Welcome to Libra Season! This is the time in the zodiac calendar when we naturally turn to relationships. As the sign that teaches us about other people, Libra is compromise and consensus as well as the exchange required in partnership. When the Sun is in Libra, we can’t go it alone.

With that in mind, we’re getting into the nitty gritty of relationships this month, from bringing more harmony and understanding to our partnerships to opening up to deeper forms of intimacy and vulnerability. A fiery Aries Full Moon on October 5 will strike at the heart of who we are and how we express that to other people, demanding authenticity. In particular, the full moon will highlight any uneven power dynamics in our relationships, calling on us to make a powerful change to restore balance. Two weeks later, on October 19, a new moon will set us up for a powerful breakthrough … or breakdown. If there’s a consistent theme this month it’s reinvention.

By far the big celestial event this month is Jupiter’s arrival in emotionally intense Scorpio. If Jupiter is the drive to explore and educate ourselves, then we’re taking a trip through psychological themes of intimacy, vulnerability, and trust. As a sign, Scorpio takes us through life’s darker themes and the things we need to experience in order to really know ourselves and evolve.

We can’t also forget that Scorpio is a money sign and Jupiter, for its reputation for growth and luck, will show us new opportunities to take care of our nest egg, our assets, and our financial portfolio. Scorpio is a sign that knows that power often lies in cold hard cash and we’re going to be more inclined to bolster our bottom dollar over the coming months.

Read for your Sun and rising sign.

DATES TO NOTE: 10/1 Mars trine Pluto; 10/3 Venus trine Pluto; 10/5 Full Moon 12 Aries, Venus conjunct Mars; 10/8 Sun conjunct Mercury, Venus square Saturn; 10/9 Mercury square Pluto, Sun square Pluto; 10/10 Jupiter in Scorpio, Venus opposite Chiron; 10/11 Mars square Saturn; 10/12 Mercury sextile Saturn; 10/14 Venus in Libra; 10/15 Mars opposite Chiron, Mercury opposite Uranus; 10/16 Sun sextile Saturn; 10/17 Mercury in Scorpio; 10/19 New Moon 26 Libra, Sun opposite Uranus; 10/22 Mars in Libra; 10/23 Sun in Scorpio; 10/24 Mercury trine Neptune; 10/26 Sun conjunct Jupiter; 10/27 Mercury sextile Pluto, Venus square Pluto.


March 21–April 19

Aries Glyph

It’s all about other people this month! After all, Libra is your relationship sign, and with many of the planets passing through, don’t be surprised if October brings in new people or renewed connection. That said, sometimes relationships can be a little hard for Aries, only because you tend to be a self driven sign. Nevertheless, this is the time of year when you’re naturally called to cooperate, listen, negotiate, and find common ground. The Aries Full Moon on October 5 will put this dynamic in the spotlight, this push and pull between your needs and the needs of others and you may have a serious decision to make as a result. Speaking of serious, Mars has been super focused on work and discipline of late. And since Mars is your ruling planet, you’ve had to hustle hard since the beginning of September. If you like being a bit of a workaholic, then maybe this energy is your jam and you’ve made a serious dent in your to-do list by now. But if you’re not used to this relentless slog, take heed that Mars will step into Libra on October 22 and give you a bit of a break. In the meantime, take care of your health and body, watch what you eat, get enough sleep, and make sure you’re getting a handle on the details of life. This Mars is all practice makes perfect — something to keep in mind when you get a progress report on October 11 courtesy of Saturn. Are you stepping up to the plate or slacking off? Let’s not forget Jupiter in all of this. The planet of new opportunities is wrapping up its year-long stay in Libra. Over the previous twelve months, you’ve explored new relationships, strengthened existing ones, or left old ones in search of greener pastures. But now Jupiter’s onto Scorpio come October 10, turning some of the bigger focus to finance, wealth, and debt. Scorpio is starting and emotional depth as well; over the coming months you’ll be naturally inclined to explore all the hidden parts of yourself. Lastly a new moon on October 22 will start a lunar month full of surprises as well as unexpected twists and turns. You may be dealing with feelings of restlessness into November as well as a push to redefine who you are, especially within the context of relationships and partnerships. Want to learn more about how the astrology of October will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Relationships, other people, partnership, interpersonal skills, negotiating, cooperation, health, wellness, work, hustle, grind, schedule, diet, fitness, nutrition, pets, service, emotions, intimacy, sharing, vulnerability, sexuality, benefits, legacies, finance, debt, wealth.


