stretch of a two and a half year chapter of defining your voice, defining what you believe in, and getting very clear about the philosophy that powers your thinking. Saturn Direct will be a check in with this process. How are you doing? Does more need to be done? Saturn will let you know. Want to learn more about how the astrology of August will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Career, reputation, status, title, public life, professional life, responsibilities, direction, community, groups, social network, networking, the collective, humanitarian work, tribe, the future, social connection, identity, self expression, talent, creativity, individuality, communication, the voice, writing, thinking, learning, education, classes, travel.


October 23–November 21

Scorpio Glyph

How does the glare of the spotlight feel, Scorpio? A little uncomfortable? Or exhilarating? With Mars pushing through the highest reaches of your chart, you’re shining bright like the Sun. Career, status, direction, and your place in the public are all very present right now. You can likely feel something happening, something brewing. That’s because August is eclipse season, a time when the hand of fate turns the wheel. And it just so happens that Mars, your ruling planet, has a starring role in these eclipses. The irony of being a Scorpio, a sign so associated with change, is that you secretly don’t like it. You’re a fixed sign after all — stubborn, immobile at your worst moments. But, if there’s a sign that can head into eclipse season with a devil-may-care attitude, it’s you. My advice is to let the wheel land where it’s going to land; the energy is hot, fast, and unpredictable. The lunar eclipse on August 7, touching on your emotional core, will bring matters to a head with home and family. How stable is this part of your life? Are you getting what you need emotionally? How strong are your roots? Do you need to move? Then on August 21 a solar eclipse will powerfully activate your career sign of Leo. You’re entering a potentially dramatic new phase in your professional life, one that may bring in new opportunities, a change in career or title, public recognition, or event a (dare I say it) a fall from power. That’s the thing about eclipses. Their energy is very topsy turvy and this Leo eclipse and, pulling in the energy of Uranus and Saturn, something about your daily life or schedule may change as well over the coming months. Speaking of Saturn, the planet of hard work and getting your stuff together will turn direct on August 25. You’re coming up to the last chapter of a story around money and value that been unfolding since 2015. If you’ve been doing your Saturn homework, you’ve done your due diligence around money and spending and your material life is stronger than ever. Maybe there’s more work to be done and this will be one of your last checks. With career and status so hot this month, make sure you’re really valuing the power of what you do. Want to learn more about how the astrology of August will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Career, public life, professional life, recognition, status, title, direction, achievement, change, transformation, spotlight, the world, work, home, family, roots, foundation, move, living situation, emotional core, emotional stability, feelings, needs, parents, money, income, salary, material needs, material stability, spending, value, worth, daily life, schedule.


November 22–December 21

Sagittarius Glyph

Hang in there Sag! Yes, I know the pressure has been on you big time and you could use a break, but August has a couple of more things in the queue for you. The good news is Leo Season is a time in your personal calendar when the Sun shines on travel, exploration, education, publishing, and philosophy — some of your favorite things! And with Mars heating things up in Leo as well, there’s a good chance that you have a big trip planned this month. In short, you’ve got your eye on the horizon and you’re looking towards the future. You’re very aware of themes of faith, truth, and meaning and the importance of connecting with likeminded friends and community. Now for the complicated stuff. As you come into August, your ruling planet Jupiter will make a final square to Pluto. To be honest, this is uncomfortable astrology because it has been forcing you, since late last year, to take a hard look at yourself. It’s been a bit gut wrenching, but you’ve had to make some changes in your life in response to shadow themes around value and worth. Pluto is soul level reformation and my advice is not to hold back this month. If something needs to change, use the bravery and courage of Leo to make that leap. On top of that you’ve had Saturn in Sagittarius putting you under a fair bit of scrutiny since 2015 and when the planet stations direct on August 25, you’ll be entering the last stretch of this 2–3 year story around growing up, figuring out who you are, and taking on responsibility. With Saturn’s parental eye on your life, this is not the month to cut corners, take the easy road, or do anything underhanded (not that you would, but just sayin’). We also can’t forget that August will bring two eclipses activating the fire energy of your chart. Events may move very quickly or burn hot. The full moon on August 7 may bring big news or a decision around education and teaching. With the energy of the eclipse pointing to Saturn in Sagittarius, what you say, what you think and how you communicate will be in the spotlight. My advice is to chose your words wisely. Don’t say anything off handed. Everything must be a reflection of integrity and authority. Then on August 21, a solar eclipse initiate a powerful new beginning in how you see the world, how you express your faith, your beliefs, and even open a new chapter in your education. If you are a writer or involved in the media, this may be an important time to get your ideas out into the world and express the power of your creativity. Lastly, Mercury will turn retrograde on August 12, which seems practically like an afterthought after all this big deal astrology. You may need to reconsider something in your career or reflect on the direction of your life. No big deal, right? Want to learn more about how the astrology of August will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Responsibility, doing the right thing, getting older, maturity, commitment, scrutiny, becoming an authority, cause and effect, law and order, transformation, evolution, breakthrough, facing your shadow, reinvention, rebirth, community, friendships, social network, social connection, social circle, the future, looking ahead, foreign travel, long distance journeys, other cultures, worldview, beliefs, philosophy, exploration, religion, education, university, specialized study, writing, speaking. learning, thinking, communication.


