It’s a “get our act together” themed week as the Sun comes up against Saturn. In short, this is our quarterly check in with the planet in charge of making sure we grow up, honor our commitments, and make something of ourselves. Here’s your progress report.

See, every planet has a job. Or, rather, every planet is reflective of an energy that is essential to life. Since astrology is a symbolic language, we have the planet in charge of communication (Mercury), the planet in charge of socialization and relationships (Venus). Then there’s Saturn.

Admittedly not the warm and fuzziest of planets, Saturn has a very important job. It teaches us the importance of responsibility — responsibility for our word, our actions, our choices, our fellow humans, and our world. Saturn is time as well as maturity. And, if you’ve been on this planet long enough, you know that maturity is not given — it’s earned. It’s forged through experience, tough choices, set backs, and adversity. Saturn is also a causal planet, which means it teaches us about cause and effect. If we don’t honor our responsibilities, then Saturn will show us the effect.

When you were born, Saturn was in a particular part of the sky and in a particular zodiac sign. For instance, if you were born 1986-1987, Saturn was in the sign of Sagittarius, which means throughout your life you’re going to be learning deep lessons in faith, truth, meaning, other cultures, and education — all Sagittarian themes. You will repeatedly have your faith tested. You will have to work harder than others to develop a strong sense of what you believe in and how you see the world. You may even have to go on a journey to another country. Why? Because Saturn is pushing you towards maturity and excellence in Sagittarius. (Want to find out what sign Saturn was in when you were born? Check out this online calculator for finding your Saturn sign.)

But you likely were born in another year for which Saturn has a different lesson. When you understand that lesson you can see the framework that Saturn is helping you build over the course of your life. And when we have these periodic check-ins with the planet, like we will this week, it’s a check-in with a story that’s been unfolding our whole life.

This is why I’m teaching a workshop and webinar on understanding the this planet. Titled “Facing Saturn — How to Find Maturity and Purpose at Any Age”, it’s a look at the different points in our life when we have to face Saturn. If you’re 28-30 years old, this workshop is especially for you. You’re going through the “Saturn Return,” an initiation that happens for everyone when Saturn literally returns to the spot in the sky it occupied at the moment you were born after 29 long years.

If you’re in New York City, there’s an in-person workshop on Tuesday, September 26. I’m doing a webinar version for those of you who are outside of New York on Saturday, September 30. It doesn’t matter how much astrology you know. I’ll break things down and show you how to gain a deeper understanding of what you came here to work on and achieve in your life.

Workshop Details:

  • Date — Tuesday, September 26, 2017
  • Time — 7 to 9 pm eastern
  • Location — W 30th Street, Manhattan
  • Exchange — $40 USD early registration, $50 after September 23
  • Space is limited!!
  • Facebook event page
  • Register here

Webinar Version Details:

  • Date — Saturday, September 30, 2017
  • Time — 2 pm New York, 11 am Los Angeles, 7 pm London
  • Location — Your computer via Zoom video conferencing
  • Exchange — $30 USD (includes recording)
  • Email to register

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