April 20–May 20

Taurus Glyph

For you, Libra Season is a time in your personal calendar when you turn to work, your physical health, and taking care of the necessary details of daily life. And, if we’re thinking big picture here, this will be a good month to take inventory. By that I mean, when you zoom out on your life and look at what’s working and what’s not working, how will you make a plan for going forward, especially into 2018? You’re on the cusp of big planetary movements that will require some changes in your life. (I know, Taurus, change is not your favorite word.) So, with that mind mind, do the work this month to survey the terrain of your life. Make changes in your diet if need be. Focus on cleaning out old stuff, from the things that cram your closets and drawers to the psychic material that clogs your emotions. The more you create space, the better you will be situated, ready to reinvent yourself in 2018. Use the full moon on October 5 to let go of the past, to shed addictions, and face the parts of yourself you’ve been just out of reach. This full moon may touch on relationships, too. With Venus and Mars joining up on the same day, you may have to sort things out with a romance or flame. Speaking of relationships, Jupiter will arrive in Scorpio, your relationships sign, on October 10. Over the coming year, this will open doors to meeting new people if you’re single, bring in new opportunities in existing relationships, or give you push to leave a relationship that needs to end. For you, Taurus, you’re naturally drawn to Scorpio’s magnetism and sexuality. Your experiences with people over the coming twelve months, both romantically and not, will be dynamic and powerful. Having said that, Jupiter’s kick off on may start off on a serious note. For all of Jupiter’s promise of new opportunities, you first will need to get very clear about what you want and don’t want. Want to learn more about how the October of September will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Work, daily life, schedule, grind, hustle, physical health, wellness, diet, fitness, nutrition, organization, service, spiritual health, awakenings, the unconscious, dreams, self expression, identity, creativity, relationships, other people, interpersonal skills, social interaction, partnerships, getting older, getting wiser, commitment, responsibilities.


May 21–June 20

Gemini Glyph

Enjoy playtime while you can. Libra Season for you is normally a time to relax, create, and experience the lighter side of life. But with Jupiter, one of your major planets, changing signs on October 10, the mood will noticeably change. See, Jupiter will arrive in Scorpio, a sign that helps you get to work and focus on the important details. (Jupiter is both your career planet and your relationship planet, by the way.) So you may find that these two areas will need a second look starting this month. And by second look I mean bringing scrutiny to these areas and how they need to cleaning up. Let’s face it, all relationships are messy to some degree. There can be unhelpful power dynamics or a need for a deeper understanding and trust. Scorpio is a very psychologically driven sign, so you may be working through deeper emotional material with a partner into next year. On the career side of things, you may find yourself working much harder in the coming months, from projects to grinding through the things you need to do in order to build something professionally. Additionally, Scorpio is your health and wellness sign. With Jupiter opening up opportunities, you may be inspired to explore new ways of taking care of your body, from diet and nutrition to fitness and therapies that touch on psyche as well as the physical. Jupiter’s change of signs on October 10 may be a bit bumpy because the next day Mars and Saturn will square off, forcing an issue or a need to get serious about how you focus or schedule or daily life. In other news, the full moon on October 5 will bring a matter to light with your friends and community. There is a bit of suddenness and unpredictability with this full moon, so if something does come up with a friend or with someone in your social network, it may seem out of the blue. Will there be a rift or will you be able to work to see eye to eye? The new moon and the start of the lunar month on October 19 will continue to activate this tension between you and others. Pulled between two directions going into November, how will you negotiate being who you are versus the needs and demands of friends, community, and the group? Want to learn more about how the astrology of October will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Work, diet, fitness, nutrition, taking care of the body, physical health, wellness, service, career, direction, responsibility, daily grind, schedule, organization, details, relationships, Other people, partnership, friendships, community, social network, the collective, humanitarian endeavors, the future, looking ahead, identity, self expression, creativity, children.


