The Pisces Moon joins up with Chiron today and we’re feeling extra sensitive. Take notice of any deeper issues that come up. The Moon and Chiron are helping us take consciousness of our emotional, spiritual, and psychic knots — the knots that we need to undo.

Chiron, a newer addition to astrology, is a planet that we’re still trying to understand. As part of the modern planets — anything discovered after Uranus in 1781 — it is a key to opening up increasingly subtle spaces of consciousness. Chiron makes us aware of our pain — that story, that knot that wraps around our lives. It may be self worth, rejection, and shame, for example. In doing so, Chiron also opens us up to the level of the collective and when we take consciousness of our Chiron, we see how it’s part of a story that plays out on a human level.

When you work on your Chiron — your knots, your pain — you open it up for everyone who shares the same pain, the same knots. If you offer this work as a gift, you begin to have a very different relationship with your pain. That’s how we begin to transcend our Chiron.

If you want to learn more about Chiron, check out a channel I received a couple of years ago linked below. You can also look up what sign your Chiron is in here.

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Photo by Nsey Benajah on Unsplash