The SunThe Sun:
Your Planet of Identity

The Sun reveals how you express who you are and how you shine in the world

Category: Luminary — Source of light
Cycle: 365 days
Keywords: The self, ego, the father
Open Consciousness: Creativity, brilliance, consciousness
Closed Consciousness: Negative ego, negative pride, self absorption, anti-consciousness
Ruling Sign: Leo (Masculine/Yang)

The MoonThe Moon:
Your Planet of Emotions

The Moon reveals what you need to feed your life as well as nurture yourself and others

Category: Luminary — Receives and reflects light
Cycle: 28 days
Keywords: The mother, home, family, emotional security, emotional connection, feeling, sustinence
Open Consciousness: Care, intuition, gentleness, giving, substance
Closed Consciousness: Withholding, overly emotional, conditional love, manipulation
Ruling Sign: Cancer (Feminine/Yin)

Your Communication Planet

Mercury reveals how you think, analyze, and express your voice

Category: Personal planet
Cycle: 88 days
Keywords: Learning, speaking, moving, writing, transportation
Open Consciousness: Conscious choice, open and positive ideas, open communication
Closed Consciousness: Overactive mind, unconscious choice, lack of integrity with choice, lies, misuse of the word, blocked communication
Ruling sign: Gemini (Masculine/Yang) and Virgo (Feminine/Yin)

Your Relationship Planet

Venus reveals how you relate to others, what you attract, and how you love/want to be loved

Category: Personal planet
Cycle: 224 days
Keywords: Beauty, femininity, manners, interpersonal skills, charm, balance, women
Closed Consciousness: Open to compromise, sweetness, peace, healthy relationship, harmony
Open Consciousness: Seduction, vanity, laziness, overly pleasing, passive aggressive, over indulgent, negative relationship patterns
Ruling Sign: Taurus (Feminine/Yin) and Libra (Masculine/Yang)

Your Action Planet

Mars reveals how you move forward in life, take charge, and exert your will

Category: Personal planet
Cycle: 2 years
Keywords: Strength, bravery, masculinity, motivation, men
Open Consciousness: Personal leadership, healthy competition, moving forward, vigor
Closed Consciousness: Seizing power, aggression, rage, violence, negative control, inability to move forward, repressed anger
Ruling Sign: Aries (Masculine/Yang) and Scorpio (Feminine/Yin)

Your Planet of Growth and Exploration

Jupiter reveals how you look outside of yourself for answers, from education to faith in something bigger

Category: Causal planet
Cycle: 12 years
Keywords: Religion, philosophy, higher education, travel, law, publishing
Open Consciousness: Openness to growth, worldly leadership, shares wisdom, healthy judgement
Closed Consciousness: Fanaticism, fundamentalism, self righteous, judgmental, fear of new ideas, closed vision
Ruling sign: Sagittarius (Masculine/Yang) and Pisces (Feminine/Yin)

Your Planet of Long Term Goals and Maturity

Saturn reveals the lessons unfolding over your lifetime how you step up to responsibility

Category: Causal planet
Cycle: 29 years
Keywords: Boundaries, milestones, measured growth, status, title, hierarchy, verticality, structure, restriction, limitation, delay, hard work
Open Consciousness: Mastering life’s lessons, willingness to learn the hard lessons, committed, reliable, a positive force of authority in the world, builds for the future, positive karmic reward
Closed Consciousness: Controlling, coldness, cruelty, negative karmic reward, anti-consciousness, sterility, pessimism
Ruling Sign: Capricorn (Feminine/Yin) and Aquarius (Masculine/Yang)

Your Planet of Awakening and Authenticity

Uranus reveals where you’re bringing innovation and consciousness to the world

Category: Transpersonal, evolutionary planet
Cycle: 84 years
Keywords: Breakthroughs, sudden upheavals, revolution, genius, the future, science, technology, Promethean
Open Consciousness: Powerful insights, incarnates new ways of being, invents new systems, genius, light of consciousness
Closed Consciousness: Chaos, ideas that destabilize, disconnection, coldness, unpredictability, inhuman
Modern Ruling Sign: Aquarius

Your Planet of Spiritual Service

Neptune reveals where you’re sacrificing for the greater good, purifying negative consciousness

Category: Transpersonal, evolutionary planet
Cycle: 165 years
Keywords: Mysticism, prayer, illusion, movies, photography, advertising, hypnosis, intuiton, channeling, empathy, divine law, the cosmic mother, contamination, fog, ether
Open Consciousness: Unconditional love, compassion, bringing the self into harmony with the Creator, universality, consciousness that this world is an illusion, spiritual purification
Closed Consciousness: Addiction, co-dependence, bad boundaries, mass manipulation, propaganda, not seeing reality, negative sacrifice, negative martyrdom, suffering
Modern Ruling Sign: Pisces

Your Planet of Shadow and Transformation

Pluto reveals where you’re working on your soul, facing your negative facets, and transmuting karma

Category: Transpersonal, evolutionary planet
Cycle: 248 years
Keywords: Power, wealth, death and rebirth, the shadow, the underbelly, transformation, demolition
Open Consciousness: Instinctively knows what needs to change, positive force of transformation and reformation, uses power as a force of positive creation and healing, transmutes negativity
Closed Consciousness: Anihilation, darkness, manipulation, destruction, horror, negative use of power on a mass scale, abuse, shame, negative sexuality, anti-consciousness
Modern Ruling Sign: Scorpio