June 21–July 22

Cancer Glyph

Let’s talk big picture, Cancer, because there are a lot of moving parts this month. The last few years have likely been either some of the hardest you’ve experienced or you’ve been pushed — uncomfortably so — to reinvent, remake, or reposition your life. Ring a bell? In astrology, you can see this change reflected in the titanic forces of Uranus and Pluto, which have been occupying two major areas of your personal chart for many years. In particular, Uranus has been in your career sign of Aries for the last six years. Over that time, your place in the world, how you define what you do, and your career have undergone a major shift. Maybe you’ve changed jobs or struggled to find the career that really fits. The good news is that you’re coming to the end of Uranus in your career sign, but before it switches signs in May 2018, you have some loose ends to tie up and a few more changes to roll with. The full moon on October 5 will do just that, highlight this very long road you’ve traveled on professionally and demand one last push for you to really break out of your shell. With Mars, your career planet, squaring off with Saturn, you’ll likely have a major decision to make about your path or what you’re committed to professionally and in your daily life. No big deal, right? That’s the thing about being a Cancer; you’re deeply emotionally invested in things staying the same. So these seismic ups and downs have been stressful to say the least. Which, thankfully, it’s Libra Season, the sign that helps you return to some of the things that are most important to you — spending time with family and loved ones and nestling into the comfort of home. As the world around you shakes, how will you make sure your roots are secure? Your inner core tended to? The new moon on October 19 followed by Mars’s arrival in Libra on October 22 will heat up this part of your life and, as a result, you may be planning a move in the coming month or start making changes in the home such as redecorating or remodeling. Another big shift of gears this month will come via Jupiter. The planet of growth and new opportunities will move into Scorpio on October 10 and help you to explore your creative side into 2018. (Incidentally, if you’re looking to start a family, this may be a natural time for you.) After all you’ve been through, you could use a little play, passion, and creativity for the coming twelve months. Enjoy. Want to learn more about how the astrology of October will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Reinvention, transformation, new direction, career, responsibilities, worldly life, public life, reputation, status, title, recognition, home, family, roots, emotional core, emotional needs, foundation, inner circle, breakthrough, breakout, moves, remodeling.


July 23–August 22

Leo Glyph

Got your bags packed? Libra Season is travel season for you, Leo, a time in your calendar when the Sun naturally shines on getting out and exploring the world. Starting with a full moon on October 5, you may be on a plane to a far flung destination or you’re planning a trip to another country. Can’t travel? Then you’ll likely be feeling a curiosity about the world, about other cultures, other philosophies. As a result, October will be a good time to feed your mind with books, classes, and anything else that satisfies your intellectual cravings. In fact, it’s worth pointing out that over the last six or seven years, how you see the world and what you believe in has radically changed or opened up in someway courtesy of Uranus visit to this part of your chart. The full moon will highlight this shift in faith, shift in consciousness in a deeper way and may bring a profound a-ha. Lightbulb moments and exotic locales aside, your travel this month may also be on the mundane side, from appointments around town to back-and-forth stops around the neighborhood. Communication, teaching, learning, and information will also be a major focus, especially after the new moon on October 19. A few days after, on October 22, Mars will arrive in Libra, heating up communication and travel into December. You may have a lot to say come later this month as well as places to go and people to see. Let’s not forget Jupiter. The planet of growth and new opportunity will move into Scorpio on October 10. Scorpio just so happens to be the sign at the bottom of your chart, the place forms your roots and foundation. So, for all your wild travels of late, you’re going to see new opportunities in the home and family over the coming twelve months. You may be moving or making expansions in the home. Your family or household may literally expand with new members. In short, it will be a time when it’s easier to get your emotional needs met, to feel as though your roots are being deeply fed and nourished. But, before you can really move into this new chapter, you’ll have to make a commitment or take on new responsibilities in the home. Try to get very clear about what you need in order to create a stable, solid foundation in life. Want to learn more about how the astrology of October will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Travel, short trips, long journeys, other countries, foreign lands, other cultures, opinions, beliefs, philosophy, education, higher education, workshops, classes, communication, writing, speaking, learning, movement, home, family, foundation, roots, living situation.


August 23–September 22

Virgo Glyph
Although Libra Season is usually a time when you slow down and enjoy life’s simple pleasures, life’s been anything but slow. With Mars in Virgo, you’ve been on the go, restless, chatty, and even a little temperamental. So you may start the month pulled between wanting to relax and having things to do as well as people to see. Also, remember when I said that Mars may be pushing a few buttons, making you tempermental? Well, a bit of a sharp full moon on October 5 will shine a spotlight on deep emotional themes, the sort that bubble up in our most vulnerable moments. If you’re feeling overly sensitive, use the full moon to reach out to a trusted confidant or therapist, someone to help you navigate what you are feeling and make some sense out of it. The thing is, when we zoom out and take a look at the last six or seven years, you’ve been having to really work through your psyche, these aforementioned deep emotional themes that tend to tucked away into dark corners. The full moon will show you that you can’t hide from yourself, that you have to face your shadows, your fears, in order to transform into a better version of yourself. Having said that, October will still be a mostly busy month. On one hand Libra Season is a natural time in your calendar to take care of the material side of life, focusing on money, the things you own, and getting what you need in order to feel stable and grounded. On the other Jupiter, a major player in your astrology, will change signs on October 10, arriving in Scorpio. As a result, you may see a shift in the narrative around the home, your family, and your relationships. With an emphasis on communicating some of the most intimate and vulnerable parts of yourself, you may find that over the coming months you’re more open to talking with a mate or the people in your inner circle. Additionally the coming twelve months will be a great time to learn, take classes, and expand your mind through reading and other forms of information. Want to learn more about how the astrology of October will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Money, income, salary, material needs, things you own, assets, basics, stability, security, finance, legacies, benefits, taxes, debt, wealth, intimacy, psyche, facing fears, movement, short travel, learning, education, the mind, the neighborhood, siblings, information, communication, speaking, writing.


