Jupiter, the planet of new horizons and worldly experiences, moves into Scorpio today for a year long visit. As the teacher and explorer, Jupiter will take us through Scorpio’s deep emotional waters to discover the hidden riches in the most intimate spaces of our lives.

Wherever Jupiter is, things tend to work out. It’s a helping hand in the dark, a serving of abundance and luck when we need it most. Jupiter has a well deserved reputation for benevolence, but in Scorpio the opportunities is a little nuanced; they’re more psychological in nature. With Jupiter in Scorpio, good things happen when we have the faith to be more vulnerable, when we face our fears, and conquer the unknown.

As a Scorpio, I’ve been feeling Jupiter in Scorpio start to come in for a couple of weeks. As Jupiter crept through the final minutes of Libra, I had an intense dream where I stood on the shore of a beach buffeted by rough surf. Despite being some distance away, a wave crashed and quickly pushed a line of water towards me. Before I could react, it pulled my bag with my phone, wallet, and keys into the ocean, swallowed by the turbulent waters. I woke up with a sense of loss and anxiety.

In many ways that dream feels like a lens into Jupiter in Scorpio. As the sign of death-like endings, I think we’re all being called to let go of something into Scorpio’s ocean. Little did I know that that dream was a omen in a way. On my way back from California to New York, just that next day, I left my beloved ruby ring on the counter of an airport bathroom. Its round faceted stone often reminded me of the red spot on Jupiter.

But if the ocean takes, it also gives. Things will wash up on our psychic shores in the coming months. Losses will be replaced by gains, although perhaps not in the way we expect. After all, Scorpio is wealth, teaching us about the money and assets that we gain from other people such as a partner, an inheritance, or a loan. As a result, this is a great time to schedule an appointment with a financial advisor or seek out the money gurus who will teach you how to increase your bottom line.

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