Moon in Libra giving us a extra chance at yesterday’s glittering line up between Venus and Jupiter. Use this energy to turn a new leaf in relationships, seek out new opportunities with a partner, and enjoy the luxe life with a special someone.

Per usual, this comes with some caveats. First, Mars is in Libra, so relationships have been a bit testy. And with the Moon activating an anything-but-nice square between Mars and Pluto, our interactions with a mate or a connection may touch on something deep and possibly uncomfortable. Pluto has a tendency of showing us what we don’t want to see or dredging up something we’d rather keep hidden — but it’s doing so only to get us to make a change. With that in mind, something needs to change today in how we interact with another person.

Second, Mars is in Scorpio’s 12th House. This is an advanced astrology point and I may lose a few of you. But the point that I want to make is that in order to take advantage of Venus and Jupiter’s opportunities and good fortune, we have to let something go. After all, the 12th House is where we go to let go, shed the past, and prepare for the next life.

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Photo by Mitchell Orr on Unsplash