September 23–October 22

Libra Glyph

Happy birthday, Libra! It’s been quite some year. With Jupiter in Libra for the last twelve months, you’ve been pushing out into the world and trying to take command of your life. Despite the bumpy road at times, you’re starting a new personal year in a reflective mood. Venus and Mars in Virgo still have you behind the scenes, pulling back, and figuring out your next steps. You may feel a little low energy or in need of more sleep than usual. That said, it may take you a couple of weeks to feel like you’re getting back in gear, especially after Venus arrives in Libra on October 14 followed by Mars in Libra on October 22. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. While Libra Season is all about you, it’s also a natural time to take a look at the many partnerships in your life. A firecracker of an Aries Full Moon on October 5 will put the spotlight on a relationship. Something will have to shift, break, awake, and transform. The planet Pluto, a major player with the full moon, is pushing you to take a hard look at your relationships. With Mars, the ruling planet of the full moon squaring off with Saturn into October 11, you have a serious decision to either make about a relationship or a need to get very clear about what you want and don’t want. You may need to let go of something in the process. The Libra New Moon on will continue this theme, this push for big change and personal breakthroughs into November. Think of it this way. If you’re going into a new year, what do you want to create? What needs to radically shift in order for you to start over this year? Last but not least, Jupiter will say goodbye to Libra and hello to Scorpio on October 10. Scorpio just so happens to be one of your money signs, so you’ll have the next twelve months to explore new opportunities to create more financial stability in your life. As a result, you may see an increase in income, an increase in spending, and a need to gather the resources you need grow and flourish. Want to learn more about how the astrology of October will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: You, new beginnings, renewal, other people, relationships, connection, interpersonal skills, breakthrough, breakdown, breaks, responsibilities, drawing boundaries, money, income, salary, material needs, things you own, assets, basics, stability, security, spending.


October 23–November 21

Scorpio Glyph

So much going on, Scorpio! Where to begin? First, hey Jupiter! The planet of faith, exploration, growth, and new opportunities will set up shop in Scorpio starting October 10. The last time you had Jupiter as a visitor was twelve years ago, so maybe it’s worthwhile thinking back to 2005-2006. In short, Jupiter has a habit of making whatever sign its in #blessed for a year. I know you, Scorpio; you can be a little distrusting of big promises. I think at the very least Jupiter in Scorpio is a shot of confidence, a sense that things are working out in your favor a little more than usual. Jupiter in Scorpio may also literally be the arrival of a benefactor in your life … or you in turn are the benefactor to others, generous and altruistic with all that you have at your disposal. Jupiter is also the teacher and I’m sure you have lots to share with others about the many things you’ve learned during life’s ups and downs. So, enjoy it while it lasts. (Jupiter will leave Scorpio on November 8, 2018.) Second, for all the excitement of Jupiter in Scorpio, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. After all, Libra Season is the time in your personal calendar when you pull back, reflect, and connect with those quiet spaces within. You may feel a little tired or low on energy, especially after Mars arrives in Libra on October 22. In the meantime, the cosmos is throwing a spotlight on health, wellness, and how you take care of your body. If we zoom out a little, something about this area of your life has likely radically changed since 2010–2011. Maybe you made big changes in your diet in the last six years, started going the gym, or altered your daily life and work in a meaningful way. You’re coming up on the end of this chapter, but the full moon on October 5 will be a check in on your progress. If Libra Season points you toward your spiritual life, then this month will highlight your physical life as well. Uranus may demand another big change in how you take care of your body such as shedding an addiction, unhealthy habit, or even a change in a relationship. This narrative of personal revolution with continue with the new moon on October 19, which will take you into November. Note that Mars will be squaring off with Saturn into October 11, an influence that tends to make life feel super serious. Just remember to be on your best behavior when you’re under Saturn’s watchful eye. Want to learn more about how the astrology of October will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: The self, self expression, identity, creativity, ego, renewal, new beginnings, new cycle, confidence, power, the guru, retreat, spirituality, rest, recuperation, interior world, the unconscious, daily life, schedule, diet, fitness, nutrition, organization, service, health, friends, community, groups, social circle, networking.