December 22–January 19

Capricorn Glyph

Feeling emo, Capricorn? Normally Leo Season is a time in your personal calendar to shine a light on the deepest reaches of your psyche, a time when you examine themes of intimacy, trust, power, and the fears you harbor. But this Leo Season is no ordinary one. With two Mars fueled eclipses pressing your emotional buttons, August will be a little hotter than usual and a lot more tempestuous. Let’s start with the Uranus station on August 2. The planet of revolution and evolution has been transforming transforming the foundation of your life since 2011. It’s likely that you’ve seen big changes in where you live over the last six years as well as deeper emotional changes in how you take care of yourself, how you interact with your family, and how you connect with others on a core level. (This includes how you separate or cut yourself off from your feelings.) The good news is that this intense period of emotional awakening will draw to a close in May 2018. Before it does, Uranus has a couple of more jolts in store and August may inspire a restless need to make a move or change in the home. Then on August 7, a lunar eclipse will light up Aquarius, one of your money signs. Do you need to make a change in how you earn a living? Do you need to rethink what you value and spend your money on? Do you need to get your finances in order? Two weeks later, on August 21, a solar eclipse will active Leo, touching on all those deep emotional themes mentioned earlier along with another important one — vulnerability. In fact, you’ve been in this two and a half year phase of pulling back, reflecting, and letting go of your old life. Maybe vulnerability along with weightier existential questions have been a big part of your life of late. When Saturn, your ruling planet, turns direct on August 25, you may feel like something is moving forward after months of being on hold or a sense of clarity after an extended period of reflection. With all this big deal astrology playing out this month, at least you have Venus giving you a boost in your relationship sign of Cancer. This may be a natural time when you are reaching out to others, spending time with a mate, or looking to make new romantic connections. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable! Want to learn more about how the astrology of August will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Deep emotions, reflection, letting go, shedding old skin, endings, moving on, preparing for new life, rest, recuperation, retreat, spirituality, transformation, emotional core, emotional connection, family, home, living situation, breaks, breakthroughs, breakdowns, new beginnings, legacies, ancestry, ancestral memory, unconscious, money, income, salary, material needs, material stability, purchases, spending, value, worth, debt, finance, wealth, estates, intimacy, trust, vulnerability, relationships, other people, socializing, partnerships.


