Venus is now in Scorpio! As the planet of love and value, we’re now keenly aware of emotional currency. With Venus in Scorpio, love has a price. It has power. It has a magnetic attraction, too. Here we meet the shadow side of love.

Traditionally Venus is not at home in Scorpio. Whereas in Libra Venus enjoys the pleasure of connection and expresses itself through charm and social niceties, in Scorpio it meets up with the sign’s emotional depth and shadows. Here Venus has a love of intimacy, sexuality, and power. It understands how to use charm and flirtation as a means to an end. Venus uses relationships to possess and take, to negotiate.

With Venus in the territory of Mars, we have to be aware of the energy of seduction because with the Sun and Jupiter in Scorpio, everything is seductive. Our obsessions are magnified and our addictions are front and center. Anytime we travel through Scorpio, we have to look at the shadow within that manifests externally. So, over the coming four weeks, we’re looking at the shadow side of love and value and, hopefully, choosing transform these energies for the highest good. Because in its most exalted state, Venus in Scorpio is honest and loyal and with love with an authenticity like no other sign.

Lastly, without further ado, linked below are my tardy November 2017 horoscopes. Thank you for your patience. Things have been extraordinarily busy at Empowering Astrology HQ.

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