November 22–December 21

Sagittarius Glyph

Yo, Sag. Get ready because Jupiter, your ruling planet, will changes signs this month, arriving in edgy Scorpio on October 10. This is a big deal because Jupiter only changes signs once a year and your life tends to have these year long chapters as you explore each sign of the zodiac, one by one. (Some signs, by comparison, only have their ruling planets change every few weeks.) You’ve been exploring the sign of Libra the past year, reaching out to make new friends, strengthen existing connections, and spending time out in your community. It’s been a socially active time, but not without some bumps and bruises courtesy of Pluto and Uranus, two heavy hitting forces of transformation. In fact you’ve had to do a lot of deep and sometimes emotional work around connection these past twelve months. That said, this transformation work will continue once Jupiter arrives in Scorpio, but you’ll be doing it on an inner level. Scorpio is a psychologically driven sign and, over the coming year, you’ll be pulled to explore the hidden reaches of yourself and deepen your spiritual connection. You may also find yourself traveling a lot, going on retreat, or spending quiet time alone in reflection. Another larger story coming into focus this month will come courtesy of the full moon on October 5. Think back five or six years ago. How have you changed? Were you inspired over the years to radically change how you express who you are? Have you opened up to new talents and gifts? You may feel a restless urge with the full moon to reveal yourself and put yourself out in the public eye, an urge that may seem like an imperative. After all, you’re coming to the end of Saturn in Sagittarius and nearly three years of working your butt off to make something of yourself. Why not share your hard work with the world this month? A powerful new moon on October 19 will help you to set new goals for the future and find the allies you need to make these goals happen. In the meantime, enjoy Jupiter in Scorpio. Want to learn more about how the astrology of October will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Transformation, emotional edge, emotional power, intimacy, trust, power, finance, wealth, retreat, quiet, inner world, dreams, unconscious, seclusion, spirituality, travel, self expression, identity, creativity, talents, career, public reputation, recognition, responsibility, title, professional life, the world, friends, community, the future, social network.


December 22–January 19

Capricorn Glyph

Only two more months to go, Capricorn. Two more months until Saturn, your ruling planet, arrives in Capricorn. Over the last three years, you’ve been pulled behind the scenes, you’ve had to search for answers within, and dismantle your old life. Saturn in Capricorn will be a rebirth, a new chapter in your life. Until then it’s Libra Season, a time in your personal calendar when the sun shines on your career, your ambitions, and the role you play in the world. As a Capricorn, you’re quite familiar with responsibility. You know what it’s like to take the lead and work hard to make something of yourself professionally. But the full moon on October 5 will put the spotlight on home, family, and the foundation of your life. For all your ambitions and hard work, you need a solid support to build upon. In fact, this area of your life may have been a bit unstable over the last five or six years and you may have at times had to move, deal with changes in the home, or feel like you don’t have roots planted. While you’re coming to the end of this long phase of your life in 2018-2019, the full moon will bring this story of personal revolution and evolution front and center. You may have a decisions to make about your home or living situation. Similarly, the full moon may highlight an emotional process of separation — separation from family or even ancestral programming that has outlived its usefulness. Clear some space this month, Capricorn, especially as you look ahead to the next big chapter of your life. Speaking of big, Jupiter’s arrival in Scorpio on October 10 will help you make new friends, socialize, and expand your community into 2018. If the last few years have been rough, there’s nothing like knowing you’re not alone and that you have the support of people who really see and understand you. If you’ve been isolated of late, how will you be inspired by Jupiter to reach out? Connect? Jupiter will also help you look ahead, from visioning the future to getting very big picture about your life. In other news, the new moon on October 19 followed by Mars’s arrival in Libra on October 22 will heat up your career into November. It will be a great time to push out in the world, make a job switch, take on new responsibilities, and gain recognition. Having said that, October and November will be an active period for you when you’re not spending a lot of time at home. Just make sure you’re getting your needs met, which includes emotional sustenance and connection. Want to learn more about how the astrology of October will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Career, public life, professional life, reputation, recognition, status, title, ambition, responsibilities, home, family, living situation, emotional instability, emotional breaks, emotional transformation, connection, friends, social circle, networking, groups, community, the collective, humanitarian work, inner world, retreat, recuperation, travel, other cultures, foreign lands, philosophy, higher education.


