The Sun arrives in Sagittarius today, the sign of travel, exploration, and wisdom. We welcome a new season, one that is designed to take us far from what is familiar, whether it’s home or what we think we know to be true.

If you know a Sagittarius or someone with a lot of Sagittarian energy, you know that they have a hard time staying still. They have a restless need to seek and experience. They seek out different philosophies, religions, faiths, cultures, and distant lands. They also have beliefs and opinions, many of which are cultivated by their years of exploration, but, sometimes, they may stubbornly think they’re right when they’re not.

Even if you’re not a Sagittarius, this is the time of year for you to connect with its energy, it’s plucky optimism and vagabond impulses. In fact there’s a good chance you’re already familiar with Sagittarius. Since 2015 the planet Saturn has been in Sagittarius, forcing us all to learn hard lessons around the Sagittarian themes I mentioned previously — faith, belief, and this idea of truth. Do we know what is true and not true? Is our truth the only truth? How do we see the world as well as our place in the world? How do we feel about long journeys to far away lands? Have we found faith or lost it?

Note that Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius, is in Scorpio for the next year. So, Sagittarius Season will have a decidedly Scorpio feel to it. We’ll have to uncover hidden truths. We’ll have to travel far within ourselves to find something that is hidden. We’ll explore the psyche.  And we’ll have to face whatever is lurking in the unconscious that is impacting how we see the world and what we believe in.

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