Time for a reality check courtesy of Mars square Saturn. Have we taken care of all the details? Are we staying on top of our health? Are we doing our work? Don’t forget your to-do list today and, more importantly, don’t push your limits.

Speaking of which, I wanted to dig deeper into Jupiter in Scorpio, something I sketched out when Jupiter changed signs yesterday. See, when Jupiter arrived in Scorpio, it activated Mars. My beginner astrologers may be scratching their heads at this statement, but let me explain. Mars is the ruling planet of Scorpio. (Each sign has a ruling planet, or a planet that serves as a permanent ambassador of sorts.) And when Jupiter moved into Scorpio, it did so in a sign owned by Mars. Jupiter now has to answer to Mars. Make sense?

The point I want to make is that we can get a feel for a planet’s time in a sign by looking at where all the planets are at the moment of arrival, like a snapshot of the heavens. Jupiter is now in Scorpio, but Mars is over in Virgo. As a result, a secondary theme to Jupiter’s exploration of sex, death, taboo, secrets, and power will be health, purity, organization, and service — all Virgo themes. More importantly, Mars and Saturn are square, so for all of Jupiter’s gold plated promises, we’ve got a bit of a wake up call built into this Jupiter in Scorpio trip.

Here’s your big takeaway. Jupiter may be growing, expanding our awareness of Scorpio themes, giving us opportunities for deeper emotional connection over the coming months, but it’s also setting some hard boundaries. Saturn, whether we like it or not, is a part of this journey, too. We have to find balance in our intimate relationships. We have to take responsibility for our sexual energy and our sexual health. We need to heal old sexual traumas. We need to open up about our secrets, our triggers, and other taboo subjects. And, because Scorpio is a money sign, we’ll only be able to grow our wealth if we do our financial due diligence first.

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