January 20–February 18

Aquarius Glyph

Aquarius, the great wheels of your life are turning. Can you feel it? With the eclipses activating both Aquarius and Leo, you’re coming to a crossroads this month, entering a time when relationships will be a major focus. The thing about all relationships, from the people you interact with to romantic partners, is that it requires a bit of sacrifice on your part. That’s the nature of compromise. So, in the coming months, you’ll be doing a dance between what you want versus what other people want. The lunar eclipse on August 7 will bring this dance front and center. What do you need to change or transform about yourself? On the other hand, the solar eclipse on August 21 will bring a powerful new beginning to a relationship. And, when we zoom out a little, these eclipses as well as the eclipses into 2018 may coincide with major personal milestones, from starting a serious relationship, getting married, ending a relationship, or bringing new people into your life to partner with. If you are already in a serious relationship, you and a partner may be entering a new phase in your connection. Additionally, Mars will play a big role in these eclipses and you may find your career or professional life changing in some way. Having said all that, let’s turn our attention to Saturn. Your ruling planet has been over in Sagittarius since 2015 and since then you’ve been working on themes of faith, truth, and meaning as well as strengthening your connection to your community and social networks. When Saturn turns direct on August 25, you’ll be entering the final leg of this personal journey. As a result, you may need to make some changes in how you connect with others, the people you surround yourself with, and how you see eye-to-eye on bigger philosophical issues. You’ll also feel like you’re starting to move forward after five months of review and introspection. Don’t forget; Mercury is retrograde this month. Nothing to freak out about, but just do your due diligence and double check everything. Want to learn more about how the astrology of August will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: The self, personality, vitality, other people, relationships, interpersonal skills, partnership, cooperation, give and take, crossroads, milestones, relationship milestones, new phase of life, new season, change, transformation, career, professional life, status, recognition, reputation, title, direction, friends, social circle, social network, belonging, community, social connection, view of the world, philosophy, beliefs.


February 19–March 20

Pisces GlyphI feel like I’ve been saying a lot of the same things for the other signs — hang onto your hats it’s eclipse season blah blah blah. But I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge what you’ve been through, Pisces. As a water sign and a sign with a reputation for feeling everything, it’s very possible that you’ve had some ups and downs over 2017. Jupiter, your ruling planet, has been doing two things of note. One, it’s been in the sign in your chart that speaks to intimacy, trust, and having to face your fears. That alone can make for an emotionally intense time. (Did I mention that you’re sensitive, Pisces?) Two, Jupiter has been dancing around with Pluto, which cranks up the intense factor even more. It hits deep in the gut as well as deep in the soul. As a result you’ve likely had to make some big transformations over the last few months. On top of all this, Saturn’s been weighing down your career sign of Sagittarius, so it’s been more work than play. Has there been any time for self care? Probably not. Enter August. The eclipses will activate your health and healing signs of Aquarius and Leo, bringing this question of self care — body, mind, and soul — to the forefront. The lunar eclipse on August 7 will shine a spotlight on spiritual healing. As a result, you may need to pull back from the world, retreat, reflect, and ask yourself deeper questions. Aquarius is the sign in your chart that helps you connect to something beyond this physical world. It’s a very mystical, existential placement for you. As you search within for answers, you may find yourself letting go of things that don’t matter or have lived out their usefulness. This can include emotional patterns or addictions as well. Regardless, you may feel a sense that you’re coming to the end of something and it may touch on your place in the world and the direction you’ve been headed. By contrast, the solar eclipse on August will point to the physical aspects of health and wellness — your diet, how you take care of your body, and the environment around you. Everything is connected, which is something you deeply know as a Pisces. So, how will you use the energy of the eclipses to turn over a new leaf, make a new commitment to your vitality, your schedule, and getting your life organized? That said, the eclipse energy may shake things up in your daily life. Your schedule may be unpredictable and you may get a big push to change something fundamental about work or how your organize your day. You may also begin a new project in earnest. Lastly, Mercury will turn retrograde on August 12. As your relationship planet and the planet that speaks to themes of emotional connection and security in your chart, you may have some loose ends to tie up with a partner, including past relationships. Don’t be surprised if an old lover resurfaces. Want to learn more about how the astrology of August will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Work, health, wellness, diet, fitness, nutrition, projects, coworkers, pets, career, direction, responsibility, reputation, status, the psyche, intimacy, sexuality, facing fears, transformation, death and rebirth, finance, wealth, debt, power, legacies, benefits, spiritual health, retreat, reflection, unconscious, spirituality, letting go, endings.