Venus and Jupiter made an early rendezvous, joining up in the sign of Scorpio. As the two “benefics” of astrology, their meeting signaled good fortune. True, Venus and Jupiter make for a seductive duo, but it’s worth noting that our opportunities are Scorpio in nature — intimacy, transformation, and rebirth.

Scorpio, by its nature, releases. Have you noticed how suddenly, over the last month, we’ve been releasing our secrets, our hidden shame, our fears? That’s because Jupiter is in Scorpio, having arrived on October 10. And Scorpio encompasses all the experiences and feelings that we shy away from or only share with a trusted lover or confidant.

I’ve also noticed that Jupiter in Scorpio is very spendy, inflating Scorpio’s appetite to acquire. Although the exact conjunction of Venus and Jupiter has passed, we’ll still feel its indulgent influence over the next couple of days, especially once the Moon gets into Libra later today. Try not to overdo it. Then again, isn’t that the whole point? Venus in Scorpio, flirting with danger, and having a good time thanks to Jupiter and the Sun.

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Photo by Dave Lastovskiy on Unsplash