January 20–February 18

Aquarius Glyph

Feeling an itch to travel? Libra Season is a time in your astrological calendar when you set your sights on the horizon. There’s a longing to see the world, to explore, and know more. As a result you may be literally traveling long distances this month, but if you can’t travel this is certainly a time to feed your wanderlust through books and education. Speaking of which, the full moon on October 5 will highlight a revolution that has been taking place over the last five or six years in how you communicate with others, speak your mind, and education yourself. While Aquarius is an intellectual sign, the full moon will also remind you not to forget your emotional needs and the hidden parts of your psyche. If you’re feeling overly sensitive with the full moon, ask yourself — what are you really feeling when you scratch beneath the surface? What are you not wanting to face? Use the full moon to really communicate your innermost feelings, especially to a trusted friend or confidant. Having said that, you’re a sign that sees the big picture and in many ways this time of the year inspires you to look outward. You’re also wrapping up a three year chapter where you’ve focused on social connection and building community — more big picture themes. (Keep that in mind into next month as you’re tying up loose ends and seeing the results of your hard work since the start of 2015. Saturn, your ruling planet, will change signs on December 19, 2017.) Another big planet planet changing signs is Jupiter. After inspiring you to travel and get out into the world, it will arrive in Scorpio on October 10. Scorpio just so happens to be your career sign, the sign that sits at the highest reaches of your chart. With Jupiter flying high, you’ve got new professional opportunities to look forward to into 2018 as well as a little big of career luck, too. Jupiter tends to open doors, so don’t miss this chance to take advantage of Jupiter’s help. Look for a new job if that’s something you’re in search of and seek recognition for your hard work. If you’re not quite sure of your path in life, turn to Jupiter to help you explore new avenues and new career paths. That said, you’re on the cusp of a lot of change, Aquarius. A lot of planetary gears will be shifting into 2018. Get ready. Want to learn more about how the astrology of October will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Travel, long distance journeys, exploration, higher education, wisdom, philosophy, worldview, law, career, professional life, the world, public life, recognition, responsibility, direction, ambition, career growth, professional new opportunities, voice, communication, thinking, learning, awakening, the psyche, the shadow, intimacy, trust, sensitivity, friends, community, belonging, social circle.


February 19–March 20

Pisces Glyph
Pisces, it’s been an emotional last twelve months full of twists and turns. With Jupiter, your ruling planet, moving through a tough configuration between Pluto and Uranus, you’ve had to learn some tough lessons about trust, intimacy, and vulnerability. In addition, you’ve had to face your fears and delve deep into psychological themes. Irrevocably transformed, you arrive in new territory this month when Jupiter changes signs on October 10. After all that you’ve been through, what do you now believe in? How has your experiences shaped how you see the world. You may even have to make a big decision about taking your life in a new direction as a result. That said, over the coming year — Jupiter spends a year in each sign, one by one, over a twelve year cycle — you’re going to be focusing on expanding your faith and your education. This may bring increased travel, especially foreign travel, or a need to explore other ideas, other cultures, other religions through books and classes. It will be a curious time for you, Pisces, but one that will help you express the ideas and tenets that guide your life. That said, Libra Season will touch on many of the themes you’ve been working through over the past year — trust, intimacy. Libra is also one of your money signs, and this month you’ll be digging into the financial side of things. The full moon on October 5 will shine a light on your material life, from the income you earn to what you need to feel safe and secure financially. You may have a decision to make about new ways to earn a living or people to partner with in order to bring more stability to your life. Two weeks later, new moon will set you up for some powerful new beginnings around money. By the way, this is an area you’ve maybe seen a few ups and downs over the last five or six years. Your whole sense of value and ownership has had to radically change. The new moon will touch on this multi-year story. Where do you need to make further changes? Especially emotional changes around money? Don’t be afraid of rebirth, Pisces. Want to learn more about how the astrology of October will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Finance, stability, security, trust, intimacy, life and death situations, rebirth, transformation, the psyche, vulnerability, the shadow, benefits, wealth, taxes, debt, legacies, estates, income, salary, material life, stuff you own, philosophy, worldview, education, ideology, religion, law, other cultures, foreign travel, long distance journeys, a quest.

Photo by Rob Potter on Unsplash